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Pro-Life News, July 28, 2014

Attorney General to Investigate Planned Parenthood Teaching Teen Girl S&M Sexn The Colorado Attorney General says he will investigate a shocking video that busted the Planned Parenthood abortion business, where its staffers are teaching teenagers about S&M-based sexual relationships and concepts such as gagging, whipping and asphyxiation. In a series of undercover audits, Live Action investigators documented Planned Parenthood counselors and nurses advising our investigators, who the Planned Parenthood staffers thought were minors, on how to practice torture sex. Read more

Obama Nominates “Religious Freedom” Ambassador Who Called Protecting Hobby Lobby “Deeply Troubling” President Barack Obama has nominated a new “Religious Freedom Ambassador,” but his nominee opposes protecting the religious freedoms of the owners of Hobby Lobby, who don’t want to be forced to pay for drugs for their employees that cause abortions. Obama announced that he will nominate Rabbi David Nathan Saperstein as Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom at the State Department. Saperstein is a longtime pro-abortion advocate whose group has opposed pro-life legislation. Read more

Planned Parenthood Prez Compares Protesting Abortion to Protesting Men’s Colonoscopies Last weekend, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards appeared with Bill Moyers on the PBS program Moyers & Company. The longtime PBS omnipresence pestered Richards with the fact that the abortion opponents are winning, placing limits on abortion in many states. But Richards really grew silly when Moyers asked about the Supreme Court “junking” the Massachusetts law putting a 35-foot buffer zone outside abortion clinics. She somehow compared women getting abortions to men seeking colonoscopies. Why on Earth would anyone protest men getting an intestinal polyp removed? How does that compare to a baby? Read more

Abortion Clinic in Kansas Shuts Down for Good After Routinely Violating State Law A troubled Kansas City abortion facility, Central Family Medical, also known as Aid For Women, announced on its website that it has ceased operations effective July 26, 2014, stating that its abortionist, Ronald Yeomans, and clinic administrator were “retiring.” Read more

Congressman: It’s “Criminal” That Planned Parenthood Has Abortion Quotas In the wake of new evidence provided by a former Planned Parenthood manager detailing the abortion giant’s disturbing annual quotas, Texas congressmen expressed outrage and called on Planned Parenthood to address the issue. Read more

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In Separate Decisions, Judges Strike Down Marriage Amendments in Virginia, Florida

by Bethany Monk, CitizenLink: In separate actions, judges stuck down constitutional marriage amendments in Virginia and Florida. Marriage is being challenged in every state that has not already redefined it.

A federal appeals court today stuck down Virginia’s constitutional marriage amendment claiming it violates the U.S. Constitution. Approved by 57 percent of voters in 2006, the amendment defines the institution as a union between one man and one woman.

Victoria Cobb, president of the Family Foundation of Virginia, is disappointed in the decision.

“Marriage expresses the reality that men and women bring distinct, irreplaceable gifts to family life, especially for children who deserve both a mom and a dad,” she explained. “Virginia’s laws have always rightly reflected the true and complementary nature of marriage. It’s sad that the judges have chosen to disenfranchise the 1.3 million Virginians who legally voted to amend our Constitution.”

Today’s 2-1 decision by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upholds a lower court opinion. In his dissent, Judge Paul V. Niemeyer underscored the rights of states to enact legislation via the political process.

“The dissenting judge coined a new phrase that applies to all these redefinition decisions,” said Bruce Hausknecht, judicial analyst for Focus on the Family. “He calls what the majority did ‘dictionary jurisprudence,’ which defines terms as convenient to attain an end. That’s a short way of saying that the Supreme Court has recognized ‘marriage’ as a fundamental right, but without a definition, so since there’s no real definition, then same-sex couples are entitled to that right.”

In other words, Hausknecht added: “First the court ‘undefines’ marriage, then it redefines marriage.”

Today’s decision also affects North Carolina, South Carolina and West Virginia. Maryland, which is also a part of the 4th Circuit, has already created same-sex marriage.

In a ruling released late Friday, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Sarah Zabel declared Florida’s marriage amendment unconstitutional. Zabel claimed the marriage law, passed in 2008 by 62 percent of Floridians, “serves only to hurt, to discriminate, to deprive same-sex couples and their families of equal dignity, to label and treat them as second-class citizens, and to deem them unworthy of participation in one of the fundamental institutions of our society.”

The judge cited the U.S. Supreme Court decision from last summer that nullified a portion of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, but conceded that states should have the right to regulate marriage. Another case cited was Loving v. Virginia, a 1967 ruling that allowed interracial marriage.

John Stemberger, CEO of the Florida Family Policy Council, called the judge’s use of the Loving case “misplaced.”

“Race and ethnicity are not an inherent property of marriage,” he told the Tampa Bay Times. “Gender, however, is an inherent property of marriage. Loving, in essence, said any man can marry any woman irrespective of race and ethnicity.”

“With one stroke of a pen, a mere trial judge has attempted to overthrow an act of direct democracy by five million Floridians who defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”

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IRS promises Atheists: "We will monitor Churches"

Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD, Praying In Jesus Name: The Obama Administration caved in to atheists and again threatens church pastors.

"The IRS has agreed to pay closer attention to what is said in houses of worship after reaching a settlement with a secularist group in federal court last week," reports LifeSiteNews.

"On Friday, the IRS settled a lawsuit filed in 2012 by the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF). The Wisconsin [atheist] group brought the lawsuit because it said the IRS was ignoring complaints about churches violating their tax-exempt statuses.

"Specifically, FFRF said many churches promote political issues, legislation, and/or candidates from the pulpit in violation of the 1954 Johnson Amendment, which requires that non-profits not endorse candidates.

"According to FFRF, the IRS has not followed a 2009 ruling requiring it to hire someone to keep an eye on church politicking. The IRS says it hasn't ignored the ruling, but merely failed to follow it.

"The government has put a moratorium on the IRS’ investigations of tax-exempt organizations after the scandal that broke in 2013 over its targeting of pro-life, pro-family, and Tea Party groups. FFRF says that even though the IRS will not enforce the agreement because of the moratorium, they can still bring the lawsuit again if needed after the moratorium is lifted.

"FFRF said in a press release that it filed the lawsuit because of Pulpit Freedom Sunday, which in 2012 involved approximately 1,500 church leaders delivering sermons on the intersection between politics and Scripture. Many dare to mail recordings of their sermons to the IRS, inviting a lawsuit, but the IRS does not sue because they know they'd lose in court.  The First Amendment protects freedom of speech, especially in church.

IRS Lost 2 years Emails, Lois Lerner hides from Congress.

Defying a Congressional subpoena, the IRS chief who persecuted conservative groups cannot locate two years of emails from 2009 to 2011 when she is accused of conspiring with White House officials and Congressional Democrats to break the law.

Using the IRS' tax power to audit the political enemies of the Obama Administration, the cover-up now smells of abuse of power, political corruption, and lying to Congress.

Strangely, Lerner reportedly can only provide internal emails she sent to her fellow IRS co-workers, but claims any emails she sent to Democrats were "deleted" from all servers.

Dave Camp (R-CA), The Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee (and my friend, whom I met in DC last summer, to encourage his investigation of IRS corruption), said:

"The fact that I am just learning about this, over a year into the investigation, is completely unacceptable and now calls into question the credibility of the IRS’s response to Congressional inquiries. There needs to be an immediate investigation and forensic audit by Department of Justice as well as the Inspector General."

The IRS claims a hard-drive crash caused the loss of external emails which Lerner likely sent to Democrats in the White House and Congress, but did not affect internal emails she sent to her co-workers.  [That's a pretty selective crash, don't you think?]

The 1954 Johnson Amendment law is not just unconstitutional, it's also un-American.   Hundreds of courageous pastors take a stand every October, by violating the Johnson Amendment law and preaching about politics (just one Sunday per year) in the pulpit.   Many send transcripts to the IRS demanding their own punishment, and daring the IRS to sue them in court, or try to revoke their church's non-profit IRS status.

So far the IRS has failed, repeatedly, to enforce the Johnson Amendment, because they themselves admit the law violates the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The government cannot tax or punish free speech, especially in church. Religion itself is highly political, because God is God, and the devil wants to rule in His place.  Nowadays the devil uses corrupt politicians to rule society and pass immoral laws.

Throughout America's history, starting with the Revolution, our nation's pastors spoke freely on political and moral issues of their day. It was not only their privilege but their duty to preach truth to power, against immorality and corruption.  Historian James H. Huston wrote of 1776: "Preachers seemed to vie with their brethren in other colonies in arousing their congregations against George III."  Mr. Huston also discovered the House of Representatives sponsored church services in its chambers for the first 100 years.  They only stopped when better transportation took members of Congress home for the weekend.

In the mid-nineteenth century, evangelical Christians were primary agents in shaping American political culture and ending slavery, according to Richard Carwardine, author of Evangelicals and Politics in Antebellum America. "Political sermons, triumphalism and doom laden, redolent with biblical imagery and theological terminology, were a feature of the age," he writes.

In the 1856 election, one minister distilled the question before voters as a contest pitting "truth and falsehood, liberty and tyranny, light and darkness, holiness and sin . . . the two great armies of the battlefield of the universe, each contending for victory."  Language like this today earns a pastor a visit or letter from the Internal Revenue Service.

In 1992, the Church at Pierce Creek in Vestal, New York placed a newspaper ad warning Christians not to vote for Bill Clinton for president.  Casting a vote for Clinton, the ad warned in rhetoric echoing 1856, would be committing a sin. The IRS took notice and three years later revoked the conservative church's tax exemption.

But the IRS does not enforce this law fairly. For example in 1994 another church in New York welcomed "New York governor Mario Cuomo (D-NY) campaigned for reelection on a Sunday morning at the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Harlem. Cuomo was rewarded with a long, loud round of applause and an unequivocal endorsement from the pastor," according to a Newsday report. But the IRS never stops liberals. The American Center for Law and Justice, which represented the Church at Pierce Creek, uncovered evidence at trial that the IRS knew of more than 500 instances in which candidates appeared before churches, as happened with Governor Cuomo and Bethel A.M.E., but took no action to revoke these churches' tax-exempt status.

The Johnson law is being used by the Government to shape the messages of the Church and its pastors. Conservative churches are silenced, but liberal churches are freely politicized.  This Government censorship of ANY Church is plain and simple illegal.  The First Amendment states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech." Yet that is exactly what Congress did, and the IRS now does, by silencing churches.

Bottom line:  Our pastors are being silenced.  Let's take the gag off conservative churches, and restore the First Amendment freedom of speech to our pulpits.

Friends, our Congress must vote on the record, for or against pulpit freedom.   Let's take a stand today, and demand free speech be restored to churches and pastors.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Pro-Life News, July 25, 2014

District Attorney Refuses to Investigate Clinic That Killed Woman in Botched 19-Week Abortion More than four months after the avoidable death of Lakisha Wilson at the Preterm Abortion Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, there has been no action taken by the Cuyahoga County District Attorney, Timothy McGinty, despite repeated calls from pro-life groups for a criminal investigation. Operation Rescue was recently tipped to the fact that McGinty has stated he is disinclined to investigate Wilson’s abortion-related death, prompting Operation Rescue to call on the public to urge McGinty to order police or perhaps his own investigators to look into why she died and who is responsible. Read More

Planned Parenthood Refuses Comment on Video Catching Staffer Telling Teen to Let Her Boyfriend Beat Her Talk about a war on women. The Planned Parenthood abortion business has no comment on an undercover video that catches a Planned Parenthood staffer engaging in her own war on women. The pro-life group Live Action released the third installment today in its “SexEd” investigative series, showing a Planned Parenthood staffer in Portland, Oregon offering disturbing sex counseling to someone she thinks is a fifteen-year-old girl. The video clearly shows the counselor encouraging the young girl to allow herself to be victimized in violent sexual encounters with her partner. Read More

87% of Babies With Cystic Fibrosis are Aborted, But We Could Never Kill This Bundle of Joy A medical exam room is where most parents are presented with “their options” regarding life. It’s where they are overwhelmed with the unpleasant diagnoses that their unborn child has a life threatening genetic disorder. And, it’s where they are first presented with the challenges and trials that will mark their child’s entire time on earth. But, it’s also where God’s blessings are revealed. Read More

Congress Gives Standing Ovation to Miracle Baby Doctors Said Would Die When she was pregnant with her daughter Abigail Rose Beutler, doctors told Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler, a pro-life Republican from Washington state, that her baby had a potentially fatal diagnosis that would claim her life shortly after birth. eutler posted a message on Facebook last June saying her unborn child had been diagnosed with Potter’s Syndrome, a condition which prevents the child’s kidneys from developing properly and is typically fatal for the baby. Read More

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Christian Legal Group Wants to See IRS Plans to Investigate Churches

by Bethany Monk, CitizenLink : A Christian legal group submitted a Freedom of Information Act request this week after learning of IRS plan to investigate churches.

This follows an IRS decision to settle a lawsuit with a secular organization. The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) filed suit against the IRS claiming it failed to review churches the way the group would like. According to FFRF, the IRS has “adopted procedures for reviewing, evaluating and determining whether to initiate church investigations.”

What the IRS intends to do to churches “must be brought into the light of day,” said Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) attorney Christina Holcomb.

“Secrecy breeds mistrust,” Holcomb said. “The IRS should know this in light of its recent scandals involving the investigation of conservative groups. We are asking the IRS to disclose the new protocols and procedures it apparently adopted for determining whether to investigate churches.”

FFRF claimed the IRS failed to investigate “open and notorious politicking by churches” during Pulpit Freedom Sunday. The annual event — launched by ADF in 2008 — encouraged pastors to speak publicly from the pulpit on political issues from a biblical standpoint. This year’s event will take place Oct. 5.

The IRS claims it is temporarily halting investigations of all tax-exempt organizations in light of the recent scandals. Last spring, the agency admitted it was wrong to target nonprofits with the words “Tea Party” or “patriot” during the 2012 election season. Since then, several conservative groups reported such harassment.

In a news release, FFRF says the annual Pulpit Freedom Sunday event violates the Johnson Amendment. Passed by Congress in 1954, the law revised the tax code to threaten churches with the loss of their tax-exempt status — if they speak out for or against political candidates or issues.

“The IRS cannot force churches to give up their precious constitutionally protected freedoms to receive a tax exemption,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Erik Stanley, who heads the Pulpit Freedom Sunday event. “No one would suggest a pastor give up his church’s tax-exempt status if he wants to keep his constitutional protection against illegal search and seizure or cruel and unusual punishment. Likewise, no one should be asking him to do the same to be able to keep his constitutionally protected freedom of speech.”

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pro-Life News, July 24, 2014

Meriam Ibrahim Finally Leaves Sudan After Being Sentenced to Death for Her Faith The Sudanese woman who was pregnant and sentenced to death for not recanting her faith has finally been allowed to leave Sudan after she spent weeks in a U.S. embassy after her release from prison. At eight months pregnant, Ibrahim had been sentenced to death for not renouncing her Christian faith and she was imprisoned and eventually forced to give birth in chains while shackled in the Omdurman Federal Women’s Prison in North Khartoum, Sudan. Read More

Woman Has Two Abortions Because She Didn’t Want to Share Her Husband With Her Children Rowena met Roger when she was a teen and knew he was the man for her and they ultimately married when they were 21 years old. Both agreed they never wanted to have children, so when Rowena became pregnant twice, she had abortions both times. Rowena says she had the abortions in part because she didn’t want to share her husband’s affections with her children. Read More

Obama Motorcade Prevents Pregnant Woman in Labor From Getting to the Hospital News reports today and irate witnesses at the scene report that a pregnant woman in labor was not allowed to cross the street to go to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for 30 minutes because Obama’s motorcade was expected to drive through the area. The woman sat on a bus bench until Obama’s motorcade drove through. Read More

Abortionist Who Failed to Report Rape of 13-Year-Old Stopped From Doing Abortions Ulrich Klopfer who faces charges that he delayed reporting an abortion on a 13-year-old girl in South Bend, Indiana, in January 2013, has been stopped from doing abortions. Indiana law requires reports on abortions provided to girls younger than 14 to be submitted within three days. Klopfer submitted the report six months after the abortion, according to state records. Klopfer potentially faces a fine of $1,000 and 180 days in jail if convicted of the Class B misdemeanor. Read More

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Federal Judge Says Colorado Should Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

by Bethany Monk, CitizenLink: A federal judge on Wednesday said Colorado’s constitutional marriage amendment — approved by voters in 2006 — violates the U.S. Constitution. U.S. District Court Judge Raymond Moore put the ruling on hold until Aug. 25 pending an appeal.

The District of Columbia and 19 states have redefined marriage either by court order or legislation. God’s timeless design for the institution, however, has not changed, said Debbie Chaves, president of Colorado Family Action.

“Just because marriage is being devalued in society — the courts, the arts and media — it does not mean it is any less important to the framework of society,” she told CitizenLink. “God still intends for one man and one woman to join together in a marriage bond that allows for procreation, fidelity, selflessness and a healthy future.”

Six couples filed suit against Colorado’s marriage law earlier this month.

Legal analysts continue to point out the “chaos” that has ensued, in some states, as a result of court decisions on the matter. In fact, Colorado is among the states where some county clerks have begun issuing licenses to same-sex couples — before the final ruling on the matter.

A Boulder county clerk took it upon herself to begin issuing licenses in June. This was the same day a federal judge struck down Utah’s marriage law. Clerks in Denver and Pueblo counties began issuing licenses earlier this month.

Last week, in a different set of cases, the Colorado Supreme Court ordered Denver and Adams counties to stop issuing licenses to same-sex couples as part of ongoing state court marriage litigation in those counties.

On Wednesday, Colorado Attorney General John Suthers asked the Colorado Court of Appeals to require the Boulder clerk to stop issuing the licenses.

“The marriage licenses issued by a few lawless county clerks to same-sex couples are null-and-void,” said Focus on the Family Judicial Analyst Bruce Hausknecht. “They have only served to stir up publicity, while public confidence in such elected officials and in the rule of law suffers.”

Whatever the outcome, Chaves said, we need to lift up the issue in prayer.

“It is important that we continue to pray for God’s design for marriage to be restored to the place of honor it deserves,” she explained. “Pray for people to be moved to set aside individual, self-serving desires and focus once again on the blessing of God’s design for marriage and the stable future that design provides for families and society.”

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Christianity on Trial

Kerby Anderson
by Kerby Anderson, Point of View:  Will Christianity hold up in court? Trial lawyer Mark Lanier answers that question in his book, Christianity on Trial: A Lawyer Examines the Christian Faith. He has three decades of experience as a lawyer but also has college training in biblical languages. In the book he brings his biblical expertise and his legal background to bear on some of the foundational apologetic questions concerning Christianity.

He makes an opening statement similar to one he would make in a court of law. He argues that we (the jury) should use our common sense in evaluating the statements of the witnesses and the claims of the experts. He also reminds us that we are evaluating evidence like we would in a courtroom. What is the evidence for the proposition? What is the evidence against it?

He then takes us through many of the fundamental questions believers and skeptics have about the Christian faith. In each case he calls "witnesses" to address those questions. For the existence of a god or no god, he calls to the stand such luminaries at G.K. Chesterton and C.S. Lewis. In order to explain the biblical view of God, we hear from the Psalmist, St. Paul, and John the Apostle.

He also addresses two important issues in our world today: truth and morality. We unfortunately live in a postmodern world that denies the existence of absolute truth. That is why he calls witnesses like Plato, Descartes, St. Paul, Anselm of Canterbury, and Augustine.

We also live in a world full of moral relativism. That is why he also writes about "Right, Wrong and the Moral God." His witnesses here include Charles Darwin, Herbert Spencer, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Adolf Hitler.

He concludes with the resurrection. Lawyers like Frank Morrison (who wrote the book, Who Moved the Stone?) have found the evidence for the resurrection to be compelling when examined in the same way they examine evidence in a courtroom.

If you know a lawyer who is skeptical about Christianity, this might be a book you could pass on to him or her. They will find that the claims of Christianity can indeed hold up in court.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pro-Life News, July 23, 2014

Planned Parenthood Counselor Caught Telling Teen to Let Her Boyfriend Beat Her Abortion activists claim pro-lifers are engaging in a “war on women:” by passing legislation to protect women and unborn children from abortion. But a new expose’ video catches a Planned Parenthood staffer engaging in her own war on women. The pro-life group Live Action released the third installment today in its “SexEd” investigative series, showing a Planned Parenthood staffer in Portland, Oregon offering disturbing sex counseling to someone she thinks is a fifteen-year-old girl. The video clearly shows the counselor encouraging the young girl to allow herself to be victimized in violent sexual encounters with her partner. Read More

Obama Admin May Revise HHS Mandate After Losing Hobby Lobby Battle The Obama administration may back down somewhat on the pro-abortion HHS mandate that compels religious groups and businesses to pay for abortion-causing drugs and birth control for their employees after losing its battle against Hobby Lobby at the Supreme Court. However, the head of one pro-life group warns that it doesn’t trust the Obama administration to provide adequate protection for religious nonprofits that have objections to the abortion-causing drugs. Read More

Liberal Court Dismisses Massive Fraud Lawsuit Against Planned Parenthood The liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed a case yesterday that alleges the Planned Parenthood abortion business defrauded the state of California out of hundreds of millions of dollars by overcharging customers for birth control and improperly asking the state for taxpayer-funded reimbursements. Former California Planed Parenthood financial official P. Victor Gonzalez is behind the lawsuit. Gonzalez says his own internal audit estimates that Planned Parenthood overcharged California taxpayers for purchasing birth control by at least $180 million. Read More

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Winton’s List: This Man Saved Hundreds of Jews From Death, Now He Meets Them 50 Years Later

by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | You’ve heard of Oscar Schindler, but have you heard of Sir Nicholas Winton?

Winton organized the rescue of 669 mostly Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia on the eve of the Second World War, in an operation later known as the Czech Kindertransport. Winton found homes for the children and arranged for their safe passage to Britain. The British press has dubbed him the “British Schindler.”

Despite his heroics, Winton never spoke of his heroism.

Fifty years later, he comes face-to-face with 80 people whose young lives were saved as a result of his bravery.

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Pro-Life News, July 22, 2014

Ex-Planned Parenthood Director: They Told Me Every Baby Killed in Abortion Made Them $313.29 in a new expose’ video released today, a former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic director says Planned Parenthood put a price on the value of a human life: $313.29. That’s the amount of money Abby Johnson says the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic she ran in south Texas would make every time it would kill a baby in an abortion. Johnson, who is now pro-life, released a video this morning exposing the abortion quotas that take place at Planned Parenthood. Read More

First-Time Dad Can’t Get His Newborn Girl to Stop Crying, What Happens Next is Priceless Here is a powerful video with a pro-life theme that you should spend two minutes watching. Dave Andrusko of the National Right to Life Committee tells us why this video is so amazing: It’s been a long, long time since I was a first-time dad trying frantically to figure out what to do (in the absence of my wife) when our newborn daughter would cry, seemingly inconsolable. Read More

Court’s Decision Strikes Huge Blow to Pro-Abortion Obamacare A decision by a federal appeals court today strikes a huge blow to Obamacare, which the pro-life movement steadfastly opposed because of its abortion funding and rationing components. A federal appeals court rejected subsidies paid by the government to millions of new enrollees and the court determined that those federal subsidies can only go to people who sign up to Obamacare via state exchanges and not the federally-run exchange. Read More

His Celebral Palsy Should Have Left Him Unable to Walk, But He’s a Star Athlete Meet Ben Jackson. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Ben didn’t want that to define him. So he pushed himself to become a wrestler.Read More

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Georgia County Church Sees Victory in ‘Zoning Code’ Case

by Bethany Monk, Citizen Link: A Georgia County has revised a zoning policy that forced a church congregation to temporarily hold its services in the basement of a jewelry store. As part of the settlement, the county has agreed to pay several thousand dollars to the church in damages and attorneys’ fees.

In June 2012, a Christian legal group filed suit against Rockdale County for refusing New Generation Christian Church access to different properties to hold worship services. The zoning code prohibits churches from meeting on property of less than three acres in any zoning district.

“Government officials shouldn’t use zoning restrictions to discriminate against small, start-up churches that want to minister to communities in need,” said Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) Senior Legal Counsel Erik Stanley. “There’s no legitimate reason to require churches to have a minimum of three acres of property.”

This zoning restriction did not apply to other groups including sports centers, day care center, libraries or performing arts centers.

Before filing the suit, the church requested permission to rent the vacant property it initially occupied. The county rejected the request because of the zoning restrictions. The congregation began meeting in the basement of a jewelry store.

“Small churches have the same constitutional freedoms as non-religious groups and larger, wealthy churches,” said ADF Senior Counsel Kevin Theriot. “Zoning regulations shouldn’t force small churches to go underground simply because they can’t afford property of more than three acres.”

In the complaint, New Generation said the zoning code violated its free exercise of religious guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. It also said the code violated the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act. The law protects churches and other faith groups from discriminatory zoning laws.

“Federal law prohibits saddling churches with these kinds of unjustifiable, targeted zoning restrictions,” Stanley explained. “We commend the county for changing its regulations so that small ministries can afford properties appropriate for their size.”

FOR MORE INFORMATION Read the complaint in New Generation Christian Church v. Rockdale County.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Pro-Life News, July 21, 2014

I Used to Be Pro-Choice, Pro-Choice to the Core, Then I Had an Abortion Every morning, the faithfulness of the sun touches our eyelids. Unfortunately, the faithfulness of the alarm clock also reaches our ears. We slowly rise from the pillow, sneak out from under the sheets, and begin the tasks for that day. For most people, there is a passion that gives us the encouragement to live each day. It might be a job, a child, a spouse, a religion. My passion is being pro-life. It drives and it motivates me. I find joy in being the voice for the unborn every day, even if it’s just in the smallest ways. There was a time in my life when you couldn’t have paid me a million dollars to truthfully and passionately say the statement above. I used to be pro-choice. Pro-choice to my very core and then everything changed… Read More

Pro-Abortion Lena Dunham’s Book Tour May Be Coming to a Church Near You < Lena Dunham isn’t exactly the first person you’d expect to see singing hymns in the pew behind you. Starring in the raunchy HBO show ‘Girls’ and bragging that voting for President Obama during the 2012 election for the “first time” was like losing her virginity are just a couple examples of Dunham’s racy behavior that would make any Christian blush. But, the controversial actress is embarking on a tour for her new book, “Not That Kind of Girl,” coming out in September, that will take place in some churches around the country. Read More

These Buildings Used to Be Abortion Clinics, What They Do Now is Amazing Years ago, I encountered a piece in Feminism & Nonviolence Studies entitled “Feminist, Prolife, and Atheist,” by Kathryn Reed. At the time, I had no idea that atheism was in my future. What really stuck with me was not the title, or even the body of the article, but one of the subheadings: “Converting Abortion Clinics To Peacetime Use.” The idea of “peacetime use” has been on my mind a lot lately, as the pro-life movement has seen a record number of abortion businesses close in recent months. On a whim, I thought I’d put together a list showing how some former abortion sites are now being used. In chronological order: Read More

This 11-Year-Old Just Helped a Governor Sign a Bill to Stop Aborting Babies With Down Syndrome We have a young heroine for life in our state. Her name is Chloe Kondrich, and she has Down syndrome. The 11-year-old and her family have made it their mission to educate people about the precious value of individuals with Down syndrome. The family received our Pennsylvania Pro-Life Leadership Award in 2011. Read More

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Obama’s Executive Order Discriminates Against Christian Colleges, Organizations

by Bethany Monk, CitizenLink: President Obama signed an executive order today that will force Christian universities and organizations to hire people who disagree with God’s timeless design for marriage and relationships. The president ignored the request of faith leaders across the country who urged him to include a strong religious exemption.

The order mandates federal contractors and subcontractors to give special rights in the areas of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” in the workplace. Christian colleges and organizations are not exempt.

Peter Sprigg, senior fellow for policy studies at the Family Research Council, said Obama’s order bullies those who have “moral objections to homosexual behavior.”

“Religious faith is not simply a matter of intellectual affirmation but of active practice,” he explained. “A religious organization which is denied the power to require its employees to conduct their lives in a way consistent with the teachings of their faith is an organization which is being denied the right to exercise its religion, period. People with deeply held convictions regarding the morality of certain types of sexual behavior should not be bound by the dictates of President Obama’s agenda.”

Earlier this month, 14 faith leaders from across the country sent a letter to the president. They asked for protections similar to the ones found in the problematic, Senate-passed Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

One of the leaders — Gordon College President D. Michael Lindsay — faced severe backlash from media groups and gay activists. In response, CitizenLink created a petition to show support for Dr. Lindsay. In just one week, more than 12,000 people have signed it.

Obama’s actions today amended two previous executive orders: The first, 11478, was signed in August 1969. The revision substitutes “sexual orientation, gender identity” for “sexual orientation.”

The other, 11246, was signed in September 1965. The amendment substitute “sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin” for “sex, or national origin.”

Without a strong exemption, Gordon College — and other Christian colleges — could lose federal funding, student financial aid and accreditation.

Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel KristenWaggoner said the administration has “brazenly” bypassed Congress by issuing this order. The administration has declared that “the only religious non-profit organizations it will do business with are those willing to line up with the administration’s doctrine and theology on sexual behavior,” she said. “That’s the kind of government entanglement with religion that the Founders sought to prevent — and that the First Amendment prohibits.”

Sign Our Petition to Support Religious Freedom at Gordon College
Send a note of encouragement to Gordon College President D. Michael Lindsay to let him know you appreciate his standing up for religious freedom.

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Obama Rejects Religious Exemption

Bill Donohue, Catholic LeagueFor 20 years, Congress failed to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), suggesting that the legislation must be burdened with more than just a few controversial features. President Clinton and President Bush respected the right of the legislature not to pass the bill, but President Obama is different: he said he signed it because the bill had stalled in the Congress. Why we need the Congress at all he did not explain.

The president not only issued an Executive Order imposing ENDA, he chose to sign that version of the bill which fails to grant a religious exemption; all he did was to preserve the limited religious exemption that was coined by the Bush administration. He explicitly rejected several proposals that would have insulated religious institutions from state overreach. This is critical because of what is at stake: ENDA applies to “sex, sexual orientation [and] gender identity”; as we have learned, this includes behavior, not simply status.

Earlier versions of this bill said that “This Act shall not apply to a religious organization,” but in 2007 this exemption was made conditional. Obama, who has no aversion to exemptions—over 100 million are exempt from his signature ObamaCare legislation—cannot bring himself to exempt religious institutions whenever the issue touches on homosexuality. Which is why the bishops oppose ENDA.

Most reasonable persons distinguish between sexual orientation and sexual behavior, but not this gay-friendly, religion-unfriendly, administration. What does this mean? Look for cross-dressers and other lovely types to spring forward demanding their rights. Look for homosexuals to sue Catholic institutions that do business with the federal government insisting on pension benefits for their “spouse.”

The heart of the problem is (a) the mad idea that sexuality is a social construction, when, in fact, it is rooted in nature, and (b) an unyielding hostility to religious liberty.

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