Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Macy’s No Longer Donates to Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

Another large corporation has decided to cease donations to the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

After today, pro-life customers can resume shopping at Macy’s which had been on a list of corporate contributors to the Planned Parenthood abortion company for some time. But today representatives of a pro-life group that tracks corporate donations to the Planned Parenthood abortion organization says Macy’s has ended his relationship with it.

“In the spirit of thankfulness and celebration that comes this time of year, we have a special update to share with you,” Lance Wray of the pro-life group 2nd Vote told in an email.

“You may remember how four companies (AT&T, Coca-Cola, Ford, and Xerox) publicly distanced themselves from Planned Parenthood last year after our research exposed forty-one companies with direct financial ties to the abortion giant,” he elaborated. “Well, we are happy to report that we can take another company off that list—Macy’s, who confirmed with 2ndVote last week that they no longer give nor match donations to Planned Parenthood.”

“We wanted to share this great news with you because the credit is due to our 2ndVote members who have engaged Macy’s and other companies for their position on the Life issue. This victory wouldn’t have been possible without your involvement,” Wray said.

This latest development comes in the wake of undercover videos that showed Planned Parenthood executives talking about the sale of fetal body parts. Planned Parenthood is facing both federal and state investigations—and the possibility of losing taxpayer funding. . . . Read More

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Trump Will Be Religion-Friendly

by Bill Donohue: None of the three biggest vote getters in the primaries—Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders—are known for their deeply rooted religious convictions. Trump is Presbyterian and Clinton is a Methodist, and like many mainline Protestants, they are religion-lite; Sanders is an admitted secularist. What makes Trump different from Clinton and Sanders is his religion-friendly posture, something the faithful from every religious community can welcome.

There are certain advantages to being religion-lite and religion-friendly at the same time. Having no strong personal stake in the conflict between religious liberty and the rights embroiled in abortion, marriage, education, housing, and healthcare, there is good reason to believe that Trump can be counted on to be religion-friendly.

Moreover, he won 52 percent of the Catholic vote (he did much better among practicing Catholics) and 81 percent of the evangelical vote. He is not likely to let his constituents down.

Trump is a businessman, not a culture warrior. As such, he was never seriously engaged in any of the fights that animate those of a more orthodox religious stripe. Take abortion. On October 24, 1999, Trump was asked by Tim Russert on “Meet the Press” if his support for abortion rights would extend to a defense of partial-birth abortion. “I’m very pro-choice,” Trump said, adding that he would oppose a ban on partial-birth abortion.

Within no time, Trump reversed himself. “After the show,” he said, “I consulted with two doctors I respect and, upon learning more about this procedure, I have concluded that I would indeed support a ban.” His remark was published three months later in his book, The America We Deserve. This was the beginning of his evolution on this subject.

Trump has consistently said that he will appoint pro-life judges to the federal bench, and there is no reason to disbelieve him. Indeed, the month before the election he pledged to Catholics that he will work with us, “helping the ongoing growth of the pro-life cause.”

On the collision between gay rights and religious liberty, Trump is less specific. He is welcoming to the gay community, assuring them, properly so, that he will not tolerate bullying, but he is also choosing cabinet members that are religion-friendly.

For example, Sen. Jeff Sessions (attorney general), Betsy DeVos (education), Rep. Tom Price (health and human services), and Ben Carson (housing and urban development), are all known for refusing to subordinate religious liberty to the gay rights agenda.

There is one more important consideration. To the extent that Trump makes appointing pro-life judges a priority, he is likely to select men and women who will honor our right to religious liberty; competing rights will not be eviscerated, but they will not eclipse our First Amendment right.

Trump is particularly good on school choice. His choice of Betsy DeVos as education secretary proves his commitment to academic excellence and religious liberty. It would be hard to find someone with a more stellar record of supporting school choice than her. That she is dedicated to including religious schools in her effort is indisputable. Indeed, she played a prominent role in helping Mike Pence succeed with a voucher plan in Indiana that was decidedly religion-friendly.

Ben Carson is a decent man with deep religious roots. As the new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, he will be positioned to advance the cause of religious liberty. He can be expected to ensure that faith-based programs that are tied to the department’s block grants are not burdened with contrived church-and-state regulations. This will put a stop to the kinds of machinations sponsored by the Obama team.

In fact, the Obama administration’s war on religious liberty, especially its attack on Catholic institutions, is coming to an end. The draconian Health and Human Services mandate will be dismantled by Secretary Price. Trump said as much when he noted that Hillary Clinton was aligned against the Little Sisters of the Poor. “That is a hostility to religious liberty you will never see in a Trump administration,” he said.

The religious rights of men and women in the armed services will also spike under Trump. We know this not simply by citing what he says, but by reading what his adversaries are saying about him. Mikey Weinstein, who heads the Military Religion Freedom Foundation, is the most vociferous enemy of religious liberty in the military, and he is up in arms over Trump. That is a very good sign.

President Ronald Reagan was not known to be a particularly religious man, yet he was one of the most religion-friendly presidents we’ve had in recent memory. He was the first to establish formal diplomatic relations with the Holy See, and he was a champion of the pro-life cause.

All indications are that Trump will be more like Reagan, which is a good omen. When he is attacked for standing up for religious liberty—and he will be—it will be up to us to defend him. We plan to do so with vigor.
William "Bill" Donohue is President of the Catholic League.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Arkansas Lawmaker Introduce Ban On Dismemberment Abortions

Arkansas State Rep. Andy Mayberry
Arkansas, which has been very aggressive in its pro-life outreach, has filed a bill in the state House that would ban the grisly practice of dismemberment abortions. Six states currently forbid an abortion “technique” that uses sharp metal clamps and scissors to crush, tear and pulverize living unborn human beings, to rip heads and legs off of tiny torsos until the defenseless child bleeds to death.

“NRLC is delighted that Arkansas will soon join Kansas and Oklahoma, West Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana as states that have said no to dismemberment abortions,” said Ingrid Duran, NRLC’s director of State Legislation. “This extremely gruesome and barbaric procedure physically dismembers living unborn babies and is abhorrent.”

Arkansas is also one of 14 states that have passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act which protects unborn babies who are pain-capable and would suffer excruciating deaths as they are killed.

House Bill 1032 was filed Monday by state Rep. Andy Mayberry. According to Arkansas Online, Mayberry “crafted” the bill that became the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act in 2013. . . . Read More

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Ohio Senate Passes Bill to Ban All Abortions After . . .

. . . an Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins

The Ohio State Senate today passed legislation that would ban all abortions after an unborn baby’s heart begins to beat. An unborn child’s heart begins to beat at 22 days after conception or earlier.

Should the measure be approved by the full Ohio State Legislature and be signed into law, the legislation would likely be struck down in court as has been the case and two other states — Arkansas and North Dakota.

As the Ohio General Assembly considers bills in these last days of lame duck session before the year’s end, significant amendments are being added to various laws to pass additional legislation. Today the Ohio Senate added Ohio’s Unborn Heartbeat Protection bill, which has been before the legislature for several years, as an amendment to House Bill 493 child abuse reporting law. The Senate has approved H.B. 493 with Heartbeat protection amendment 21-10.

H.B. 493 with the heartbeat protection amendment now goes to the Ohio House of Representatives for concurrence and that chamber could take a vote as early as today. Then, if approved, the bill goes to pro-life Governor John Kasich for his potential signature. . . . Read More

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Satanists Send Semen-Soaked Socks to Texas Lawmakers . . .

. . . to Protest Rule Requiring Burial for Aborted Babies

Satanists Send Semen-Soaked Socks to Texas Lawmakers
Yesterday, LifeNews reported how Satanists are outraged about a new Texas rule requiring aborted babies’ bodies to be cremated or buried. The Satanic Temple released public statements about the rule and mentioned possible legal action.

But they are taking their outrage to a disgusting and possibly illegal new level this week. AlterNet reports Satanist leader Jex Blackmore is urging people to mail sperm-soaked socks, rags and condoms to Texas pro-life Gov. Greg Abbott’s office.

The new rule, introduced in July by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, requires that abortion facilities, hospitals and other medical centers either cremate or bury the remains of aborted and miscarried babies. State officials said the rule does not apply to miscarriages or abortions that take place at home.

The commission finalized the rule in late November. It is scheduled to go into effect on Dec. 19.

. . . In an interview with pro-abortion Broadly, Blackmore admitted that the project is disgusting, but she claimed that it is not any worse than the new rule.

“The concept of the state mandating a non-medical ritual as part of the abortion procedure is offensive and crude, essentially demanding that all citizens adopt the moral, philosophical opinion that fetal tissue is comparable to a living human,” she said.

Blackmore is the one denying biological facts, however. It has been many years since scientists discovered that a unique, new human life begins at conception. Unlike sperm or an egg, the human embryo is a separate, distinct living human being inside the woman.

The new Texas rule elevates unborn babies’ bodies to require the same dignified treatment as other human bodies. . . . Read More:TEXT

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Abortion Activist: “Sex is About to Get A Lot Less Fun” . . .

. . . Because Donald Trump is President

Abortion Activist Jill Filipovic
Jill Filipovic wildly claimed that “sex is about to get a lot less fun” in a Thursday op-ed on Filipovic pointed the finger at Donald Trump nominating ObamaCare opponent, Rep. Tom Price, to be HHS secretary, and claimed the move is “just one peek at what Trump’s notorious misogyny will look like when it’s translated into policy.”

The Cosmopolitan contributor zeroed in on ObamaCare’s “provision that full covers contraception,” and claimed that if the controversial law is repealed, many women would no longer be able to “enjoy recreational sex without suffering economically, professionally or medically from an unwanted pregnancy.”

The title of Filipovic’s editorial, along with its lead sentence, contained the over-the-top “lot less fun” statement about sex. She followed this by noting that “anti-abortion and anti-contraception” Rep. Price is also a “proponent of defunding Planned Parenthood, an organization that serves more than 2.5 million patients, many of them low-income, every year.” . . .

. . . It should be pointed out that Filopovic failed to mention other “health-threatening complications” in her write-up: the side effects and risks to using many forms of birth control. Hundreds of lawsuits have been filed in recent years involving one popular form of the IUD, after thousands of women suffered adverse reactions to the product. Some liberals are also finally acknowledging the link between hormonal forms of birth control and depression, along with the problematic (to say the least) modern history of contraception.

Filipovic’s full radical feminist colors emerged later in her op-ed piece, when she be basically accused conservatives/Republicans of wanting to deny women the “right” to have recreational sex: . . . Read More @

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Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Closes Three More Clinics in Pennsylvania

Three Planned Parenthood facilities in Central Pennsylvania are closing this fall after the abortion chain suffered huge losses in the Nov. 8 election.

ABC 27 News reports the Planned Parenthood facilities in Chambersburg, Gettysburg and Scranton are closing as part of the abortion group’s consolidation plan.

Local Planned Parenthood CEO Melissa Reed said they decided to close the facilities to reduce costs. The three closing facilities did not perform abortions, but they did recommend and refer patients to other facilities that do. . . .

In Pennsylvania alone, the abortion chain closed ten facilities in the past three years; at the same time, its taxpayer funding increased by 15 percent, Bartkowiak said.

“Comparing their latest two year summaries, they received $768,969 more in government grants – taxpayer dollars – than the previous year; marking a 15 percent increase,” he wrote on the institute’s blog.

While the abortion business claims that it does not use any of those tax dollars for abortion, its reports increasingly point to abortion as its main business. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion business in Pennsylvania and in the U.S. It performs about 320,000 abortions nation-wide annually and receives about $550 million in federal tax dollars.

In Pennsylvania, Planned Parenthood has a friend in Gov. Tom Wolf, who once served as a volunteer for the abortion chain. Nationally, however, politics are shifting. President Barack Obama, like Wolf, avidly defends Planned Parenthood, but incoming President-elect Donald Trump said he will not. . . . Read More

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President-Elect Trump To Nominate Pro-Life Dr. Ben Carson as Sec. of HUD

Trump Picks Pro-Life Dr. Carson for Sec. of HUD
ARRA News Service: President-elect Donald J. Trump today announced his intent to nominate Pro-Life Dr. Ben Carson to serve as Secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Dr. Carson is a distinguished national leader who overcame his troubled youth in the inner city of Detroit to become a renowned neurosurgeon who served as the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland.

“I am thrilled to nominate Dr. Ben Carson as our next Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Ben Carson has a brilliant mind and is passionate about strengthening communities and families within those communities. We have talked at length about my urban renewal agenda and our message of economic revival, very much including our inner cities. Ben shares my optimism about the future of our country and is part of ensuring that this is a Presidency representing all Americans. He is a tough competitor and never gives up.”

“I am honored to accept the opportunity to serve our country in the Trump administration,” said Dr. Carson. “I feel that I can make a significant contribution particularly by strengthening communities that are most in need. We have much work to do in enhancing every aspect of our nation and ensuring that our nation’s housing needs are met.”

Ben Carson was born in Detroit, Michigan on September 18, 1951. While his mother lacked access to a quality education, she encouraged her sons in their scholastic pursuits and instilled the value of hard work. Carson graduated with honors from Southwestern High School, where he also became a senior commander in the school's ROTC program. He earned a full scholarship to Yale University and graduated in 1973 with a B.A. degree in psychology.

Carson then enrolled in the School of Medicine at the University of Michigan, choosing to become a neurosurgeon. Dr. Carson became the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital at age 33 and earned fame for his groundbreaking work separating conjoined twins.

Twenty years ago, Carson and his wife Candy started the Carson Scholars Fund, which is now active in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. It has provided more than 7,300 scholarships since 1994 to students from all backgrounds that achieve at the highest academic levels and community service. It also encompasses the Reading Room program and reading rooms have been placed throughout the country to stimulate a love for reading, especially in those who are underserved.

In 2000, the Library of Congress selected Dr. Carson as one of its "Living Legends." The following year, CNN and Time magazine named Dr. Carson as one of the nation's 20 foremost physicians and scientists. In 2006, he received the Spingarn Medal, the highest honor bestowed by the NAACP. In February 2008, President George W. Bush awarded Dr. Carson the Ford's Theatre Lincoln Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Family Research Council Statement on House Select Panel Referring Planned Parenthood for Criminal Prosecution

Washington, D.C. -- The House Energy & Commerce Committee's Select Investigative Panel have announced they have referred Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast for criminal prosecution by the Texas Attorney General. The announcement followed an investigation into whether abortion centers profited from the sale of baby body parts.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins made the following comments:
"The panel's recommendation that Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast be criminally prosecuted is the appropriate next step in bringing justice to bear on a group that clearly sees itself as above the law.

"With criminal prosecution a growing possibility, the new Congress should once again use the reconciliation process to redirect taxpayer dollars away from Planned Parenthood.

"Last year, Congress blazed a trail in preparation for a president who understands the value of every person, born and unborn. On Election Day, that's exactly what voters delivered. On both the federal and state level, voters empowered the pro-life party to bring an end to the forced partnership between taxpayers and Planned Parenthood.

"I thank U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) and the committee members for their investigative work," concluded Perkins.

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Silver Screen is Rejecting “Gosnell,” But Here’s a Silver Lining

by Jay Hobbs, Right to Life News: Hollywood may be too afraid to tell the truth about abortion, but the same doesn’t go for AlphaCare, a pro-life medical clinic set to relocate its services just a wall away from Gosnell’s former office this December.

AlphaCare’s move, slated for Dec. 19, will mark a significant step for the pregnancy center and two of its leaders—Karen Hess and Kim Bennett—who have been praying and planning to bring hope and healing to the neighborhood since 2011.

Having served women since 1981 within just a few miles of the Lancaster Ave. site it will now call home, AlphaCare is bringing its free ultrasounds, free pregnancy testing, options counseling, post-abortive healing, parenting education and more to many of the same women on whom Gosnell preyed for three decades.

A major impetus for Hess and Bennett—herself post-abortive—is to help women and families in the immediate area heal after so many years of oppression, and an estimated 40,000 lives lost through abortion.

“There is a darkness in what took place in that neighborhood and the impact of that business in that corner of the city,” Bennett told Pregnancy Help News in January. “To be able to go in there and begin to redeem it, even from our two row homes, is huge. It’s huge to be able to be a light in an area where there was so much darkness.”

Suppressing the “Controversial” Truths of Abortion and Murder
For over 30 years prior to his arrest and ensuing convictions in 2013—which included three guilty verdicts of murder in the first degree—Gosnell operated what one government investigator famously called a “House of Horrors.”

At Gosnell’s clinic, babies were not only routinely killed after they were born alive, but conditions were so unsanitary and medical attention so derelict that at least one woman, Karnamaya Mongar, died after a botched procedure at his clinic.

While media coverage of the trial and gruesome details uncovered in the investigation of Gosnell’s practice has been scant to say the least—a trend famously called out during the trial by syndicated columnist Kirsten Powers—Wednesday marked another milestone in the media’s ongoing blackout of the story.

As Mollie Hemingway pointed out this summer at The Federalist, one of the few reporters who covered the case from the courtroom tweeted, “Sat through a full day of testimony at the Kermitt (sic) Gosnell trial today. It is beyond the most morbid Hollywood horror. It will change you.”

In an email to supporters Wednesday, producers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney announced that, after having shown their film to “every major distributor in Hollywood,” not one of those companies would agree to move forward on a deal, citing the “controversial” nature of the movie.

Starring Nick Searcy and Dean Cain, a record-breaking 30,000 individual supporters sponsored the entirety of the film’s $2.3 million-plus budget at The producers had originally started a campaign to raise the money, before that site censored their project.

While McAleer told Breitbart News’ Daniel Nussbaum he is kept by non-disclosure agreements from telling which distributors refused to move forward with the film, test screenings “scored off the charts.”

Pro-life advocate David Daleiden, whose three-year undercover research revealed the abortion industry’s illegal underground market in the body parts of aborted babies in 2015, said it “is the best film about abortion ever made.”

Intentionally lacking any graphic scenes or unnecessary depictions, the film is rated PG-13, accomplishing a major goal of the production team to remove any legitimate obstacles to its release, per Nussbaum’s report.

“Hollywood’s refusal to distribute the Gosnell movie is a politically-motivated double standard because the Gosnell movie is a true story and it shines a negative spotlight on abortion,” the producers wrote in Wednesday morning’s email.

“But we are not going to give up. At every point in the story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell the establishment have tried to suppress the truth. They suppressed the truth when he was operating his house of horrors and killing women and children.”

McAleer and McElhinney are planning to release the film independently, and have released a book, “Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer,” which available for pre-order at, Barnes & Noble and Books a Million.

In the meantime—and for the long run—AlphaCare, which recently added a mobile ultrasound unit to its suite of services, is ready to write a new story in Philadelphia.

This August, a Christian social services agency that works closely with a local pregnancy center bought and converted an abortion clinic formerly owned by notorious abortionist James Pendergraft in Ocala, Fla.

Former abortion clinics turned into life-affirming pregnancy centers in recent years include two in Iowa—including one former Planned Parenthood clinic—two in Miami, one in Toledo, Ohio, and a former flagship Planned Parenthood building in Bryan, Texas, that now houses both 40 Days for Life and a pregnancy help medical clinic.

This appeared at Pregnancy Help News [] and is reposted with permission.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Wendy Davis Slams New Texas Law Making Abortion Clinics Bury Aborted Babies Instead of Selling Them

Wendy Davis loves abortion. In fact she must love abortion so much that she is slamming a new Texas law making abortion clinics provide proper burials for aborted babies instead of selling their body parts for profit.

New Texas rules requiring a dignified burial of aborted babies’ bodies will go into effect on Dec. 19, state health officials said this week.

The new rules, introduced in July by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, require that abortion facilities, hospitals and other medical centers either cremate or bury the remains of aborted and miscarried babies. State officials said the rules do not apply to miscarriages or abortions that take place at home.

But Wendy Davis is not happy.

Davis, the former Texas state senator and former gubernatorial candidate whose 13-hour filibuster of the Texas abortion bill garnered national attention in 2013, told ATTN: via email:

“Once again, Governor Abbott and his political appointees are demonstrating a greater interest in scoring cheap political points than they are in governing in the best interests of the state. This rule will no doubt create an undue burden on women seeking abortion in our state, yet another thinly veiled attempt to assert a ‘legitimate state interest’ when the real objective is closing off access to constitutionally protected abortion care.”
Never mid that the rules have nothing to do to access to abortion — they only concern what happens after the abortion has claimed the life of the baby. . . . Read More

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Rapper Nick Cannon: “Planned Parenthood is Modern-Day Eugenics” for Black Americans

Rapper Nick Cannon is doubling down on his comments that Planned Parenthood is bad news for black Americans.

Last month Cannon said the plan permit abortion business is perpetrating a genocide against black people because the targets black communities with abortion clinics. Asked today to elaborate on those comments, Cannon doubled down and said that Planned Parenthood is modern day Eugenics for the black community.

In the video, Cannon is navigating through Los Angeles International Airport while answering questions from the SplashNewsOnline videographer about the nation’s largest abortion provider.

After answering questions about his baby on the way with former girlfriend Brittany Bell, Cannon was asked to clarify a comment he made about Planned Parenthood being a “real genocide” during an interview with the New York City radio show “The Breakfast Club” two weeks ago.

“Yeah, (Planned Parenthood is) modern-day eugenics,” Cannon says.

“Can’t elaborate anymore?” the videographer asks. “It’s an important topic.”

“Yeah,” Cannon responds. “It’s population control.”
. . . Read More

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Criminal Charges Filed Against Anglican Priest for Praying Outside Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic

Father James Linton was arrested last month outside the San Bernardino Planned Parenthood for offering to pray with women entering the abortion facility. Police held him for six hours and later charged him with criminal trespass. If convicted, Father Linton could be sentenced to up to 90 days in jail and a $400 fine.

When he was arrested, Father Linton, an Anglican pastor, was standing on a public easement offering incoming mothers and fathers alternatives to abortion and praying for them to change their minds.

“The arrest of Father Linton is an outrageous violation of his First Amendment rights,” stated Allison Aranda, Senior Staff Counsel for the Life Legal Defense Foundation and a former prosecutor for Riverside County. “Father Linton simply offered assistance and alternatives to its patrons that could save the lives of their precious babies.” . . .

Father Linton and the other sidewalk counselors outside the San Bernardino Planned Parenthood are doing nothing more than exercising their Constitutional right to speak freely on the public sidewalk and rights of way in their community. They are not violating the law. “In fact, the code section under which Father Linton was charged specifically exempts from criminal liability those who are engaging in activities protected by the California and United States Constitutions,” Ms. Aranda noted.

Life Legal will vigorously defend Father Linton from these false charges and we will fight to preserve and protect the rights of all sidewalk advocates to share life saving information with mothers entering abortion facilities.  . . . Read More

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dems Choose Status Quo as Pro-Abortion Pelosi Remains Minority Leader

Pro-Abortion Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
Claims to be Cathoic and Religious But Pro-Death
Family Policy Alliance: Rep. Nancy Pelosi successfully thwarted an attempt by Rep. Tim Ryan to unseat her as House Minority Leader. Ryan had been urging Democrats to go in a new direction.

When it comes to life, religious freedom and family values, Pelosi remains the poster child for the progressive push in Congress. She was one of the chief architects of Obamacare and is staunchly pro-abortion.

“Nancy Pelosi is a chief purveyor of voter-rejected Democratic abortion extremism,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List. “Democrats would rather continue to be in the minority than stray from their pro-abortion orthodoxy. Their support for painful late-term abortion and taxpayer-funded abortion has left voters behind.”

As Republicans work toward replacing Obamacare, Pelosi will likely fight to keep the failed program intact.

“We’d like to see the Trump administration stop taxpayer funding of abortion – in Obamacare and elsewhere,” said Paul Weber, president and CEO of Family Policy Alliance. “After that, conscientious objections to abortion need to be strengthened in any health care plan presented. Religious freedoms are outlined in our Constitution precisely because they belong to every American. And they should be fortified so no one is forced to violate their deeply held beliefs.”

Weber said the Democrats decision to go with Pelosi may come back to haunt them.

“Democrats are losing elections at the state and federal level,” he said. “Yet they continue to uphold failed policies and failed leadership. We can expect Nancy Pelosi and her caucus to push back against any positive change brought forward. Conservatives should continue to advance a pro-family agenda, because the people have spoken – and that’s what they want.”

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Abortion Advocates Seek to Sway Trump to Keep Foreign Abortion Funds

To Reagan, “abortion and ‘economic statism’ appeared as conjoined evils,” Gribbin said. “Both of them rooted in a negative view of what individuals and families can accomplish for themselves and contribute to the common good.”

by Dr. Susan Yoshihara (C-FAM): The biggest names in international abortion advocacy are looking for ways to convince the incoming Trump administration not cut their funding by reinstating the 1984 Mexico City Policy.

The policy requires that grantees of US foreign aid for family planning do not perform or actively promote abortions. It was rescinded under Democratic administrations and reinstated by Republicans.

Suzanne Ehlers, president and CEO of Population Action International (PAI), said she was “operating under the assumption that it will be reinstated if not on Trump’s first day in office, then on his second day in office.” PAI was founded in the late 1960s with the purpose of generating public support for taxpayer-funded population control programs abroad.

ChloĆ« Cooney, director of global advocacy at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, rang an alarmist tone, saying “You see clinics close suddenly because the funding that they were relying on disappears.”

In reality, clinics would not have to close since groups can keep performing abortions by using other sources of funding.

In the past, the Mexico City Policy did not to reduce access to family planning. US funding remained the highest in the world. It is $600M today.

Abortion advocates invoke two 2011 studies which attempted to link the policy to a curtailment of services and to higher abortion rates, but these have been discredited for having significant flaws in data and methodology.

The policy gained the derogatory name “Global Gag Rule” because the requirement that grantees not advocate for abortion was viewed by abortion groups as a violation of free speech, equal protection, and due process. They sued George W. Bush in 2002 and lost. In her 2002 ruling, now-Supreme Court associate justice Sonia Sotomayor found that the government “is free to favor the anti-abortion position over the pro-choice position” with public funds.

Feminists are not confident that equating abortion to women’s rights will work as it has under the Obama administration. “This incoming president has made clear that he does not respect women,” Beth Schlachter, executive director of Family Planning 2020 (FP2020) told NBC News. Schlacter instead appeals to population control, positing that stable, wealthy countries are less vulnerable to extremist movements.

In fact, security experts have never found a decisive link between high fertility rates and violent extremism. Experts have documented how falling fertility is destabilizing international politics.

PAI’s Ehlers hopes that economic arguments will work. “There is no other intervention that is so low-hanging if you are looking to build markets around the world. If that doesn’t appeal to Mr. Markets, Mr. CEO, I don’t know what would,” Ehlers said.

Trump may be more persuaded by Ronald Reagan’s original intent for the policy.

According to Reagan staffer, Bill Gribbin, Reagan saw the same principles behind the energizing of the American economy and the bucking of the population control establishment, entrenched in his own party. Reagan wrote in the policy memorandum establishing the policy that “people are the ultimate resource” and for “many nations, population growth has been an essential element in economic progress.”

To Reagan, “abortion and ‘economic statism’ appeared as conjoined evils,” Gribbin said. “Both of them rooted in a negative view of what individuals and families can accomplish for themselves and contribute to the common good.”

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