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Abortion Coverage in Obamacare Remains a Mystery

by Kim Trobee, CitizenLink: Whether buying your insurance from a state exchange or from the government health care website, it’s almost impossible to find out whether you’re paying for abortion coverage.

The Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of Planned Parenthood, released a report showing a lack of information available to consumers – albeit from the other side of the issue.

Guttmacher examined the online plan descriptions of 12 state exchanges that allow abortion coverage. Researchers reviewed the “summary of benefits and coverage” that the Affordable Care Act requires all plans to include. However, the template for the summary provided to states by the federal government does not include any place to disclose abortion coverage.

“It’s not in the template, and plans are just following that,” said Gretchen Borchelt with the National Women’s Law Center, a pro-abortion organization. “It’s a lack of awareness on their part, a lack of familiarity with what should be included.”

Twenty-six states and the District of Columbia allow abortion coverage; 24 states do not. Guttmacher found that in only four states that permit abortion coverage, just a handful of the plans spell it out.

Chuck Donovan, president of the pro-life Charlotte Lozier Institute, recalls an article he wrote for The Heritage Foundation in 2010.

“Polls taken in the U.S. have routinely showed majority support for limits on taxpayer funding of abortion,” he said, “Since 1976, restrictions on such funding have grown to span numerous public programs, including Medicaid, the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program, the Indian Health Service, appropriations for the District of Columbia, and many more. Nearly two dozen federal programs or agencies are covered by such policies, which include measures to protect the right of medical personnel and health care researchers not to participate in abortions.”

Even as the administration was pushing for Obamacare, President Barack Obama told Congress, “One more misunderstanding I want to clear up – under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions.”

Donovan said the Guttmacher report flies in the face of that assertion – and consumers are not happy.

“The people we communicate with are looking for the information,” he said. “We’re hearing complaints about it.”

Learn more about abortion in Obamacare

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Pro-Life News, April 17, 2014

Abortion Backer Chelsea Clinton Announces She’s Pregnant With a “Child” Abortion supporter Chelsea Clinton announced today that she’s pregnant — not with a fetus or clump of cells but with a “child.” This is the same Chelsea Clinton who lamented last year that her grandmother didn’t have access to Planned Parenthood. Read More

Pope Francis Highlights Worth and Dignity of the Disabled, Washes Feet of 12 Disabled Patients In preparation for Easter Sunday, Pope Francis decided today to highlight the worth and dignity of disabled people — including washing the feet of 12 disabled patients at a care center. At the Don Gnocchi Centre in Rome, the leader of the Catholic Church washed the feet of 12 people in a ceremony hearkening back to the number if disciples Jesus had. He and the elderly and disabled people celebrate the “In Coena Domini Mass” together before he washed their feet in a gesture of humility, recognition and respect. Read More

Justina Pelletier’s Family Not Allowed to Visit Their Daughter on Easter Sunday The family of Justina Pelletier will not be allowed to visit their daughter on Easter Sunday. The news comes after attorneys working with her family released a letter Justina reportedly wrote saying she is not being treated well. Jennifer Pelletier, Justina’s oldest sister, alerted supported of Justina on the family’s Facebook page: “There are 75 young people in the Wayside Youth Facility. 74 of them will be able to spend Easter Sunday with their families. The one who will not is Justina Pelletier!” Read More

Ex-Boyfriend of Woman Who Killed Her Babies and Packed Them in Boxes is Shocked The former boyfriend of the woman who allegedly killed seven of her babies and packed six of them in cardboard boxes is stunned. Jimmy Brady, of Salt Lake City, says he was shocked to hear about what Megan Huntsman reportedly did and told a newspaper he had no idea about her past. He said he has been left depressed to hear about someone he cared about and how she killed her own children in such a gruesome manner. Read More

Chris Christie: I’m Pro-Life and Believe in the Sanctity of Human Life Before and After Birth New Jersey Governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate Chris Christie said during a speech at a forum on drug and alcohol abuse that he is pro-life and he tied his opposition to abortion to his respect for human life, chrischristie4saying he is pro-life both before and after birth. Christie was a featured speaker at the conference, held at Saint Peter’s University. His comments on abortion came during a conversation with former Gov. Jim McGreevey. Read More

Gosnell Movie Smashes Crowdfunding Record, Raises $900,000 at Indiegogo The movie on Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell has just become the most successful film ever on the Indiegogo crowdfunding website. Gosnell, a made for TV project on the doctor who is America’s most prolific serial killer, has just smashed through the $900,000 mark – overtaking the previous record holder which had raised $898,000. Read More

Teen Born With One Leg Uses Crutches To Become Star Soccer Player 19-year-old Nico Calabria was born with one leg, but started playing soccer at an early age, using crutches. In this video, Nico journeys from a little boy to a grown man, constantly striving to be the best he can be in his favorite sport. Calabria, born with one leg, has defied expectations on the pitch and exemplifies what it means to power through. Nico’s done more with it than most people do with two. He plays soccer, wrestles, has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, and lives his life like any other person, without limitations. Read More

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pro-Life News - April 16, 2014

Conjoined Twins Doing Great After Separation Surgery, Almost Became Abortion Victims Emmett and Owen Ezell were born in August in Dallas, Texas but they were very much unlike most sets of twins. They were are identical twins[1] joined in utero — a rare phenomenon that happens in as many as 1 in 200,000 births. About half of such twins are stillborn, but Owen and Emmett survived not only the birthing process — their mother rejected abortion. Read More

Buffett Foundation Tied to Clinic That Killed Woman in Botched Abortion Operation Rescue has uncovered links between the Cleveland abortion clinic, Preterm, where a 22-year old African-American woman suffered a fatal abortion last month, and a foundation managed by the Warren Buffett family. This connection raises concerns that third-world-style abortion practices are being taught to hospital residents that will further endanger the lives of poor urban women of color. On March 21, 2014, Lakisha Wilson was “not breathing at all” when she was transported by ambulance to the University Hospital Chase Medical Center where she was pronounced dead after suffering late-term abortion complications at Preterm. Read More

Teen Mom Asphyxiated Her Newborn Baby to Death, Put Infant in Her Shopping Bag Last year, Tiona Rodriguez and Francis Estevez, both 17, were stopped for suspected shoplifting and a security guard found the baby’s body inside a bag. After questioning, Rodriguez told police officers that she had suffered a miscarriage the day before and did not know what to do. Reports at the time indicated the dead newborn child found in her Victoria’s Secret bag was born alive and then likely asphyxiated to death. An autopsy done on the infant showed the baby was born alive at full term and it revealed that Rodriguez’s baby boy was actually born alive at full term and could have died of asphyxiation. Read More

Dad’s Heartbreaking Letter After Miscarriage Features Picture of Baby’s Hands Touching His Fingers Tommy Riles, father, audience warm-up comedian on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and founder of Life of Dad, a social network for fathers, recently shared a beautiful goodbye letter to his son who died at 20 weeks gestation. His words are accompanied by a picture of his son’s tiny, perfectly formed hands. Together, they remind us all of the beauty and miracle of life inside the womb and love between parent and child.Read More

Amazing Video of Conception to Birth Is Worth Watching Again and Again No matter how many times I watch Alexander Tsiaras’s short film, “Conception to birth – visualized,” I walk away feeling amazed Tsiaras, a professor at Yale University, helped to create the stunning video that shows a baby’s development in the womb from conception to birth. Read More

Meet the 1.5-Pound 26-Week Preemie Who Took on Pro-Abortion Wendy Davis and Won John Mark weighed 1 lbs, 4.8 ounces when he was born at 26 weeks. His mother, Chief of Staff for Texas State Senator Kelly Hancock, Mia Garza McCord delivered John Mark on April 10, 2013. More than two months later, Wendy Davis would propel herself into national abortion stardom with her filibuster of Senate Bill 5. Davis opposed the legislation that prohibited abortion after five months based on the scientific evidence that preborn babies are capable of experiencing pain during an abortion. Read More

Report Confirms Obamacare Restricts Access to Life-Saving Medical Care A Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report now documents that Obamacare exchange plans, while often cheaper, are restricting access to life-saving medical care. According to the CBO’s recently released “Updated Estimates of the Effects of the Insurance Coverage Provisions of the Affordable Care Act, April 2014,” Obamacare’s insurance provisions will cost $104 billion less than projected over the next decade. However, these savings will come at tremendous cost. Read More

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Arizona Governor Signs Legislation to Protect Women and Babies

by Kim Trobee, CitizenLink: Abortion sellers in Arizona are now subject to the same inspection standards as medical facilities. That’s thanks to Gov. Jan Brewer signing the Women’s Health Protection Act.

In the past, if someone wanted to inspect an abortion outlet, they had to obtain a warrant from the courts. Pro-lifers argued that no similar facility required such a warrant and that doing so put the health of women and pre-born babies at risk.

“This legislation will ensure that the Arizona Department of Health Services has the authority to appropriately protect the health and safety of all patients,” said Andrew Wilder, gubernatorial spokesman.

Pro-aborts in the state weren’t happy, calling the measure “unnecessary.”

“We’re not surprised that Governor Brewer signed this bill,” said Bryan Howard, president of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona. “She has been hostile to women’s health care, including abortion and family planning, since the day she took office.”

Abortionists have come under increasing scrutiny since the discovery of Kermit Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” in Philadelphia. Gosnell was found guilty of murder for killing babies who were born alive during late-term abortions. Gosnell was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. During that investigation, it was discovered that Gosnell’s facility had not been inspected in many years.

Cathi Herrod with the Center for Arizona Policy called the governor’s support a “tremendous victory” for the pro-life movement.

“I am grateful to the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Debbie Lesko, who championed this important legislation and all the legislators that voted for HB 2284,” she said. “Governor Jan Brewer is also owed a debt of gratitude for standing up to the attacks and distortions from Planned Parenthood to carry on her tremendous legacy as the nation’s most pro-life governor.”

Herrod also vowed to continue to fight for life.

“Today, we celebrate this victory,” she said, “but our work will never be done until every woman and preborn child is protected from the dangerous and deadly practices of Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.”

Learn more about the Center for Arizona Policy

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'We Must Eliminate The Cross'

Gary Bauer
by Gary Bauer: Did that headline get your attention?  I hope so.

Those words were spoken recently by Nasir al-Wuhayshi, Al Qaeda's number two leader. He was addressing at least 100 Al Qaeda fighters in Yemen, and he spoke out in the open, in plain view.

He told them, "We must eliminate the cross. ... The bearer of the cross is America!"

Let that sink in for a moment, folks. For all those who say this isn't a religious war, think again. For those who insist that our foreign policy or that America's support for Israel is the problem, think again. There is a reason the extremists in Iran refer to America, not Israel, as "the great Satan." Israel and America are allies in the same war against the same enemy -- radical Islam.

Video of al-Wuhayshi's comments is burning up jihadi websites right now. CNN writes that it shows what is believed to be "the largest and most dangerous gathering of Al Qaeda in years." One terrorism expert describe it as "extraordinary," adding that al-Wuhayshi was "taking a big risk" speaking so publicly.

And we missed it. Peter Bergen, CNN's national security analyst, commented, "The U.S. intelligence community should be surprised that such a large group of Al Qaeda assembled together, including the leadership, and somehow they didn't notice."

Responding to this video, Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said that Al Qaeda is re-grouping and getting ready to strike again. Rep. Rogers also suggested that the Obama Administration has taken its eye off the ball:"…[Al Qaeda is] feeling empowered. The less pressure you put on them, the more they take that as a victory, the more that they believe that they can get away with plotting, planning, organizing… All of the things that they would need to do to strike a Western target, they're going through that process."I know many Americans are war-weary. But radical Islam has declared war on us. And it clearly has not surrendered yet.
Gary Bauer is is a conservative family values advocate and serves as president of American Values and chairman of the  Campaign for Working Families. He is also a contributing author in the ARRA News Service.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pro-Life News, April 15, 2014

Woman Who Killed Her Seven Babies, Packed Them in Boxes Confesses to Murders More details are coming in following the horrific discovery of the bodies of seven babies in a garage in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Megan Huntsman told police that “she either strangled or suffocated them immediately after they were born,” the Associated Press reported. “She wrapped their bodies in a towel or a shirt, put them in plastic bags and then packed them inside boxes in the garage of her home south of Salt Lake City.” Huntsman, 39, is charged with six counts of murder; she told authorities the seventh baby was stillborn. Read More

Interviewed for the “World’s Toughest Job,” These People Left With Smiles on Their Faces Unlimited hours. No breaks. The most important job is also the world’s toughest job. So just who would take a job requiring 24-hour days, 7-days a week and no sleep, pray or vacation? Read More

IRS Confirms Abortions are Eligible for a Tax Deduction Here’s something from the “Did you know that?” category. Did you know that abortions are apparently eligible for a tax deduction? That appears to be true, so says the IRS. From the Washington Examiner, in a list of odd tax deductions: Read More

How Does Someone Survive an Abortion? I Did and Here’s How It Happens Understandably, a lot of people have questions about abortion survivors. How we survive, why we survive, what the impact is for us (emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually), why the realities of survivors is not well-known or spoken about, even by survivors, themselves. Today I want answer these common questions for you, based on my experiences both personally as a survivor and professionally, working with survivors through The Abortion Survivors Network. Read More

Planned Parenthood Won’t Condemn Woman Who Killed Her Seven Babies, Packed Them in Boxes Police in Pleasant Grove, Utah, discovered over the weekend the bodies of seven dead infants in cardboard boxes, The Salt Lake Tribune reported. All seven of these babies were allegedly killed soon after being born by their own mother, a 39-year-old woman who has now been placed under arrest. The mother has been charges with six counts of murder. Police believe she committed these crimes over the course of a decade. Read More

Baby Born With Four Hands and Feet Doing Well After Limbs Removed Over the 20 years LifeNews has been publishing pro-life news, we’ve seen countless reasons why abortions are performed on disabled babies and we’ve published countless stories on parent who rejected abortions despite the physical conditions their babies faced. If there were any sort of case abortion activists would attempt to use to justify abortion, this might be one: a baby who was one of conjoined twins who was born with for hands and feet after his twin developed improperly in the womb. Fortunately, the baby was not aborted and is now receiving proper care. Read More

Babies With Club Feet, Cleft Palates are Aborted Up to the Day of Birth in Britain Today, a baby with club foot or cleft palate can and is aborted up to the point of birth in England. The law permits an abortion to take place “up to birth” if tests indicate that the child may be disabled when born, while there is a legal limit of 24 weeks for abortions on other grounds. Why is that the case? Jane Ellison, the public health minister, says the British parliament has not adequately defined the term “serious handicap” in its abortion laws, which has led to a loophole by which babies with very minor disabilities can be aborted after the 24-week legal limit. Read More

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Get your Pro-Life Student Event-in-a-Box!

As we come to the end of our school year, we ask that you end your year with at least 1 more victory! Request this month’s Event-in-a-Box, and join us in celebrating the achievements of the pro-life movement as we continue to move forward in changing culture. 

Students For LifeOver the past few months, many of you have been challenged to overcome controversy and persevere through discrimination. You have been asked to engage and participate while also working hard as a student. While there are many times when we are pressured to give up, our determination to abolish abortion remainsstrong.

Being an abortion abolitionist is no easy task. You are asked to sacrifice time, energy, and even relationships. You are placed in uncomfortable situations. Your pro-life message is questioned and criticized, and at times, your resolve is tested. But, here’s the good news– we are winning!

Thanks to your  courageous efforts, we have witnessed many amazing victories this year. Here are some of the highlights:
As we come to the end of our school year, we ask that you end your year with at least 1 more victory! Request this month’s Event-in-a-Box, and join us in celebrating the achievements of the pro-life movement as we continue to move forward in changing culture.

Request A Box:
*FREE boxes are provided to active pro-life students and student groups only.

Email Missy (High School) or Beth (College) about your Event-in-a-Box concerns.

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Now Settled Science!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Pro-Life News, April 14, 2014

Police Find Seven Dead Babies in Utah Home, Six Packed in Cardboard Boxes In a shocking discovery, police have found seven dead babies in a Utah woman’s home, six of them packed away in cardboard boxes. Police believe Megan Huntsman, 39, gave birth to the babies then killed them over the past decade and they arrested her on Saturday after the grisly discovery. They found the babies following a call from Huntsman’s ex-husband about a dead infant found inside a Pleasant Grove home that Huntsman lived in until 2011. Officers arrived and found the body of a newborn infant, who appeared to be full term. Read More

547 Babies Saved From Abortion as 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign Ends < Another 40 Days for Life campaign is now complete, and we’re still counting the blessings God has provided! More of our local campaign leaders will be sending in their reports soon … but so far, we are aware of … 547 babies whose lives have been spared from abortion during this campaign! Read More

A Father Films His Daughter As She Grows >From 0 Months To 14-Years-Old Frans Hofmeester is a professional filmmaker and video artist from Utrecht, Netherlands. In this video, he filmed his daughter, Lotte, from 0 months to 14-years-old, and then he edited it all together to show his little girl growing up. “This new Time-Lapse shows Lotte changing from baby to 14 years in four minutes,” he says at his YouTube video. “I filmed my daughter every week, from birth up until she turned 14 years old an then made this time lapse edit.” Read More

Television Networks Ignore Case of Utah Mother Accused of Killing Seven Babies ABC, CBS, and NBC’s morning newscasts on Monday all omitted the arrest of a Utah woman, after the bodies of seven newborn babies were discovered in her house on Saturday. The Big Three morning shows did understandably devote a significant amount of air time to a white supremacist’s shooting rampage at two Jewish community centers near Kansas City. However, the networks also set aside over two minutes each to a bear mauling in central Florida, and CBS This Morning and NBC’s Today also covered the so-called “blood moon” lunar eclipse. Read More

Justina Pelletier’s Parents File Emergency Petition With Supreme Court to Regain Custody Justina Pelletier’s parents have field an emergency appeal with the state Supreme Court in Massachusetts to regain custody of their daughter. Today, Linda and Lou Pelletier filed a Habeas Corpus pleading with the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. The detailed Petition and Memorandum of Law requests that Justina be released from the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) and be returned to the custody of her parents, Lou and Linda Pelletier. Read More

Police Officer Delivers His Own Daughter in His Squad Car While Rushing Wife to Hospital
Hawaii Police officer Mario Ochoa was hoping to get the hospital to deliver his daughter, but didn’t quite make it. Instead, Ochoa had to pull over his squad car on the way and help his wife their their new daughter, Marcella, on the side of the road. When he and his wife Ryan were on their way to North Hawaii Community Hospital on the Big Island the cop realized that they wouldn’t make it in time, even if he put on his lights and sirens in an attempt to get there faster. Read More

Mom Gives Birth in a Coma After Horrific Crash, Wakes Up Three Days Later A young woman has given birth despite being in a coma following a horrific crash. Fortunately, she awoke three days later to be able to spend her life with her new baby. Wei Liu, 30, gave birth while in a coma in hospital after the horrific crash and didn’t know she had a new son until she awoke from the coma. In an accident in Manchester, England, Zain Iqbal crashed into Lui’s cab — leaving her badly injured as medical officials rushed her to a hospital. Iqbal was attempting to pass another vehicle at the time and speeding. Read More

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Shame On These Pro-Abortion Senators!

Marjorie Dannenfelser, Susan B. Anthony List : Your SBA List team has launched a hard-hitting, multi-state billboard campaign to expose three vulnerable Senators who betrayed their pro-life constituents by voting for Obamacare – the largest expansion of abortion on-demand since Roe v. Wade.
The message of our billboard campaign is simple:

“Shame on Senators Kay Hagan (D-NC), Mary Landrieu (D-LA), and Mark Pryor (D-AR) for voting FOR taxpayer funding of abortion!”

If these billboards look familiar to you, it’s because we tried to put up a similar billboard to educate Rep. Steve Driehaus’ constituents of his betrayal in 2010. But the billboards never went up as our free speech rights were chilled.

But now, these billboards are up and running in North Carolina, Louisiana, and Arkansas to show that we refuse to be intimidated and refuse to let these politicians get away with their votes in favor of taxpayer-funded abortion.

All three of these incumbent Democratic Senators are extremely vulnerable this November, and all three represent overwhelmingly pro-life states.

Remember, we can end Harry Reid’s tenure as Senate Majority Leader and defeat his pro-abortion Majority this November – but we need all hands on deck to do it.

These Senators ABANDONED unborn babies, moms, and their own constituents when they sided with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama.

We know this message works.

In 2010, we exposed the truth about the so-called pro-life Democrats in the House of Representatives who turned their backs on the unborn. You know the ones I am talking about: then Reps. Bart Stupak, Steve Driehaus, Kathy Dahlkemper and their friends.

We targeted 20 betrayers in 2010; 15 were defeated. Our message and tactics were so effective that one Representative who was defeated –  Rep. Steve Driehaus of Ohio – did everything he could to muzzle our free speech and even sued us in federal court – a lawsuit that is still going on nearly four years later.

But we refuse to let our voice for the unborn be silenced, and our billboards send that message loud and clear.

Thank you for standing strong with us as we fight to defeat politicians who vote to kill unborn children with our tax dollars.

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DAY 41: 547 Babies Saved - That We Know Of - This Session Of 40 Days for Life Comes to An End

by Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for LifeAnother 40 Days for Life campaign is now complete, and we’re still counting the blessings God has provided!

More of our local campaign leaders will be sending in their reports soon … but so far, we are aware of …

... 547 babies whose lives have been spared from abortion during this campaign!

And as always, those are only the ones we know about. Here are some of those stories.

El Paso, Texas

“Exciting news from the sidewalk!” said one of the El Paso volunteers. “A woman rejects abortion! “

When the woman arrived with her sister, there was a group of people praying on the sidewalk. One of the counselors talked to them, and provided information about positive options.

They continued on their way inside the abortion center … but came out soon after. “With a smile on her face,” the volunteer said, “the woman said she had changed her mind.” She was thinking about abortion because she feared her husband’s response to the pregnancy. But after talking with the counselors, she no longer felt afraid.

“We believe the prayers of everyone united helped give this woman the courage she needed to say yes to life,” the El Paso volunteer said. “Praise the Lord!”

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

A couple parked near the abortion facility in Tuscaloosa – close to the location where 40 Days for Life volunteers were praying. As they walked towards the building, vigil participants offered them information, but they didn’t take it.

They weren’t inside for long before they exited ... and said they couldn’t go through with the abortion. The woman said she couldn’t do it “because of all the young girls inside.”

The two were visibly shaken by what they had seen inside the abortion center. This time, they took the information the volunteers had offered.

Pensacola, Florida

The Pensacola team asks for prayers for a woman who was abortion-minded … until the baby’s father convinced her not to go through with it.

The woman is still struggling, however. She has had a number of abortions in the past and feels she is incapable of mothering a child. She does, however, seem open to adoption … and there is a couple that stands ready and willing to adopt the baby.

“Please pray,” said one of the Pensacola volunteers, “that God will give them all the strength, love, mercy, and healing that they need to proceed with these adoption plans and provide a most beautiful future for this baby.”
Zagreb, Croatia 

Lastly, a few words for this campaign in Croatian: 40 Dana Za Ĺ˝ivot ... 40 Days for Life ... and they’re on a billboard above a row of buildings in Zagreb.

“They are an impressive group,” said Robert Colquhoun, our international outreach director, who visited Zagreb recently.

Dan Miller, the local 40 Days for Life director in Milwaukee, Wisconsin saw this photo and said, “this says awesome in any language!”

I think we can say that about all of the 40 Days for Life volunteers. You’re awesome! May God bless you richly! 

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

DAY 40: Grateful For Choosing Life - 40 Days For Life

by Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life:  As this 40 Days for Life campaign comes to the end, we are reminded that the injustice of abortion is not an isolated occurrence that has no impact on us. It not only impacts us ... but generations to come.

I want to thank you for all you’ve done these past 40 days to pray, fast and act to end abortion in 253 locations (including these volunteers in Canton, Ohio).

The children who were scheduled to be aborted this campaign — and are alive today — will be living witnesses in a culture that has forgotten that life is sacred. Here are a couple of stories that illustrate this point.

Alexandria, Virginia
A woman pulled into an empty parking lot near the 40 Days for Life vigil in Alexandria – and waited there for about 30 minutes. Finally, she got out of the car … and approached one of the vigil participants.

She said she knew exactly why people were there praying. When she was 21, she had a low-income job, had little money – and learned she was pregnant. The child’s father was supportive, however – and asked her to pray about it. He said it was they who had made a mistake – it certainly wasn’t the baby’s fault – and they could get through this.

The woman was shaking as she spoke. She then took out her phone and showed a picture of her daughter, who is now 21 years old herself. This was her only child – she was never able to have others. “She is so grateful and happy for having chosen life,” the vigil participant said.   “She works in the area and has been watching us during the campaign,” the volunteer said. “She wanted us to know that what we are doing there on the sidewalk really matters.”

Nashville, Tennessee
A woman drove up to the 40 Days for Life vigil in Nashville and rolled down her window. She noted that people had prayed outside this abortion center for quite some time, and that was a good thing.   At one point in her life, abortion seemed like the right thing to do. “I came here a couple of years ago,” she said, “and because of the people praying here … I now have him.

“She turned to the back seat,” said one of the vigil participants, “where a little toddler was making sweet noises.  I was so astonished. This joyful news was in such contrast to the gloom and ugliness that is the abortion center.”

Beyond that, this volunteer was pretty much speechless. “All I could do was thank her.  The young woman had a beautiful smile; she was lovely and happy and full of appreciation for those of you who were here about two years ago. May the Lord Jesus be praised forever and ever!” 

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

DAY 39: A 40 Days for Life World Tour

by Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life:  I’m speaking at an event in Beaumont, Texas today … celebrating the closing of the abortion facility there. We pray for more closures — around the globe — this final Saturday of the campaign ... as we take a world tour! 

Robert Colquhoun, our international outreach director, has collected a few stories from leaders in England, Australia, Spain and Russia who are praying — and working — to end abortion where they live.

Sydney, Australia
“Down here in Sydney, Australia, our 40 Days campaign has been a true success story!” said Andrew, the local coordinator.  “The great news is that no abortions have taken place on either Thursday or Friday for five out of the six weeks of the campaign,” he said. “When we began praying there, they were doing abortions on four days … and now only two! Thanks be to God that our presence is having a significant impact!”

Madrid, Spain
One of the vigil participants in Madrid wrote about her experiences outside the abortion center.

“At the beginning, there were seven of us praying,” she said. “A woman and man came over and started to berate us.” They clearly wanted the prayers to stop. But the volunteer noticed that the woman had tears in her eyes.
In her grief, this woman said that she had not wanted to have an abortion, but that she didn’t have the means to keep the baby.

“We were able to tell her that help is available for mothers who have aborted,” the vigil participant said. But the woman’s companions moved between her and the people praying, insisting that they leave. The volunteer asked for prayers for this suffering woman. “I am asking Jesus that she may not experience 40 years of post-abortive depression … like those of a family member of mine … before finding the true consolation that only Christ gives.”

Moscow, Russia
Arevik in Moscow said a woman arrived for an abortion “because she was not ready for a second baby.” However, the woman told vigil participants she had changed her mind and canceled the appointment.  Arevik said the volunteers have also heard about an abortion worker with a troubled conscience. “We are praying,” the Moscow leader said, “and we believe that God is doing something here!

Birmingham, England
40 Days for Life is a Christian outreach. And the volunteers in Birmingham have been able to show Christ’s love to many who are non-Christian.

Isabel spoke to a Muslim couple, who had an appointment for an abortion. After a visit to a counseling office in London, they skipped the abortion appointment and are looking at other options.   They were very grateful to all who helped. “We have never come across anything like this before where people help each other for free,” they said. “Do all these Christians know we’re Muslim? Why would Christians help Muslims?”

“They still need lots of prayer,” Isabel said, “but they were truly amazed.” 

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Pro-Life News, April 11, 2014

Pope Francis: Abortion is an “Unspeakable Crime,” Right to Life is Central Human Right Pope Francis issued a strong condemnation of abortion today, calling abortion an “abominable crime” and saying the right to life is the central human right. Speaking before the Italian pro-life group Movimento per la Vita, Pope Francis thanks pro-life activists for “promoting and defending human life from its conception.” Read More

Obama HHS Secretary Nominee Sylvia Burwell Was Head of Pro-Abortion Gates Foundation President Barack Obama has nominated Sylvia Mathews Burwell to replace pro-abortion HSH Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who resigned Thursday as the head of the agency charged with implementing Obamacare. Obama’s nominee to replace the abortion proponent is another pro-abortion activist. Read More

Mom Who Birthed Baby in Bathroom, Stuffed Body in a Toilet Sentenced to Life in Prison The mother involved in the brutal murder of a newborn baby boy has been sentenced to life in prison. A 26-year-old Pennsylvania woman gave birth to a baby boy in the restroom of a sports bar in Allentown, suffocated him, then stuffed his body in a toilet tank before returning to the bar to finish watching a wrestling match in her bloodied clothes. The woman, Amanda Catherine Hein, faced a single count of murder that could attract the death penalty due to the age of the child. Read More

This Boy’s Reaction to Learning He’s a Big Brother is Priceless In an endearing video, a young boy is asked by his parents to read a letter to the camera, and they record his reaction to some unexpected news: The little boy’s response to learning that he is a big brother affirms the precious gift that a child is to a family. Everyone’s identity in a family changes a little bit when they receive a new addition. In this little boy’s case, a son becomes a big brother. He is visibly moved by the news and its impact on his own life. Read More

Women Celebrate “Uterine Contents Shower” in Video Mocking Pro-Abortion Language For anyone tired of hearing silly made-up phrases like “uterine contents” or “blob of tissue,” this video from Signal Hill is for you. In the video, a group of women celebrate a “Uterine Contents Shower” complete with a Happy “Product of Conception” cake. Read More

Woman Dies in Italy After Taking Dangerous RU 486 Abortion Drug Another woman has died after taking the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug, otherwise known as mifepristone. Since 2001, including the U.K. death, twelve women worldwide have been documented to have died from rare fatal bacterial infections involving sepsis, toxic shock syndrome, and gas gangrene after medical abortion with mifepristone and misoprostol. That includes a 31-year-old British woman who died last year of an aggressive and rare infection after using mifepristone. Read More

Whites Who Adopted Black Kids Rally to Prove Democrat’s Racist Abortion Charge Wrong USA Today reports that On Wednesday, more than 100 people rallied on the steps of the Alabama State House with photos of families with children of different races, after comments by a pro-choice representative that whites will not adopt black babies. Many people brought living proof in their own families. Read More

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