Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pro-Life News, Aug 19, 2014

In Canada You Can’t Destroy Viable Geese Eggs, But You Can Abort Viable Unborn Babies Whether your summer involved staying around home visiting the local swimming holes or travelling great distances, the chances are most of us will have seen Canada geese at some point. And, if not the geese themselves, certainly their ill-placed feces scattered across lakeside beaches. Though majestic in flight, these large fowl have become a nuisance in recent years, and with a birth rate hovering around 5 goslings per year, new methods of population control are being explored. Read More

Pro-Life Mom Was Arrested for Offering Water Outside Planned Parenthood, Then This Happened On July 24, 2012, in blazing 100°F heat, Kathy Forck approached a Stericycle truck driver who was leaving the Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Columbia, Missouri, to offer him a bottle of water. Planned Parenthood had Kathy arrested as if a criminal! Read More

Liberals Love Abortion, But They’re Outraged Ferguson Police are Using “Miscarriage Causing” Tear Gas You’ve got to hand it to the Left. Liberals love abortion, but when they’re outraged about something else and that something else somehow involves pregnant women, they act as if it’s the horror of horrors. Witness their latest eyebrow-raising claim: Pro-life people aren’t really pro-life because they’re not speaking out about how police in Ferguson are using “miscarriage-causing” tear gas. Read More

Single, Pregnant and Abandoned, She Could Have Chosen Abortion, But This Happened< Embrace Grace, an organization dedicated to helping single, pregnant mothers to find the strength needed to choose life and find hope in their difficult situation, recently released the following video testimony by Mickaela. Mickaela is a young mom who found herself abandoned by her father as a teen. The abandonment left her questioning her own self-worth and in search of someone who would accept her for who she was. Read More

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Pro-Life News, Aug. 18, 2014

Feminist Professor Who Assaulted Pro-Lifers Sentenced to Three Years Probation and Anger Management University of California Santa Barbara Professor of Feminist Studies, Mireille Miller-Young, has been sentenced in a criminal case in connection with an assault on pro-life young people who took the pro-life message to the UCSB campus. Miller-Young was sentenced to 108 hours of community service, 10 hours of anger management, and three years probation for her assault on a group of pro-life students in early March. She was also ordered to pay a small fine and restitution of almost $500. Read More

Planned Parenthood Director Threatened Black Pro-Life Legislator, Wanted Someone to “Kick Her A–” A director of an affiliate of the Planned Parenthood abortion business has been forced to resign after threatening a black pro-life state legislator in Louisiana — saying she wanted someone to “kick her a–.” Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast has asked Director Melissa Flournoy to resign after making the disparaging remarks about a pro-life Democrat, Rep. Katrina Jackson, (pictured right) who sponsored legislation that may result in shutting down abortion clinics that can’t comply with new state health and safety laws. Read More

Abortionist’s Wife on How It’s Okay to Do Abortions: “Read the Bible and You’ll See” The Bible condemns abortion with its admonitions against murder and encouragement to choose life and respect the life God created. But the wife of a prominent late-term abortion practitioner thinks the Bible justifies her husband’s profession. After a hearing late last week which saw a local judge issue an order closing down his abortion clinic if it failed to meet state health and safety laws, Martin Haskell and his wife left the courtroom and were greeted by pro-life advocates. Read More

The Quiet Moment That Shocked an Abortion Worker Into Leaving Planned Parenthood It happens all too often that a person’s ideology and moral conscience are in deep conflict. This is exemplified in the story of Catherine Adair, who was so entrenched in her “pro-choice” philosophy that she couldn’t see that the guilt and depression she so regularly experienced stemmed from an abortion in her youth. Read More

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Linda Couri -- CONVERTED: From Abortion Provider to Pro-Life Activist

ProLifeAction: On September 22, 2012, the Pro-Life Action League gathered eight former abortion workers in Chicago, Illinois to share the stories of how they left the abortion industry and became advocates for life.

It was Linda Couri's sincere desire to help women that led her to work as a counselor at Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider. But when she saw how conflicted women were about their abortions, and how little Planned Parenthood was acknowledging that, she began to question her place in the abortion industry.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Pro-Life News, Aug. 15, 2014

Judge Orders Late-Term Abortionist Martin Haskell to Close His Clinic An Ohio judge issued a ruling today ordering a late-term abortion practitioner to close his abortion facility.
Previously, Ohio passed a law requiring that all ambulatory surgical centers must be licensed by the state and, in 1999, it came to the attention of the Ohio Health Department that abortion clinics were not in compliance with the law, having never applied for licensing. The OHD began the process of insuring that all abortion clinics came into compliance. Read More

Planned Parenthood Abortion Doc Sexually Molested Patients for 20 Years The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine has filed a disciplinary petition against Vito Cordone for failing to report the sexual abuse of patients committed at his fertility clinic by former Planned Parenthood abortionist Ian Hardy. In 1992, while Hardy was employed by Cardone’s Boston area infertility clinic, he began providing abortions for Planned Parenthood of League of Massachusetts, Inc. Why Hardy eventually left Planned Parenthood is unknown, but a Boston Globe article published on May 1, 2014, indicates that Hardy’s abhorrent sexual misconduct stretched back as far as 20 years. Read More

Mother Gives Birth to Rare Premature Identical Triplets Born 12 Weeks Early Statistically, chances are one in a million that a mother will give birth to genetically identical triplets. This makes Brook Selley’s story all the more amazing. When Brooke was living in in London, she found out she was having triplets and decided that she wanted to have her girls in the United States. She gave birth to identical triplets on October 8, 2013 at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. They were born 12 weeks early, and they were not able to leave the Intensive Care Unit for months. Read More

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The Giver

Starring: Brenton Thwaites, Jeff Bridges,
Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, Odeya Rush,
 Alexander Skarsgard, and Taylor Swift.
ARRA News Service - Most student in the past decade has read The Giver. For some, reading the book was just another assignment. For others, once they began reading, they couldn’t put it down. The Giver is about a young man named Jonas who lives in a future dystopian America where “Sameness” is the law and emotions have been eradicated. Jonas has been given the daunting task of taking on all the memories from the past and while doing so, begins to see through the veil of “Sameness”. Not only does he begin to feel, he begins to see that there is a need for a rebellion against the State.

A few reviews:
"The Giver will go down as one of the turning points in our ongoing efforts to protect the most vulnerable in our society. This movie beautifully articulates the dignity of the gift of life. Our pro-life generation has grown up reading The Giver; now we have the chance to experience it and share its inspiring themes with our friends and families. It’s my hope that The Giver inspires this generation to take a courageous stand like Jonas." ~ Kristan Hawkins, President, Students for Life of America

"The Giver is as thought-provoking as it is inspiring. It gently prods us to think anew about life, freedom, and what kind of society would really meet our heart's desire." ~ Ambassador Mary Ann Glendon, Former United States Ambassador to the Holy See

"The Giver is a powerful, provocative and thought-provoking movie that provides a beautiful message about the power of love and the unique value of every human life. This beautiful depiction of the enduring nature of human dignity inspired me. This is the don't-miss-it movie of the summer." ~ Charmaine Yoest, President & CEO, Americans United for Life

"No movie, in my memory, involves a more explicit depiction of infanticide, conducted at the Nurturing Center by Jonas's father with a horrifying cheerfulness. 'They hadn't eliminated murder,' Jonas realizes, 'they had brought it home. They had just called it by a different name.'" ~ Michael Gerson, The Washington Post

In practice, the push for “equal rights” becomes “equal outcomes,” as with the class-war “99 percent” movement and failed war on poverty‘s efforts to redistribute wealth. Personal choice is regulated in the name of “global warming”, national identity is undermined, and race is being exploited in the name of equality. It’s not hard to see why in this idealized world, you can’t see color-everything is torn down to sameness in the name of “equality.” This egalitarian message demonstrates the exact kind of thinking that would lead to the creation of a community like in The Giver. ​When a society pushes for everything to be the same, people lose their power of will and choice. The liberal fantasy world where the government has the power to equalize everyone is also the fantasy world where government has the power to remove all choice." ~ By Brad Tidwell, Americans for Limited Government

The Giver opens in theaters on August 15th. Trailer follows:

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pro-Life News, Aug. 14, 2014

This Beautiful Dance to Honor 57 Million Babies Killed in Abortion Will Blow Your Mind Mollie Thomas was born and raised in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Her parents are a loving couple, who grew her up in the Christian faith. >From the young age of five Mollie had an awareness of the love of Jesus. When she was eight Mollie’s church held a presentation put on by a local crisis pregnancy center. During the presentation a clip of an abortion was shown. Mollie remembers seeing the baby’s limbs being pulled off its body while in its mother’s womb. Read More

Woman Drowned Her Newborn Babies in the Toilet Because Abortions Cost Too Much A Maryland woman faces 20 years in prison after she was charged with one count of second-degree murder and two counts of manslaughter in the deaths of her newborn babies. Melissa Schrae Bowen, 34, of Prince Frederick, Maryland, drowned her newborns in the toilet because she was unable to afford an abortion. Last Friday, Bowen attended a court appearance, during which prosecutors offered and she accepted a plea agreement that will net her a total of 20 years in the state penitentiary for the involuntary manslaughter of “Baby Boy A” and “Baby Boy B.” Read More

Today Show Host Savannah Guthrie: Only Response to New Baby is “Gratitude and Praise” We’ve talked about Today Show co-host Savannah Guthrie’s pregnancy in the context of some remarkable episodes that wonderfully illuminated the world of “Hotel Uterus,” as Guthrie whimsically put it and the incredible development of the “guest.” (See nrlc.cc/1r98Xr8 and nrlc.cc/1r99GbM.) Ms. Guthrie went on maternity leave Monday and on her last day the Today Show crew showered her with love, gifts, and advice. Read More

Group That Helped China Launch Its One-Child Policy Reveals How it Will Push Abortion Globally< “We do not mostly provide preventative medical care [or] cure diseases or prevent them. What we do is social change.” Read More

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Federal Judge Strikes Down HHS Mandate for Baptist College

by Bethany Monk: In a landmark decision, a federal district court on Wednesday said a Christian college in Louisiana is exempt from complying with the HHS mandate. It requires most businesses and nonprofits to offer potential abortion-inducing drugs in employee health plans.

Louisiana College is a Baptist school in Pineville. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) filed suit on behalf of the school in 2012. The following year, a U.S. District Court in Louisiana temporarily halted the mandate.

“This is bigger than a preliminary injunction — they already had won that,” said Focus on the Family Judicial Analyst Bruce Hausknecht. “This is a decision ‘on the merits’ of the college’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act claim, which they won at the district court level. But this is big because it’s apparently the first such decision in either the nonprofit or for-profit cases that actually decides the substantive issue — not just the temporary reprieve.”

The Department of Justice tried to have the case dismissed shortly after it was filed. But the judge upheld the school’s request for the case to continue. Hausknecht said it’s likely the government will appeal Wednesday’s decision.

More than 100 suits are in play against the mandate. To date, courts have granted 56 injunctions, temporarily halting the mandate for 31 nonprofits and for 40 for-profit businesses.

On June 30, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling in favor of two for-profits suing over the mandate. In a 5-4 decision, the court said the federal government cannot force Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties to offer the drugs.

As for Louisiana College, the judge agreed that the mandate — and its so-called accommodation — violates the school’s sincerely held religious beliefs.

“All Americans should oppose unjust laws that force people — under threat of punishment — to give up their freedom to live and work according to their beliefs,” said ADF Senior Counsel Kevin Theriot. “Louisiana College is a Christian college that simply wants to continue to operate as a Christian college as it has since its founding in 1906. The court — in the first final ruling finding against the mandate that we are aware of — did the right thing in striking down the Obamacare abortion-pill mandate as it applies to Louisiana College’s health insurance coverage.”

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‘Get a Horse Whip,’ Planned Parenthood Sex Counselor Advises ‘Teen’ Client

by Kelsey Harkness, The Daily Signal: A Planned Parenthood counselor was caught on video telling someone she thinks is 15 that if she’s too young to buy sex toys across the street, she could “get a horse whip” instead.

Pro-life group Live Action captured the taxpayer-financed guidance on camera at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Eden Prairie, Minn., after having an undercover investigator pose as a teenage girl. The “teen” sought advice about “BDSM”— a practice in which sexual partners beat, lash, or otherwise inflict pain on each other.

“Anything within the sexual world is normal as long as it’s consensual,” the Planned Parenthood sex-education counselor tells the investigator she thinks is a 15-year-old client.

After the counselor recommends two specific boutiques where the client could buy “sex toys” and “sex props,” the client asks if she is old enough to shop there.

The counselor responds:
Hmm. That’s a good question. I don’t know the answer to that.The undercover video is the fourth episode in Live Action’s nationwide campaign, “SEX-ED: Dangerous Sex Advice for Kids,” which exposes the unusual sex-ed advice Planned Parenthood provides with money from U.S. taxpayers. Similar counseling was offered by staffers in Colorado, Indiana, and Oregon.

>>> Another Planned Parenthood Caught Promoting X-Rated Advice to Underage Girls

In the video, the Planned Parenthood staffer also suggests her 15-year-old client read the erotic novel “50 Shades of Grey”:
There are lots of things that happen in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ that border on – um, I wouldn’t say ‘abuse,’ because it’s consensual, but definitely extreme.But “if it’s consensual,” the counselor adds, “again, completely normal.”

Other “patients,” the counselor says, “sometimes come in with rope burns or … markings on their breasts from, like, clamps.”

Planned Parenthood receives more than $500 million annually from taxpayers, amounting to almost half of the organization’s budget.
Under the Personal Responsibility Education Program, a sex education initiative financed under Obamacare, Planned Parenthood gets additional taxpayer funding.

A statement on Planned Parenthood’s website says the organization “is working with the federal and state governments to ensure access to sex education programs that give young people the reliable, accurate information they need to make responsible decisions and stay healthy.”

Live Action’s president, Lila Rose, said the latest video “lays bare Planned Parenthood’s sexual ethos, even for kids: abusive, demeaning, and violent sexual behavior is ‘normal’ and ‘OK’ as long as the recipient believes that she has consented to it.”

Live Action has asked lawmakers to defund Planned Parenthood and urges superintendents nationwide to expel Planned Parenthood from their schools.

Rose says in a release:
What else could an underage girl agree to that Planned Parenthood would call ‘completely normal?’ Cuts? Broken bones? Is child sexual abuse ‘completely normal’ if the girl thinks she wants it?

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pro-Life News, Aug. 13, 2014

Planned Parenthood Tells Teen to Let Her Boyfriend Beat Her With a Horse Whip Yet another Planned Parenthood abortion business has been caught telling a teenage girl to subject herself to violent sex at the hand of her partner. This time, a Planned Parenthood clinic in Minneapolis told an undercover investigator posing as a young teen to allow her partner to abuse her with “rope burns” and “markings” from “clamps.” In Minnesota, the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic counselor tells the Live Action investigator, posing as a 15-year-old girl, that “anything within the sexual world is normal as long as it’s consensual.” That includes going to sex shops, two of which the counselor recommends specifically. Read More

False! No, 1 in 3 Women Will NOT Have an Abortion in Her Lifetime A reader emailed me asking if we could do a piece on the oft-touted statistic that “1 in 3 women will have an abortion in her lifetime” (or “by age 45?). Happy to oblige. By the way, suggestions for blog topics are always welcome. The pro-choice movement loves to use the 1-in-3 statistic, arguing that it “humanize[s] the issue.” (The irony of that statement does not escape me.) Of course, from a pro-life perspective, it matters little how many people have had an abortion; we know from history that large masses of people are capable of being very, tragically wrong. Read More

Former Abortion Clinic Worker Admits: We Rushed Women Into Abortions With No Counseling In the book Abortion under Attack: Women on the Challenges Facing Choice, which was released in 2006, pro-choice writer Jenny Higgins says some disturbing things about an abortion clinic where she had once worked. Read More

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The Metaphysics of Abortion

American Life League
: In this unusual interview, the radio host of a new-age talk program requests Michael Hichborn, American Life League's Director of Defend the Faith, to present a Catholic perspective on the metaphysics of abortion.

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Judge Upholds Tennessee Marriage Amendment

by Bethany Monk, CitizenLink: A state judge in Tennessee ruled in favor of the voter-approved constitutional amendment that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman. This is the first time a judge has upheld such an amendment since the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June 2013.

The Tennessee case involves two men who obtained a marriage license in Iowa four years ago. The couple is now seeking a divorce in Tennessee.

In the decision, Roane County Circuit Judge Russell E. Simmons “rejected the idea that the Windsor decision undercut state authority,” Supreme Court reporter Lyle Dennison wrote on ScotusBlog.com.

Though the ruling applies only to this couple, it’s still notable.

“The value of this decision is in being able to counter the Left’s boasting that same-sex marriage is a ‘done deal’ in the courts. It’s not,” said Focus on the Family Judicial Analyst Bruce Hausknecht. “And if the recent oral arguments in the 6th Circuit cases involving marriage amendments — of Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan — provide any clues as to that court’s upcoming decision, it looks like those states’ right to define marriage as one-man, one-woman could receive a huge judicial boost as well.

A similar case has been heard at the Texas Supreme Court. A decision has not been issued. Jonathan Saenz, president of Texas Values, applauds Simmons for respecting marriage.

“The federal government and activist judges have no authority to redefine marriage in Tennessee, Texas, or any other state,” he explained. “It should continue to be a state’s right to recognize the ‘best definition of marriage’ and affirm the unique good that a mom and dad play in a child’s life. We will continue to proudly stand for what’s right, no matter how hard the federal government and the out-of-control judiciary tries to redefine marriage against the will of the people and states.”

Hausknecht agrees.

“The definition of marriage is a state issue, as Justice Kennedy told us in last summer’s Windsor decision,” he said. “It’s time that the courts took him at his word.”
[Read More /Links]

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Genocide In Iraq Gravely Offends God

Brian Burch, Catholic Vote: Pope Francis is pleading with the world:
“Dear brothers and sisters: The news reports coming from Iraq leave us in dismay and disbelief...thousands of people, Children dying of hunger and thirst in their flight; women abducted; violence of every kind; destruction of historical, cultural and religious patrimonies...All this gravely offends God and humanity.”“Dear brothers and sisters: The news reports coming from Iraq leave us in dismay and disbelief...thousands of people, Children dying of hunger and thirst in their flight; women abducted; violence of every kind; destruction of historical, cultural and religious patrimonies...All this gravely offends God and humanity.”

This might surprise you, but the Holy See is also not opposed to military intervention by the United States in Iraq. In fact, some officials seem to suggest that military action might be the correct action to prevent a potential genocide from occurring.

Archbishop Giorgio Lingua, who serves as the Pope Francis' ambassador to Baghdad, told Vatican radio that American strikes are “something that had to be done, otherwise [ISIS] could not be stopped.”

Additionally, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican’s envoy to the United Nations in Geneva, told Vatican Radio that “military action in this moment is probably necessary.”

As much as we wish we could simply walk away from this troubled country, the United States bears a lot of responsibility for how things have unfolded in Iraq.

Perhaps we were naïve in 2003 when we invaded Iraq and attempted to establish a new democracy. It seems we were also naïve a decade later, hoping we could abandon the country to the newly formed government without leaving behind any military presence.

As the violent and radical Islamic regime known as ISIS spreads across portions of Iraq, Christians face certain death if they refuse to renounce Jesus Christ.

And so over 100,000 Christians have fled their homeland “horrified and panicked” with “nothing but the clothes on their backs,” said Patriarch Louis Sako, head of the Chaldean Catholic Church.

Patriarch Sako appealed to Western nations to intervene:
“To summarize the situation of the Christian villages around Mosul up to the borders of Kurdistan Region: the churches are deserted and desecrated; five bishops are out of their bishoprics, the priests and nuns left their missions and institutions leaving everything behind, the families have fled with their children abandoning everything else! The level of disaster is extreme.

“The position of the American president Obama only to give military assistance to protect Erbil is disappointing. The talks about dividing Iraq are threatening. The Americans are not up to a rapid solution to give hope specifically as they are not going to attack the ISIS in Mosul and in the Nineveh Plain.”
Our Catholic bishops in the United States have called upon all Catholics to join together on August 17 to pray for peace.

And we will pray fervently for peace.

But the United States cannot turn a blind eye to the cries of 100,000 Iraqis who are fleeing for their lives. That doesn't mean we have to re-invade the country. But crimes against innocent Christians of this magnitude cannot be ignored.

We simply cannot allow a genocide to happen.

We are the United States of America. We must lead. CatholicVote.org fully supports the use of force to stop the advancement of ISIS and to demand a political solution that will bring about peace.

If ISIS refuses, then the United States must stop them.

May the Holy Spirit inspire our leaders to prudently use our might to bring about peace.

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Are State Abortion Laws In Line With Science?

By juxtaposing state abortion laws alongside fetal development milestones, we believe this graphic demonstrates that abortion — at any stage of development — is the willful taking of a precious human life.

Online for Life promotes life at every stage of development. We do this by reaching out to abortion-determined women and men through online and offline marketing methods, and then guiding them to life-affirming pregnancy centers where they can receive the truth about their pregnancy, life in the womb, and the dangers of abortion. Online for Life also builds awareness about the sacredness of life, as we strive to lead a movement that will one day end abortion in America.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pro-Life News, Aug 12, 2014

Pro-Life Group Demands Info on IRS Deal With Atheist Group to Monitor Content of Sermons A pro-life group is demanding more information about a deal the IRS has struck with an atheist group to monitor the content of sermons. The next time your pastor delivers a pro-life sermon or urges the congregation to stand up for pro-life values in the political or public arena, he could be taken to task by the IRS. Read More

Black Democrat: Abortion is the Number One Genocide in the African-American Community Iva, now 16, didn’t want anyone to know what happened. Fear was ever present. She is sharing her story publicly for the first time. This innocent 15 year old simply wanted to sit in the park sketching trees on a beautiful sunny day at the end of June 2013. Normally she wouldn’t have gone alone but that day her mom said yes.It was broad daylight. It just didn’t seem da. Read More

Abortion Backer Says Abortion is a “Great Thing,” “It Should be as Common as Possible” Almost every day at LifeNews, we get emails or social media comments from abortion backers who are upset that we refer to them as pro-abortion in our news reporting and analysis columns. They insist they do not support abortion but are merely pro-choice (never mind that the choice they advocate is terminating the life of a little baby boy or girl in an abortion). While they shy away from the label, every so often an abortion activist accidentally, or often purposefully, admits the truth. Here is one of those instances. Read More

Amazing Video Shows Unborn Baby’s Heart Beating at 7 Weeks Singer Beyoncé once called the heartbeat of an unborn baby “the most beautiful music I ever heard in my life.” “There’s no words that can express having a baby growing inside of you,” she said. The development of unborn children is nothing short of fascinating and the fetal heartbeat is no exception. A baby’s heart begins to beat 18 days from conception, and by 21 days the heart is pumping blood through a closed circulatory system. Read More

Nurse Obsessed With Suicide Voyeurism Persuades Two People to Kill Themselves The National Post reported on Friday August 8 that Minnesota prosecutors are seeking to once again convict William Melchert-Dinkel, a former nurse with an obsession with suicide voyeurism, with assisted suicide in the death of Canadian teenager, Nadia Kajouji. Read More

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U.S. Navy Booting Bibles From Base Lodges

Update 8/15/14:  Just when we thought the ship had sailed on Navy Lodge Bibles, its leadership is changing course. The same week that employees blew the whistle on the purge, Navy brass have stepped in to overrule the Lodge management. While housekeepers were busy tossing Bibles into lost and found bins, the chain of command says it was never alerted to the change.

Until the social media firestorm, senior leaders said they had no idea the facilities were stripping the books out of nightstand drawers. As soon as they heard, the Navy put a stop to it. Until a final policy can be reached, officers have ordered the Bibles back. "That decision and our religious accommodation policies with regard to the placement of religious materials are under review," Navy spokesman Commander Ryan Perry told Stars and Stripes. "While that review is under way, religious materials removed from Navy Lodge rooms will be returned." [Source: Family Research Council]

Via ARRA News Service -
Update 9:35 PM 8/12/14: Late last week, the Pentagon defended the National Guard in Missouri for allowing these same Bibles to be distributed to new recruits. It's time those same leaders came to the defense of the Gideons' partnership with Navy hotels -- otherwise, the only thing guests will be lodging is complaints. Register yours by calling 757-631-3600 or 757-502-7496 and ask Rear Admiral Robert Bianchi and Michael Bockelman to reinstate the Bibles in Navy Lodges! [ Family Research Council ]

Chris Woodward & Jody Brown, OneNewsNow: A national traditional-values group is taking the U.S. Navy to task for directing that Gideon Bibles be removed from every hotel room on its military bases.

A June 19 directive from NEXCOM (Navy Exchange Service Command) has resulted in housekeepers at Navy Lodges and base hotels being instructed to remove Gideon-placed Bibles from the rooms and put them in boxes that would be taken to donation centers. One of those housekeepers informed the American Family Association (AFA) of the new policy via an email.

In an Action Alert to its supporters on Monday, AFA says the directive orders lodge managers to contact base commanders and chaplains and facilitate removing the Bibles and other "religious material currently in the guest rooms." According to the NEXCOM directive, the action is to be completed by September 1.

AFA's director of governmental affairs, Sandy Rios, finds the Navy's move upsetting. She says Christians need to fight back.

"We can't let this stand," she stated on American Family Radio today. "The Air Force did this ... when Mikey Weinstein, now the famous atheist, came after them. But there was a lot of pushback and so they reversed their decision.

"That's what we have to do this time," she continued. "We have to shout loudly on behalf of our service members and their families who would be staying in these facilities."

In 2012, the Air Force tried to remove Bibles from its lodgings but reversed itself after public outcry. AFA has urged its supporters to contact both Rear Admiral Robert Bianchi, asking him to reverse the decision; and Michael Bockelman, VP NEXCOM, who actually approved and signed the directive.

Both AFA and Fox News point out the directive came after an atheist group – Freedom From Religion Foundation – filed a formal complaint over the placement of Bibles in the rooms.

Pattern of religious hostility in the military

Mike Berry is director of military affairs for Liberty Institute, which is based in Plano, Texas.

"Many of our military's religious traditions and observances pre-date America's founding, but groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation want to erase that history," states Berr.

"We've seen Bibles temporarily banned from military hospitals, demands that veterans' memorials be torn down, and crosses removed from military chapels. This is just the latest in a well-documented pattern of hostility against religion in our military."

He points out the Department of Defense issued a directive in January that strengthened religious rights for service members - then asks: "How is that possible when the Navy decides that Bibles are no longer allowed in guest rooms? It appears that the Navy does not want its Sailors to enjoy religious freedom."
Editor's Note: The American Family Association is the parent organization of the American Family News Network, which operates OneNewsNow.com.

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