Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Religious Liberty & The Church

Bill Smith, Editor: Voices declaring both freedom and sanctity of life are welcome on this site. The deceptions carried out by the present administration are so grievous that the clergy who have a conscious are force to cry out. Those in political power with hearts not leaning toward God have systematically gnawed at the righteousness and good deeds that Christians have done according to the will Christ in their lives. And many in the Church have been co-opted over time by offers of concerns, assistance and even financial resources to aid in "good" works.

Even the former administration offered assistance to Christian charities and other nonprofit programs. But they forgot an important point, the money they offered was not theirs to offer or give. For the taking of one's money to give to another is not charity but theft. And the end results are not blessings but curses. And the acceptance of such money from the government leads to following the agenda of the world and not God's will.

These offers and agendas from government are proving to not be in alignment with the will of God or the moral conscious of Christians. Have Churches forgotten that God is not wanting in resources and Jeus words that the "poor will always be with you."

Government does not have a moral conscious. It has only the conscious of the people that govern. That is our forefathers saw the wisdom in both the original Constitution and the Bill of Rights accompanied by lots of supportive writings as to their reasoning.

When those in Government have evil agendas, they seek to ensnare, persuade, or soften our consciousness to evil and immoral acts practiced by the world but condemned by a Holy God. The initial offering of assistance by Government seemed tolerable and many in the Church were thus deceived.

Unfortunately the moral crisis in the Church has also been a unwitting ally of the agenda of others. The cries against abomination and sin have decreased or muted while the "good" works like aiding the poor and others has continued. The Church's voice and thus that of Christians against sin and blasphemy of God has grown weaker - even lukewarm. An unclear message has replaced the truth that without a person confronting their sins, they have no need for repentance or a Savior. We see our fellow Church members claiming baptism, taking communion and then going out and sin beyond all good conscious even to daily blaspheming of God and then haughtily proclaiming they are Christian.

The above situations exist within all of the churches in America be they Catholic or Protestant. Many wear the label of Christian who do not have Christ in their lives. They use the name of the Lord in supporting their blasphemous agendas and evil deeds. The evidence is in their actions and words. And the world suffers because the the Church has been weakened in America which has aided with love and charity so many poor countries. Has or is God removing his lamp-stand (the true Church) as He did in Ephesus? I pray He has not.

The following message by Father Sammie Maletta was delivered at St. John the Evangelist Parish in St. John, Indiana on Feb 15, 2012 provide hope that God has not removed the lamp-stand. "This Homily addresses how President Obama is threatening our Religious Freedom and declaring war with the Catholic Church." It is unknown how long his words will be allowed to remain on the Internet.

If you are Protestant, what position is your church taking? And if you are Catholic, ask yourself why - why - why are Catholics like Sec HHS Kathleen Siebelus, Former Speaker and Present House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Joe Biden, etc. the most ardent supporters for the Health Care provisions including supporting abortion as a so called "woman's reproductive right"?

Religious Liberty Homily:

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Barbara Gordon said...

Boy is this pastor dead right about Osama. You really need to listen to this. He explains what is happening with Osama trying to put churches out of business exactly. Would that all pastors would speak the truth to their people so plainly. May God help those who don't and are therefore held accountable.