Monday, April 9, 2012

Alabama Abortion Clinic Operators Must Surrender License

by Karla Dial, CitizenLink: The Alabama Department of Health (ADPH) on Friday ordered the operators of a Birmingham abortion clinic to surrender their license by May 18.

In late January, life advocates photographed two women being carried out of the New Woman All Women Health Care clinic into an alley, where ambulances were waiting. The incident sparked an investigation from the ADPH, which resulted in a 76-page report detailing nine categories of health code violations. The clinic has a history of bad reports from ADPH dating back as far as 2003.

“Non-licensed employees were administering medications to patients,” said Father Terry Gensemer of the Charismatic Episcopal Church (CEC) for Life. There were also “charges of false and inaccurate medical records (and) failure to follow up with patients that were experiencing complications after the abortion procedures.

According to the ADPH, the two women photographed being carried out of the clinic in January had been given overdoses of Vasopressin, a drug used to treat low blood pressure after a hemorrhage — ten times the amount they were supposed to have received.

Though clinic owner Diane Derzis described the women as “groggy” in her 911 call, the situation was upgraded to a more serious status after paramedics arrived on the scene, according to CEC for Life; one of the women was later transferred to the hospital’s intensive care unit.

Derzis owns abortion clinics in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee.
According to the ADPH investigation, conducted between Feb. 2 and March 1, the clinic:
•           failed to properly train staff members to provide patient care.
•           failed to document abortionists’ qualifications.
•           kept shoddy, illegible and sometimes falsified patient records.
•           failed to properly document types and amounts of medications given to patients.
•           inaccurately prepared and administered pain-management drugs, resulting in over- or underdoses.
•           failed to keep equipment inspections up to date, and
•           failed to return patient calls, document correct dates on reports, or notify the physician of patient problems.

The clinic has been a controversial site for a long time: Last January, life advocates who had gathered in front of it to pray and counsel women on the sidewalk won a lawsuit that sought to have them permanently banned.

“Had we not stopped the police from illegally arresting pro-life advocates, who else could have reported to the authorities that in one day, (multiple) women were taken from this abortion clinic to a hospital for emergency medical treatment?” said Dana Cody, executive director of the Life Legal Defense Foundation. “Their ability to bear witness outside this Birmingham abortion clinic helped to shed light on a very dark and deadly place that needed to be closed.”

Read the Alabama Department of Public Health’s deficiency report on the clinic.
Listen to the 911 calls from NWAW owner Diane Derzis.

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