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Pro-Life News May 28, 2012

Obama Promoes Planned Parenthood, Abortion at Campaign Stops President Barack Obama apparently believes touting his extensive pro-abortion record and his mandate requiring religious groups to pay for birth control and abortion-causing drugs for their employees are winning campaign issues. Obama mentioned Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest abortion business, and the controversial mandate a majority of Americans oppose on three separate occasions during campaign stops last week. According to White House transcripts of his speeches, Obama said in Iowa on Thursday.

Twin Who Survived Abortion Shares Her Amazing Story Claire Culwell knows what it’s like to be a survivor. At the age of 13, her mother learned she was pregnant and decided to have an abortion, though she didn’t know she was pregnant with twins. After she had an abortion of Claire’s brother, she returned to the abortion clinic after realizing she still had a growing and developing baby inside of her. Told she was too late to have a second abortion, she gave birth to Claire, who struggled on life support as she dealt with a myriad of medical issues following her birth. Despite the obstacles she has had to overcome, Claire is actively sharing her story — urging people to choose life instead of abortion.

Chen Guangcheng to Give Major Speech in NYC This Week Chen Guangcheng, the forced abortion opponent who escaped years of home detention for exposing China’s massive campaigns to abort and sterilize women without their consent, will give a speech this week. The speech will mark the first public appearance for the Chinese activists since he was given permission to flee the country and come to the United States to escape persecution following his exposure of the abuses related to China’s enforcement of its controversial one-child-policy prohibiting most couples from having more than one son or daughter.

Doctor Who Once Did Late Abortions Now Says Ban Them Dr. Anthony Levatino was once an abortion practitioner who did more than 1,200 abortions on unborn children, killing many of them after 20 weeks of pregnancy. That was before he had a change of heart on abortion and became a pro-life OBGYN. Recently, Dr. Levatino testified before Congress in favor of the District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act that would protect unborn children in the District after they have reached 20 weeks fetal age. Abortion is legal to the moment of birth in the federal capital, Levatino told members of Congress, and he said they must be stopped so the lives of babies before birth could be protected from abortion practitioners who have no had a similar change of heart.

No Planned Parenthood Centers Operate Mammogram Machines Earlier this month, it appeared the first Planned Parenthood abortion clinic would offer mammograms to women, but additional information shows not one Planned Parenthood abortion facility yet offers mammograms directly to women. Planned Parenthood has misrepresented itself for years saying that it does mammograms for women at its abortion centers. That it did not provide such services for women was a sticking point in the battle over the grants the Komen for the Cure breast cancer charity provided the abortion business.

Sanctus Real Singer Helps His Little Boy Fight HLHS Matt Hammit is the lead singer for Grammy-nominated Sanctus Real, a popular Christian band with multiple number-one hits. In September of 2010, Matt’s wife Sarah gave birth to their very first son, Bowen Matthew Hammit. The Hammit family tells the story in their own words: As detected by an ultrasound before he was born, Bowen was born with a serious and rare congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), in which the left side of the heart is severely underdeveloped.

Decades-Old Law Democrats Pushed Could Halt Obama’s HHS Mandate I am very confident that the Obama anti-Catholic and religious liberties “Free Birth Control Rule,” as it applies against religious institutions with dogmatic objections, is doomed by the First Amendment. I had always assumed the case would be decided by the Supreme Court. But now, I think it won’t get that far. Indeed, I doubt the Supreme Court will even take the case.

Pregnant Woman Kidnapped, Set on Fire When Man Eschews His Baby Police have one man in custody and are searching for a second in relation to a crime involving violence against a pregnant women whose partner was not interested in her giving birth to his child.

May Memorial Day Prompt Us to Live Good Lives of Service Memorial Day is when we honor the men and women of our Armed Services who have made “the supreme sacrifice;” who gave their lives for their country.

Pro-Life Advocates Register Voters to Impact 2012 Election A leading pro-life group held its first pro-life voter registration Sunday yesterday and it has two more campaigns it hopes will help get pro-life voters registered so they can make a positive impact on the 2012 elections.

AP Corrects Error, Admits Abortions Legal in DC Until BirthAll too often the pro-life movement is grossly misrepresented in the mainstream media. Pro-life advocates never expect, or even hope for, favorable coverage, but rather aspire just to be covered fairly. In a May 17th story on the DC Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, the Associated Press not only missed the mark on the purpose of the bill but printed blatant factual errors.

Briton Sues NHS for Firing Her Over Her Pro-Life Views The British National Health Service is facing a lawsuit from a Christian employee who says she was fired for giving a colleague information on the ways in which abortion adversely affects their physical and mental health.

Turkey Prime Minister Calls Abortion Murder, Population Controls The prime minister of Turkey is making waves with a condemnation of abortion as murder and population control — liking abortions to a failed military air strike that took place in December which killed Kurdish people.

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