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Pro-Life News, July 23, 2012

Woman Dies After Second-Trimester Abortion at Planned Parenthood
A young woman has died after having a second-trimester abortion at a Chicago-area Planned Parenthood clinic. Tonya Reaves, 24, died late Friday night, according to a local CBS television station, of hemorrhage, with a cervical dilation and evacuation, according to the medical examiner’s office following an autopsy after the abortion that claimed her life.  CBS Chicago said Reaves died after the abortion she had at 18 S. Michigan Avenue Planned Parenthood facility. The woman was transported from the Loop Health Center Planned Parenthood abortion clinic to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead at 11:20 P.M. read more

Congress Asked to Investigate Planned Parenthood Abortion DeathLeading pro-life advocates are calling on Congress to investigate Planned Parenthood following another death of a woman from a legal abortion at one of its clinics — this time in Chicago, Illinois.In response to news that a young woman, Tonya Reaves, died after a botched abortion at Planned Parenthood, the Susan B. Anthony List renewed the call for a congressional investigation into the abortion provider. read more

Obama Campaign Targets Romney for Wanting Roe Overturned
The Obama campaign is targeting presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the battleground state of Virginia. The Obama camp is running a series of billboards that highlight Romney’s position favoring the reversal of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case that allowed unlimited abortion for any reason throughout pregnancy. The ad quotes Romney from a debate earlier this year, saying, “Do I believe the Supreme Court should overturn Roe v. Wade? Yes, I do.” read more

Woman Who Survived Colorado Theater Shooting Gives BirthThe Colorado theater shooter may have taken a dozen lives and injured dozens more in his rampage but he wasn’t able to claim the life of one person — an unborn child just days away from birth. However, the father is in serious medical condition and needs support. According to an AP report, a pregnant woman who escaped the deadly shooting uninjured delivered her baby today as her wounded husband remains in critical condition in the hospital. Today, 21-year-old Katie Medley gave birth but her husband, 23-year-old Caleb Medley, was shot in the head and remains hospitalized. read more

Father of Pro-Life Student Killed by Car Gives Moving Tribute When euthanasia became a dirty word the Voluntary Euthanasia Society changed its name to ‘Dignity in Dying’ in January 2006. In 2008 Conservative MP for Reigate Crispin Blunt (pictured) claimed responsibility for the move.
‘I claim responsibility for encouraging the Voluntary Euthanasia Society to change its name’ he exclaimed in a in a Westminster Hall Adjournment Debate on 11 November 2008. read more

President Obama’s “Covert Zeal” Supporting Unlimited AbortionAbraham Lincoln faced a similar problem in 1854 when he spoke of the “covert zeal” of President Franklin Pierce and Sen. Stephen A. Douglas for the spread of slavery. These leading Democrats never said they were in favor of slavery. They simply viewed the right of whites to choose slavery for blacks as a “sacred principle of self-government.” Lincoln abhorred this subterfuge.
President Obama doesn’t talk about abortion much. He famously tried to avoid the question in 2008 when Pastor Rick Warren asked him what rights, if any, unborn children have. “The answer to that question is above my pay grade,” he said then. With his strong election victory, Barack Obama was promoted to the office where the buck stops, where such questions demand an answer. His answer has been clear: None. The unborn have no rights at any time, in any context.
read more

Colorado Theater Shooting Reminds Us Human Life is PreciousReminders of the Fall were all around us this weekend. Of course an entire nation mourned the massacre in Denver, but even more died — anonymously — in a horrific truck crash Sunday night in Texas. The sports world waited to see the NCAA’s verdict on Penn State’s malice and neglect, and as Israelis once again counted the cost of terror, the International Olympic Committee rubbed salt in old wounds by refusing to acknowledge the Games’ greatest tragedy. And that’s just the news from the headlines. As I tried to retreat from the news, I got a Facebook message telling me that a childhood friend was found unresponsive and rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery to repair damage caused by an aneurysm. read more

Twenty Years After Casey Shows Judges Matter on Abortion The lesson of Casey is that the nomination and confirmation of judges with a sound judicial philosophy is an essential foundation stone of a culture of life. read more

Pro-Life View: Do People Have a Right to Control Their Bodies? Trent Horn begins the show with a discussion of what a philosophy is (and isn’t) and talks about why pro-life advocates need to study the discipline of philosophy. Issues Trent touches on that need philosophical reflection include. read more

Chinese Woman Victimized by Forced Sterilization After Lawsuit A Chinese woman has become the victim of a forced sterilization after she and her husband petitioned to receive the funds a court awarded in a lawsuit they filed. read more

Woman Arrested for Taking Teen for Secret Out-of-State Abortion An Indiana woman has been arrested for taking a teenager out of state for a secret abortion without her parents’ knowledge. Kacy L. Heath, 43, of Owensville, Indiana, has been charged with to the delinquency of a minor, a class C felony; and conspiracy to commit identity theft, a class D felony. read more

New Student-Run Web Site Promotes Natural Family Planning We want sexy back!” This is the cry of today’s generation, raised in a sex-drenched culture that threatens to empty relationships between the sexes of all love, meaning and romance.. read more

Polling Data Shows Next Generation Doesn’t Endorse Abortion This June, Students for Life of America released the results of a nationwide study, in which we surveyed 805 18-24 year-olds about the upcoming 2012 election, unconstitutional HHS Mandate, and abortion. We knew that a lot of folks tend to try to put young people in a neat little box when it comes to the issue of abortion, but, with this rising generation, we knew we had to shed some light into how they are really thinking and the changing of this debate. read more

German Court Ruling on Assisted Suicide Request Panned A leading pro-life group is not happy with the Thursday decision by the European Court of Human Rights in Koch v. Germany. read more

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