Monday, November 12, 2012

Barack Obama 2013 - A Blessing from God

Guest Article by Paul Collier, Kingdom Insight: What if I were to tell you that Barack Obama’s re-election was a blessing from God? What if I were to tell you that God is showing us that He still loves us, He still desires for us to turn back to Him and receive His blessings, and that the re-election of Barack Obama was that proof?

What if I were to tell you that, through Christ, Barack Obama might be the greatest hope this land has to repent and turn back to the one true King? Would you continue reading or would you turn back to the fear, the hate, the anger you might be feeling today?

Well, let me say plainly, Barack Obama is a blessing from God. His Presidency may heal this nation. It will prepare the way for the people of God to live apart from this land, as a city on top of a hill for the lost of this land to see.

I see it already happening, as God is preparing a great harvest for His workers to gather in. This harvest will come from those who don’t know Christ and now see that the only hope for security is from the King of Kings and not an earthly king. This harvest will come from those who know Christ but haven’t been resting their hope in him. They will now see clearly no election, no politician can save them, protect them, clothe them, comfort them like the one true King, Christ can.

This harvest will come from those who have been seeking Christ but not seeking Him together with the people directly in front of them, the believers around them, and not just the believers that go to their church. They will be drawn to one another in the same way that people are drawn close to one another for protection and warmth during great storms. They will seek Christ in their living rooms, with their families. They will seek Christ in their cubicles at work, with co-workers who also walk in Christ.

The body of Christ in Acts was found to be without lack. They did this in an empire under Emperors far more oppressive and hateful to Christians than Barack Obama ever was or ever will be. They did this in an empire where they had NO HOPE of an election in two years ‘saving them’ from oppression and state-enforced godlessness. They did this while they paid their taxes and honored the Emperor and the laws of the land where that did not conflict with the Laws of God.

They cheerfully died as martyrs in this godless Empire, and Christ and His way flourished simply because the body of Christ loved and worshiped God together in everything they did.

Be cheerful, brothers and sisters. Embrace the trials, the hardships, for they will be sowing seeds of harvest for us workers to cultivate and gather. Thousands, millions will come to the saving grace of the King, will walk out of the kingdom of darkness and into the Kingdom of Light. Thousands, millions will die to themselves and live in Christ, with others, becoming families in Christ, orphans no more, even while the land around them plunges into death and darkness.

Thousands, millions, will become Citizens in Christ’s Kingdom, where the provinces of this Spiritual land lay in the hearts of the people who submit, in fear and love, to their divinely appointed King, Christ himself, who is, was, and always will be, the great I am who asks of us only to give all to the all.

If Mitt Romney would have won, there would be a complacency about the land, even amongst Christians, who, at the end, seemed satisfied, largely, with a Mormon representing their hope for freedom, representing their protector from the darkness of this world.

I struggle to understand this election in the human sense. I struggle to resist the anger, the fear, the grief I feel over this election. But in my heart that belongs to Christ I experience radically different emotions- joy, praise, worship, gratitude. Christ has had mercy on us and allowed Obama to be our earthly King. Like the Pharaoh who defied the people of Israel and Moses, God will use Obama to demonstrate to His people, the provinces of Christ’s Kingdom, the living stones of His temple, the citizens of the Kingdom of God, His greatness and power and mercy.

All praise to God for giving us a chance to turn to Him, for making our choices clear and not allowing a victory that might lead to a death far worse than physical death, the death of the spirit.

So, as you hopefully can see, Barack Obama is a blessing from God. His second term will draw the body together and deliver the lost from the darkness and into the light. I do not know if this nation will ultimately turn back to God and repent for their ungodly ways and rejection of His Son, the King of Kings, but I do know, through the Holy Spirit, that He is preparing His people to be the city on top of a hill, through which, either this nation, or the nations to come, will see His power, His glory, and His grace, and they will be amazed and not help but hunger after righteousness, worshiping the Father who is in heaven.
Paul Collier is co-editor and co-founder of and currently the business manager of Tioga Freedomist. He was involved in the early development of the Tea Party movement. He mostly focuses on is practicing, teaching, learning, extending the Kingdom of God from my living room to the workplace to the neighborhood to the city.

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