Monday, November 12, 2012

Pro-Life News, Nov. 12, 2012

Bishop: Catholic Church Will Defy Obama Abortion-HHS Mandate The new Catholic bishop in Lincoln, Nebraska says the Catholic Church will openly defy the Obama-HHS mandate that compels religious groups and businesses to pay for drugs that may cause abortions. From the story: “The Catholic Church is not going to back down,” said Denver Auxiliary Bishop James Conley, who will start as the new bishop of the Lincoln Diocese on Nov. 20. “We are never going to compromise our principles. We will defy it and face the consequences.” Read More

Abortion Practitioner Faces Probe, Botched 35-Week Abortion The state medical board in New Mexico is putting together a hearing to potentially discipline abortion practitioner Shelley Sella, who botched an abortion at 35 weeks of pregnancy that landed the woman in the hospital with a ruptured uterus. Acting on complaints filed by the pro-life groups Operation Rescue and Project Defending Life, the New Mexico Medical Board has filed a Notice of Contemplated Action alleging gross negligence against Sella. Read More

Black Legislator: Obama’s Given Us Nothing But Abortion The revelations about Attorney General Eric Holder and his connection to an abortion clinic are becoming worse as new information has come to light showing he failed to disclose his wife’s co-owning of an abortion business. Just before the election, Human Events broke the news that Holder’s wife and sister-in-law co-own, through a family trust, own the building where a controversial abrotion practitioner operates. The Holder family transferred ownership to a family trust in 2009, eight months after President Barack Obama’s inauguration and a deed names Holder’s wife and sister-in-law as trustees. Read More

Christian Parents Refused to Abort Baby With Rare Disorder When doctors advised these Christian parents to get an abortion because their baby was “incompatible with life,” they refused. Being confident that God makes no mistakes, the Brown’s chose life and are now the proud parents of Pearl Joy, the miracle baby. Please be praying for Pearly Joy, as she struggles to stay alive every day. Each day she is here is a blessing! Read More

Glamour Names Obama Voting=Sex Girl a “Woman of the Year” Glamour magazine has labled the woman behind the controversial Obama campaign video equating first-time voting to losing your virginity the magazine’s “Woman of the Year.” Glamour labels Lena Dunham, who appears on camera in the infamous video with sexual overtones, the Voice of a Generation. Lena Dunham is a Woman of the Year because…“She’s incredibly brave, curious, and engaged…and she happened to hit on something universal. I will be tuning in forevermore,” says actress and friend Claire Danes. Read More

I Was Raped and Left Pregnant at 17, But I Love My Baby I’ve been there. Not Todd Akin. Not Richard Mourdock. And certainly not their critics who sanctimoniously imagine that they know what pregnant sexual assault victims really want and need. As my story shows, all too often, our self-appointed champions do more harm than good. Read More

CBS’s Nancy Giles: Whites Want to Ban Abortion to “Build Up Race” A video featuring Nancy Giles of CBS is making the round this afternoon because it has her attacking white, pro-life Americans claiming they oppose abortion on racist grounds. During the Melissa Harris-Perry Show on Saturday on MSNBC Giles said white Americans “trying to eliminate all these abortions” “to build up the race.” Read More

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