Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pro-Life News, Dec. 29, 2012

Hobby Lobby Will Defy Obama HHS Mandate, Risk Millions in Fines Following a decision by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor denying Hobby Lobby’s request for an exemption from the Obama administration’s HHS mandate, the Christian retail company said it will defy the mandate. As LifeNews reported, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has refused to act favorably on an emergency appeal Hobby Lobby stores filed to stop enforcement of the HHS mandate against it. Read More

St. Louis Planned Parenthood Botches Third Abortion in Weeks The Planned Parenthood abortion business in St. Louis has apparently botched its third abortion in recent weeks, as it was documented sending another woman to a local hospital the day after Christmas. For the third time since Thanksgiving, the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic transported a woman to the hospital for emergency care, making it one of the most dangerous abortion clinics in the nation, according to officials with Operation Rescue, who informed LifeNews of the incident. Read More

Watchdog Sues Obama Admin Over Arranging Abortions for Illegals A watchdog group has filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration seeking additional information related to its arranging abortions for illegal immigrants who are detained by customs officials. As LifeNews has reported, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the division of the Department of Homeland Security responsible for enforcing the nation’s immigration laws, is the agency that is paying for some abortions at taxpayer expense and arranging for the abortions for the illegal immigrants. Read More

Michigan Governor Signs Major Pro-Life Bill Stopping Abortions The governor of Michigan has signed a major piece of pro-life legislation that will stop abortions by protecting women and holding abortion facilities accountable for following basic health and safety standards. The bill Gov. Rick Snyder has signed includes measures to license and inspect abortion clinics, prevent coercive abortion, and stop so-called telemed abortions are intended to protect women and unborn children and further drive down the number of abortions in the state. Read More

Employees Paying the Price for Obama Admin’s HHS Mandate The Obama Administration is seeking to impose its moral views on the owners of all businesses in the context of Obamacare’s Free Birth Control Rule. Religious business owners opposing contraception, sterilization, and the morning after pill because of their faith have sued to free themselves from the requirements of the rule, citing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act–passed by Congress to ensure a broad application of religious liberty. Hobby Lobby is a large chain of arts and crafts stores, owned by devout Christian family members, who refuse to be complicit in abortion (not birth control). Federal courts–and now, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor–have refused to protect the company with an injunction against enforcement of the rule, this even though other similarly situated companies and business owners have been so protected pending trials. Read More

Roe v. Wade Could Have Been Reversed If Robert Bork Had Been Approved What might have been? If Robert Bork had been confirmed, perhaps this column would have appeared in this space: Supreme Court Justice Robert Bork passed away on Dec. 19 at the age of 84. President Huckabee is expected to announce his nomination to replace Justice Bork in January. Bork was a key part of the Supreme Court’s conservative majority for over a quarter of a century, known primarily for his opinions limiting the federal government to its enumerated powers. Read More

Roe vs. Wade: The Remarkable Shelf Life of a Lie In just 27 days we will [I hate to use the word but….]commemorate the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a decision in which Justice Harry Blackmun channeled the zaniest arguments of the Abortion Lobby to foist upon us the catastrophe that is Roe and its companion case, Doe v. Bolton. For the last few weeks, each day I’ve been offering a least one reflection on Roe’s poisonous legacy. Today, NRL News Today will provide two. Read More

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