Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pro-Life News, Nov. 5, 2012

Poll: Americans Support Religious Exemption for HHS Mandate A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows Americans narrowly support allowing businesses and religious organizations to opt out of the controversial HHS mandate that compels them to pay for birth control and drugs that may cause abortions. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 46% of Likely U.S. Voters feel that if providing such coverage violates the deeply held beliefs of a church, religious organization or business owner, they should be allowed to opt out of providing coverage for contraceptives. Read More

Democrats Reward Committee Slot Based on Who’s More Pro-Abortion Democrats in Congress have selected one lawmakers to head up their side on an important committee based on one criteria — who is more pro-abortion. Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Ohio, who has cast a some pro-life votes but takes a pro-abortion position, is the senior Democrat on the Appropriations Committee and would normally be in line to take over as the ranking Democrat of the panel. However, House Democrats passed her over because of those votes and placed a more strongly pro-abortion member as its number one Democrat on the committee because she is solidly pro-abortion. Read More

Limbaugh: Planned Parenthood Trying to Eliminate Black Families Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, during his program earlier this week, took the Planned Parenthood abortion business to task for its racial targeting of black Americans. Limbaugh is correct in his analysis, as new research shows the abortion business targets blacks and Hispanics by putting 79% of its abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods. New research released by Protecting Black Life (an outreach of Life Issues Institute) reveals that 79% of Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion facilities are located within walking distance of African American and/or Hispanic/Latino communities. Read More

Planned Parenthood Helped Obama by Dropping Abortion for Women’s Health Why did pro-abortion President Barack Obama defeat pro-life candidate Mitt Romney even after compiling a pro-abortion record that is at odds with the views of most Americans on abortion and abortion funding? The answer appears to be because the nation’s biggest abortion business ran away from the issue of abortion during the election — spending millions of dollars to focus voters’ attention on the issue of women’s health — even though Romney didn’t oppose legitimate women’s health funding. Read More

40 Years of Abortion Has Been Harmful for Women and Girls At a prestigious media briefing on the impact of 40 years of extreme abortion policies on American culture, Americans United for Life Vice President of External Affairs and Corporate Counsel Jeanneane Maxon noted that the people most hurt by the radical abortion policies of the United States have been women and girls “who have been told that they are inadequate to handle both work and family and must act like men to make it in a man’s world. The abortion industry has allowed women to be harmed physically, mentally and socially by telling them to deny their true potential and insisting they choose either work or family, because they’ll never succeed at both.” Read More

Pro-Abortion Blog Delighted Eric Holder is Attacking Pro-Lifers A prominent pro-abortion blog is singing Attorney General Eric Holder’s praises, both inaccurately and inappropriately: Reproductive Health Reality Check (also known as RH Reality Check). The blog is authored by Jessica Mason Pieklo, RH Reality Check, Senior Legal Analyst, who identifies herself online by the handle “Hegemommy,” and confesses, “My feminism [is] not always on target, and my politics [are] not always appropriate. I sometimes behave badly.” Pieklo’s November 26 opinion piece on Holder confirms the blogger’s self-admitted shortcoming. Read More

Pro-Life Group to Sing Christmas Carols at Abortion Clinics A pro-life group plans to sing Christmas carols outside an abortion clinic in Los Angeles, California. The group Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust hopes its 12th annual event will help mothers heading inside for an abortion change their mind. “Join Survivors in LA, as we bring the joy of Christ’s birth to the many mothers considering abortion,” the group said in a memo to its members. “What could be more moving than the sounds of dozens of young voices, singing the peace of Christ, God with us, hidden away in Mary’s womb? What could be more touching for the many hardened clinic workers, or the poor mothers who think their child is a burden, not a gift.” Read More

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