Wednesday, April 3, 2013

STOPP Report: April 3, 2013

Coalition fronting for Planned Parenthood? STOPP calls for transparency When the news broke last week that an association of Texas family planning groups won control of $13 million in Title X funding formerly directed by the state of Texas, the name “Planned Parenthood” was conspicuously missing. As of this writing, STOPP researchers are still unable to find a list of members of this association that was able to grab the Title X funding away from the state of Texas in order to circumvent Texas’ new tier system of awarding the money, which placed Planned Parenthood and other abortion-affiliated businesses on the lowest tier of priority for the funding. Read More

Planned Parenthood coercion of minority teens on the rise! Planned Parenthood has developed and/or replicated multiple programs that rely on coercion, in the form of cash payments and other incentives, to lure teens to participate in its anything-goes sex indoctrination programs and research. The programs blatantly target minority students and are being funded with taxpayer dollars.
Planned Parenthood’s latest foray into coercion is surfacing in Florida, where African American teens as young as 14 are paid cash incentives to attend its SIHLE “empowerment” programs. SIHLE is an acronym for Sistas Informing, Healing, Living, and Empowering. In addition to cash, there is music, partying, chatting, and the opportunity to belong to a “family.” To be a part of the family, though, teens must live in targeted zip codes referenced on the website—zip codes 32808, 32811, 32818, 32835 and 32839. Read More

Exodus 2013--The door is flung open wide to release abortion workers “This work not only destroys the child and harms the women on many levels but it darkens and kills the soul of the worker.” So says Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director turned pro-life activist. Now a consultant to many pro-life groups, Abby founded And Then There Were None, an organization whose sole purpose is to provide an exit to those who are destroying their souls by participating in the killing of innocent children. To that end, ATTWN has declared Monday, April 8, the first official day of exodus for abortion workers. The call to walk off the job is dubbed Exodus 2013. The name is tied to the commandment in Exodus 20:13 that shows God Himself saying, “You shall not kill.” Read More

Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary As a pro-life activist of many years, I have spent countless hours on sidewalks outside Planned Parenthood facilities, personally witnessing the pain in the eyes of the workers and those who are going there to kill their babies. Read More

Victory: Planned Parenthood closes Connecticut facility Planned Parenthood of Southern New England announced that it is shuttering its Shelton Center as a part of its strategic planning, in order to focus on “the continued upgrade of [its] other existing centers.” It had been in operation since 1988. Read More

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