Thursday, June 20, 2013

President Obama Bashes Catholic Education

by Gary Bauer, Cqampaign for Working Families: During this week's trip to the G-8 summit in Northern Ireland, Barack Obama attempted to address the problem of sectarian violence, but seemed to suggest that religious education should be banned. Here's what he said:
"If towns remain divided -- if Catholics have their schools and buildings and Protestants have theirs, if we can't see ourselves in one another and fear or resentment are allowed to harden -- that too encourages division and discourages cooperation."
That statement is absolutely stunning! Whatever point the president was trying to make about sectarian violence in Northern Ireland was completely lost by his absurd example. As Fr. John Zuhlsdorf put it:
"Off the top of my head, I can't think of a foreign visit to an Islamic nation where he told people on his arrival that they shouldn't have madrasas.  Can you? Did he when visiting, say, Israel, say 'You Jews shouldn't have synagogue schools and you Muslims shouldn't have mosque schools.'  I can't remember.  Did he?"
Sadly, Obama's dismissive remark of religious education is illustrative of his administration's hostility to Judeo-Christian values. For example:
  • The Obama Administration tried to kill the voucher program for low-income students in the District of Columbia. The most of the beneficiaries were minority students.
  • While Obama is demanding amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, he has decided that there is no room in America for one religious homeschooling family that legally applied for asylum. The Obama Administration wants to send the Romeike family back to Germany, even though their children will likely be taken away from them because they refuse to bend to Germany's Nazi-era state education laws.
  • Under Obama, there has been growing hostility toward Christianity in the military.
  • The administration is using Obamacare to browbeat Catholic institutions and other religious organizations and businesses to accept practices that violate their religious beliefs.
From bowing to radical Islamic groups on the FBI's surveillance of mosques and bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia and sending private letters to the ayatollah, the only faith Obama seems to have any genuine tolerance for, in domestic and foreign policy, is Islam.

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