Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pro-Life News - Sept. 4, 2013

Maryland Allows Doctor Who Killed Woman in Botched Abortion to Keep Practicing Abortionist Iris Dominy, whose Maryland medical license was summarily suspended in May after it was discovered that she was involved in the abortion-related death of Maria Santiago, has had her suspension lifted by the Maryland Board of Physicians (MDBP). She is free to continue practicing medicine, but has been barred from conducting any procedures that require sedation. Dominy was employed at a Baltimore abortion clinic located in a residential condominium complex that was owned by disgraced abortionist Steven Chase Brigham at the time of Santiago’s death. Since then, Brigham’s four Maryland abortion clinics have been closed for gross health and safety violations. Read More

Ariel Castro, Who Raped Women and Forced Abortions, Hangs Himself in Prison Cell Ariel Castro was sentenced to serve 1,000 years in prison but spend merely 33 days there before hanging himself.Castro was found guilty on charges of kidnapping women and holding them in the basement of his home, where he raped them and assaulted them to the point of causing abortions. Castro was sentenced to life without parole plus 1,000 years. When asked if he understood he would never be released from prison, Castro said: “I do understand that, your honor.” He added, “I knew I was pretty much going to get the book thrown at me.” Read More

Pregnant With Quintuplets, Couple Rejects Doctors’ Suggestion for Abortion Faced with doctors’ dire predictions and advice to “selectively reduce” their five unborn babies, Jayson and Rachelle Wilkinson made the choice for life. After 34-weeks and a temporary move to receive the best care for a multiple pregnancy, Rachelle gave birth to five healthy babies July 31, 2007. Now the Wilkinsons’ Cedar Park, Texas, home is full of joy and the always hectic activity surrounding Kyndall, Ryder, Rustin, Kaydence, and Kassidy and their older brother and sister Riley and Kaiya. Read More

Gendercide: One Woman Dies Every Hour in India Over Dowry Disputes India is one of the worst nations in the word for sex-selection abortions, infanticide and gendercide — the specific targeting of girl babies and unborn children specifically because they are females. A new report shows just had bad this cultural preference for sons is in this Asian nation: one woman dies every hour in India over dowry disputes, despite the fact that Indian law prohibits the centuries-old custom of giving or receiving dowries. Read More

College Student Invents IUD-Inserting Gun for Non-Doctors to Use Tulane University student Ben Cappiello has developed a new contraption to insert intrauterine devices. Intrauterine devices (IUDs) can cause very early abortions by preventing tiny, developing humans—“fertilized eggs,” as abortion advocates euphemistically say—from implanting in the womb. These abortion-causing devices can cause dangerous complications and serious side effects, such as hemorrhaging, decreased libido, abdominal pain, ovarian cysts, and migraines. The Times Picayune reports: In deciding what to pursue, [Cappiello] recalled talking to his mother, a nurse practitioner and nursing professor at the University of New Hampshire, about conferences she attended where people discussed the high effectiveness but complex insertion procedure and low usage rates of intrauterine devices for birth control. Read More

Rape Victim Rejects Abortion After Hearing Rebecca Kiessling’s Inspiring Story Rebecca Kiessling is an inspiring pro-life activist whose story of having been conceived in rape but not becoming a victim of abortion like so many other babies has changed hearts and minds across the nation. Her story reached across the world and inspired a woman from Germany, who found herself pregnant after a devastating sexual assault, to choose life for her baby. Read More

Planned Parenthood Violating FDA Protocol on Abortion Drug Putting Women at Risk Alliance Defending Freedom and the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists sent a letter Wednesday to the New Hampshire Boards of Medicine and Nursing supporting the investigation of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England and its unlawful distribution of abortion-inducing drugs. Contrary to Food and Drug Administration protocols, Planned Parenthood distributes abortion-inducing drugs to women, oftentimes without requiring an in-person visit, up until two weeks beyond the prescribed 49 days from their last menstrual cycle. Read More

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