Friday, September 6, 2013

This Day and Every Day I Thank God That My Mother Choose Life Over Abortion

From Humble Beginnings - Appalachian Coal Miners
This house improves the image of the house  my birth
father lived in when I met him again in my 30s.
by Dr. Bill Smith, Editor:  On this day, September 6th,  I thank God and that my "birth" mother 67 years ago choose to allow me to be born. She was a troubled woman who would eventually abandon two children after alleged unspeakable acts. But this is not the relevant point.

She already had one child, my sister, for two years when she again found herself living with another man unable to be with the father of my sister who was already married and having already abandoned a second man whom she had married for a few months.  I know, what a mess.

And this situation was not a secret in the local area of the Appalachian mountains where we were born.    Everyone knew almost everything about everyone else. Our birth mother would eventually choose to escape to another life  abandoning a daughter, age 4 and named after herself, and me, age 2,  named after her father.

Then at age three, through a providential complex series of events, I would be separated from my roots and transported far away and placed at risk by another woman. However, God watched over me as police and others concerned with the lives of children assumed a protective role. My future parents entered my life  when they visited the local orphanage with friends who were adopting.  They asked about that "other boy" playing on the floor.  They were told that  I could not be adopted as investigations concerning me were still under way.  The orphanage founder  then said something which in today's world may be unthinkable: "Would you like to take Billy home and care for him until he is reunited with his family."  She warned them that I was still having nightmares and other problems; and back then, there was no pay, no assistance, but still lots of responsibility and rules.  My parents who had been told by doctors that they could not have children, quickly agreed to take me home.   Over a year later, they received a call that if they were interested in adopting  me they could do so as I was being legally removed from my birth parents.

I thank God, as does my older birth sister, for God's protection and that our mother allowed us to be born even the desperate times in her life and soul. We sincerely hope she eventually found peace.

As for my sister and myself, God provided separate paths which brought us into contact with Him and His love as He rescued our souls as He had rescued our very lives on more than one occasion. Over 30 years later, I would learn more details about my childhood and that I had an older sister.    In summary, I visited the Appalachian town of my birth and word spread quickly that I was in town. My birth father's extended family were vicariously expecting me because their mother, my praying grandmother,  had kept my memory alive and before them on every holiday.   There was no sweeping the dust under the carpet allowed by this saint of God.  I look forward to seeing her in the future.     She prayed for the protection and salvation of all her family including my sister and I.

Wow, what I didn't know I suddenly knew with all my very being from hidden childhood memories - I had a sister!  An aunt located where she was and her phone number. Although we were separated by almost the entire Continental United States, we were reunited within a month and although traveling different paths, we saw how God had rescued us in our births, in our later lives and then in our very souls.
Dr. William "Bill" Smith is editor of Greater Fitchberg for Life; the ARRA News Service - please "Like" on FaceBook, and several other sites and blogs. He is a conservative pro-life activist, retired Air Force Officer and retired graduate professor. He owns and consults via his business: Agora Associates. Follow him on Twitter @arra. He also admins and invites readers the following pro-life Facebook activities: Personhood Initiative, Pro-Life Rocks - Arkansas and Pro-Life Rocks - United States.

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