Sunday, October 13, 2013

California Allows Non-physicians To Commit Abortions

American Life League: Mothers and babies in California will face a new threat to their lives. This week, Governor Jerry Brown signed a law that allows
non-physicians to perform abortions. The killing of children in the womb in California can now be done legally by nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, and physician assistants.

The ability of non-physicians to perform abortions in the United States is a growing trend. The Guttmacher Institute reported this month that only 39 states have specific laws requiring a licensed physician to do abortions. The states that do not have such a law are California; Connecticut; Washington, D.C.; Illinois; Montana; New Hampshire; New York; Oregon; Rhode Island; Vermont; Washington; and West Virginia.

We need to understand that the abortion industry has been fighting this battle for a long time. It is unable to find enough licensed physicians who are willing to kill children. Back in 1993, when the Clinton administration was trying to push a national healthcare bill, there was a specific item in the proposed bill that would have forced all the states to allow non-physicians to do abortions. This specific wording was not carried forward to the Obamacare bill, but the crafters of that bill were very careful not to mention abortion at all.

This development in California must be taken seriously by pro-lifers across the country. It is a huge victory for the pro-abortion crowd. Citizens in the 39 states that currently require only physicians to commit the procedure need to make sure those restrictions stay—while they fight to get abortion made illegal. Citizens in the other 11 states (plus D.C.) need to at least make sure abortions cannot legally be done by your local handyman.

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