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DAY 12: It's a God Thing - Overseas - 40 Days for Life

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life:  God's divine providence often works through the people He places in our lives. Sometimes, they cross our paths because they need help. Sometimes, it’s to say thank you. Sometimes, it’s to help plant seeds. 

The stories are all different, but they all point to one thing. They show God's grace at work.
Abuja, Nigeria 
40 Days for Life started in the United States, but Robert Colquhoun, 40 Days for Life's international outreach director, first saw the campaign in Canada. When he went back home to England, Robert brought 40 Days for Life with him. 

Sometime later, it was in England that Kelechi Anyaghara first saw 40 Days for Life -- and then she helped get it started in her home country of Nigeria.

Got all that? It was through all those connections that volunteers in Nigeria got to meet someone special recently -- a newborn whose mother decided against abortion during the first 40 Days for Life campaign in Abuja.
40 Days for Life volunteers in England heard the news and sent along some baby gifts -- and in turn they received a photo of the baby girl, whose mother named her Perseverance.

Tempe, Arizona
A man walked up to 40 Days for Life vigil participants outside Planned Parenthood in Tempe and said, "This is a God thing that you are here today." He was from the Midwest, and in town to visit his son at the local university.

He quickly got to the reason why he'd stopped. As a teenager, his daughter had an abortion at Planned Parenthood -- without his knowledge or consent. No one from Planned Parenthood ever contacted him. He has carried the grief for 15 years.

"We talked about how he lost a grandchild," said Lisa in Tempe, "and I asked if we could keep them in prayer. Yes was his answer."

They then talked about the local pregnancy help center. He took information to share with his son and his son's friends -- then offered a donation for the pregnancy center.

"A simple kindness," Lisa said. "Thank you, Lord!"

Vancouver, Washington 

Ed says a young woman approached the vigil in Vancouver to thank the volunteers for being there. She had driven by many times, but finally decided to stop and share her story. 

When she was pregnant, her doctor said there was something wrong with her baby and recommended abortion. She reluctantly agreed.

When she arrived for her appointment, she saw people outside praying. "She told us that she was scared but decided to keep her baby," Ed explained. "She now has a perfectly healthy 18-month-old baby boy."

She said she couldn't imagine life without her son.

Here's today's devotional from Kevin Burke, executive director of Rachel's Vineyard Ministries... 

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