Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DAY 28: $4 Million Abortionists Didn't Get - 40 Days for Life

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life: We thank God for all the babies saved from abortion. For us, this is about life and death - not finances. But for the abortion industry, every life saved equals money lost. And for them, that makes 40 Days for Life very bad for business.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: So far, 26 babies have been spared from abortion during this campaign in Milwaukee ... "that we know of!" local coordinator Dan Miller added. He then took that number and did a bit of calculating. "The abortion escorts tell us constantly that we have no effect on their customers," Dan said. "If that's true, why do they bother wasting their time there? They can believe what they want. But in my estimation, the 26 that said NO to abortion - for whatever reason - cost them about $17,000 in revenue. It’s no wonder the escorts have to volunteer their time. They can’t afford to pay them!" Dan did the math for Milwaukee for one campaign. We did the math for the history of 40 Days for Life. With more than 7,800 lives spared ... that adds up to at least $4 million the abortionists didn't get!

Portland, Oregon: The sight of an empty parking lot at Planned Parenthood in Portland was encouraging for the 40 Days for Life team there. That suggests a negative impact on this abortion center's bottom line as well. "We have encountered four women who are pregnant that have spoken with us ... coming into, going out of - or trying to go into - Planned Parenthood in the last couple of weeks who are keeping their babies," said Therese in Portland. These women did not seem abortion-minded, but volunteers wanted to steer them away from Planned Parenthood.

They were able to direct the women to pregnancy resource centers and other life-affirming agencies. None of them returned to Planned Parenthood. In fact, some of them never went inside at all.

Manchester, New Hampshire:  Bob sent along a photo of a candlelight prayer vigil from the 40 Days for Life effort in Manchester.

"It was a great success," Bob said. "Strangely, there was a security guard hired by Planned Parenthood while we were praying." It was unusual, he said, because Planned Parenthood never has security guards present on Mondays - or in the evening.

"It's apparent they heard about our candlelight vigil," Bob said, "and wanted to let us know that they knew."

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