Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pro-Life News, Oct. 12, 2013

Obamacare Exchanges Hide Info on Abortion Coverage, Mandatory Abortion Surcharge With the exchanges of Obamacare activated this month, it has become evident that it is nearly impossible for individuals to try to determine which exchange plans on their state exchange, if any, exclude abortion, said a group of lawmakers at a bipartisan press conference Wednesday. U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (NJ-04) unveiled his legislation, H.R. 3279, the “Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act” —cosponsored by 70 other Members of the House—to ensure full disclosure of abortion coverage, requiring prominent and transparent disclosure of abortion coverage for each plan offered on an exchange. Read More

Abortion Clinic Botches Two Abortions After Suing to Block Pro-Life Law Operation Rescue has learned that an abortion clinic, which is suing the State of Virginia to block clinic safety standards, has botched a second abortion that has required emergency patient hospitalization in just three months.Both incidents took place after Falls Church Healthcare filed the challenge to the new regulations in June, 2013. Heavily redacted 911 records obtained by local activists working with Operation Rescue show that an ambulance was summoned to the Falls Church Healthcare abortion clinic at around 6:30 p.m. on September 10, 2013. Police were dispatched to assist rescue units at the request of rescue units. Read More

Nancy Pelosi and “Sacred Ground” Abortions: The Inconsistent Catholic Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has been written about in Live Action News quite a few times. When asked about the difference between what Gosnell did and abortions taking place moments before birth, Pelosi refused to answer the question and instead referred to abortion as “sacred ground.” Also, notice how the question, asked by The Weekly Standard, does not mention Catholicism or politics. Pelosi, however, does: Read More

California Gov. Signs Bill Allowing Nurses to Do Abortions California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law legislation to allow nurses to do abortions.Dave Andrusko of National Right to Life has more. Read More

Save the Planet Kill Yourself! Environmentalists Want Humans to Live Shorter Lives Humans are the enemy! A new study published in Ecology and Society claims that longer life expectancy for us is bad news for the planet. From the study by Aaron Lotz and Craig R. Allen: We found a positive relationship between life expectancy and the percentage of endangered and invasive species in a country…The overall trend in high-income countries with improvements to the Human Development Index, which includes human life expectancy as one of its variables, is toward a disproportionately larger negative impact on a country’s ecological footprint. Read More

The “War on Women” is a Civil War Led by Abortion Activists Last week, Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, cried wolf once more regarding a “war on women” because House Republicans voted on Saturday to delay Obamacare for a year. She argues that “a narrow group of Republican leaders in the House are pushing to shut down the entire federal government over women’s access to birth control, cancer screenings and other basic health care.” If the only issues on the table were non-controversial services like cancer screenings and immunizations, then there would be no debate, but that’s not the reality. Read More

Women Hurt by Abortion the Key to Pro-Lifers Winning the Abortion Battle It’s been over two decades since the day a post-abortive woman who blogs under the name Infinite Grace walked into the clinic at age 17 and aborted her daughter. Twenty-six years hasn’t rid her of the guilt and the pain, but she has felt forgiveness from both God and her baby, and she knows that her baby girl, Grace Anne, is with her through each trial and tribulation she endures. She knows she is the answer to winning the right to life for unborn children. Read More

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