Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pro-Life News, Oct 15, 2013

Doctors Operate on 25-Week-Old Unborn Baby’s Heart After Practicing on a Grape A team of doctors at CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center successfully widened a tiny aortic valve using a hair-fine wire, an 11-centimeter needle a tiny balloon and catheter. The baby in question would otherwise have been born with a life-threatening condition. The unborn baby’s heart was developing with one valve too narrow, a condition known as severe aortic stenosis. Read More

“Pro-Choice” Medical Student Witnesses Abortion, Becomes Pro-Life Some time ago, I was sent this testimony from a medical student who preferred not to leave a name. He had just witnessed an abortion as part of his training. Deeply troubled, he wanted to tell someone. He was haunted by what he had seen. The student starts out by saying that he was firmly in the pro-choice camp before witnessing the abortion: Read More

Death Panels in Action: Hospitals Suffer Massive Layoffs Thanks to Obamacare Doctor shortages, medical-school dropouts, skyrocketing premiums, no money for pre-existing conditions, trillions more than promised, forced taxpayer funding of abortion, critical health-care rationing and a bankrupt nation — those were some of the dire predictions of those who opposed Obamacare. Now that the government-run health care system is here, many of those are coming to pass — including doctor shortages. Read More

Auburn University Homecoming Queen’s Mom Was Raped, But Spared Her From Abortion Auburn University selected its 100th Miss Homecoming in Molly Anne Dutton this weekend but she almost didn’t win — not because she isn’t an attractive or capable college student but because her mother was raped and she could have been a victim of abortion. Dutton’s mother, after she was victimized by sexual assault, was given an ultimatum from her husband — have an abortion or face divorce. She chose to keep the baby, leading to a “ridiculously inspirational life story” that many media outlets are noting this week about Dutton. Read More

Campaign to Fire Katheleen Sebelius Intensifies as Obamacare Unravels With Obamacare leading to taxpayer funding of abortions, massive layoffs at hospitals and medical centers and a botched system few seem to be able to sign up on, calls to fire pro-abortion HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius are growing. “Senate Republicans are already calling for Kathleen Sebelius to resign her post. And these voices of public disapproval will only grow louder in the days ahead, I can assure you,” Read More

Abortion Clinic Worker Quits: “No Two Week Notice,” “I’ll Never Set Foot in There Again” We got this message from woman who is now part of our ministry: “I quit this morning. Effective immediately…no two week stuff. I’m done. Never to step foot in there again.” You have helped us make this happen. In fact, 84 workers have come through our ministry, thanks to all of you and your support! Below are some of the updates from our ministry! Read More

Five Questions Planned Parenthood Refuses to Answer on Sex-Selection Abortions One month ago my wife and I did something that would be illegal in some parts of the world. We had our third child and for the third time we had a girl. It was one of the most joy-filled moments of our lives but for millions of parents having even a second or sometimes first daughter is an impossibility. In China, India, and other parts of the world girls are unwanted. They are viewed as having no value to the government and little value in society or even to their own families, and the result has been widespread gendercide, the systematic and deliberate destruction of girls typically through abortion though sometimes through infanticide. Read More

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