Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pro-Life News - Oct. 29, 2013

Obama’s Political Group Behind Opposition to Late-Term Abortion Ban in New Mexico Operation Rescue has learned that the pro-abortion Respect ABQ Women Coalition, which is the main opposition to the Albuquerque “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance,” is actually an affiliate of Pres. Barack Obama’s “Organizing for Action,” which encourages activism for radical leftist causes. The two groups are working together under the banner of “Stand With Women,” which is coordinating a national effort against the municipal ordinance through BarackObama.com. Read More

Texas Law Wendy Davis Filibustered Goes Into Effect Today, Bans Abortions After 20 Weeks Abortion activist Wendy Davis was unsuccessful in her bid to stop a pro-life law in Texas that bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Despite her efforts to keep abortions legal in the Lone State State up to the day of birth and a destructive mob bent on keeping late-term abortions in place, Texas lawmakers sided with unborn children. Today, that law will go into effect that will protect unborn children in Texas who are capable of feeling pain. Read More

Obamacare Rules Force Pregnant Woman Off Her Health Insurance Plan During the 2012 presidential elections, abortion activists and the Obama campaign concocted all sorts of phony “War on Women” stories to make it appear pro-life organizations and pro-life candidates somehow didn’t care about women. Now that the election is done and Obamacare is in place, the real perpetrator of the War on Women is getting exposed. Exhibit A is Jennifer Harris of California, who is three months pregnant, is losing her current insurance thanks to the Obamacare rules. Read More

Toddler Nearly Beaten to Death, Abandoned by Her Mother at a Motel In Montgomery county, just outside Houston, Texas, Lisa Martinez got a desperate call from her 19-year-old son Gregory, who was with his 23-month-old daughter at a nearby Motel 6. When Lisa arrived, Gregory led her to the bathtub, where the baby was lying, barely conscious. Lisa picked her up and discovered a severe blow to the baby’s head. Read More

Mom Who Birthed Baby in Bar Bathroom, Stuffed Body in a Toilet to Face Trial The mother involved in the brutal murder of a newborn baby boy will face trial. A 26-year-old Pennsylvania woman is headed to court after she gave birth to a baby boy in the restroom of a sports bar in Allentown, suffocated him, then stuffed his body in a toilet tank before returning to the bar to finish watching a wrestling match in her bloodied clothes. Read More

Mechanics Find Toddler Force to Live in Car Trunk, Parents Face Prison Time Parents in France face prison time after officials discovered they had subjected their toddler to living in the trunk of a vehicle. Authorities discovered a an underfed and dehydrated baby girl who had been forced to live hidden in the trunk of the car, possibly since birth. An AFP report on the girl suggests she was anywhere between 15 and 23 months-old and she was found when mechanics in Terrasson were working on the vehicle. The report says police were contacted when a mechanic heard “bizarre noises, like moans” coming from the vehicle’s trunk and the mechanic discovered the little girl, naked, inside and lying in her own feces. Read More

Army Secretary Halts Training Programs That Called Pro-Lifers a “Radical” Threat A mother in Missouri and her baby are both healthy after a rare and undiscovered ectopic pregnancy. Jonna Snodgrass, 36, delivered Jatelyn Snodgrass at Heartland Regional Medical Center’s New Beginnings Unit earlier this month. Doctorsdiscovered the baby girl was ectopic and didn’t implant in the uterus. Read More

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