Friday, October 18, 2013

Stop Pro-Abortion Hillary Clinton & Terry McAuliffe By Helping Pro-Life Ken Cuccinelli

Brian Burch, Catholic Vote: The Hillary Clinton machine is about to pounce.

And pro-life Catholic Ken Cuccinelli needs his fellow Catholics to fight back.

Ken is running for Governor in Virginia against radical pro-abort Terry McAuliffe. This weekend Hillary Clinton will be campaigning with McAuliffe to rally their troops.

I know you know, but remember: McAuliffe is radically pro-abortion and claims to be a Catholic!

You simply can’t get more extreme that Terry McAuliffe on abortion. In an interview this week, he said about abortion laws: “...What I said here is that I will be a brick wall to stop any erosion of any Constitutional right that any woman has in Virginia. I will be a brick wall.”

A brick wall to protect the slaughter of innocent human life, even in the 9th month!

That’s why we’re mobilizing Catholic voters in Virginia. Last month we sent targeted letters to every unregistered Catholic voter we could find. This week, Catholic voters are getting a postcard to remind them of what is stake on Election Day.

Now - we need your help to email or call every Catholic voter in the state -- several times if needed -- to get the word out. Lives are on the line. The last thing we need is another pro-abortion Catholic running a major swing state.  [Editor Note:  Email every voter in Virginia that you know - stand for life.]

The man to beat McAuliffe is Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. He’s a pro-life Catholic father of seven. And Cuccinelli was the first person in line to file a lawsuit to stop the pro-abortion Obamacare law in federal court.

Ken Cuccinelli is the kind of public servant we want running for office. And pro-abortion ‘Catholic’ Terry McAuliffe is everything that is wrong with politics today.

Political pundits call this an ‘off-year’ election because there’s no presidential or congressional races.

But Catholics cannot take a year off.

Ken needs your help. Are you in?
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