Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pro-Life News, Dec. 3, 2013

Violent Pro-Abortion Mob Attacks Pro-Life People Praying at Catholic Church A graphic video from Argentina is making the rounds of the Internet today showing violent protests with pro-abortion activists attacking pro-life people praying at a Catholic Church. The abortion activists attempted to storm the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista (John the Baptist) in Argentina late last month. Read More

Couple Wins Suit, Doc Didn’t Suggest Aborting Baby With Spina Bifida A couple in New Zealand have won their case at a federal appeals court because they would have aborted their little girl had they known she had spina bifida. The parents of a child with the condition could win a monetary settlement following the ruling saying they were “denied” a chance to abort their daughter. During ultrasounds scans as the pregnancy progressed, doctors missed signs of the birth “defect” and the couple said that, had the spina bifida been detected, they would have killed their daughter in an abortion. Instead, the little girl was born in 2007 and the couple has been in court even since. Read More

17 Years Ago Courtney Survived an Abortion That Killed Her Twin: “I Was Still Alive” Courtney Halvorson is a senior at Gaston High School in Alabama who enjoys life — but she shouldn’t be alive. Not because of a drunk driver, or doing drugs, or some other tragic death that claims the life of a young person — Courtney shouldn’t be alive because she was supposed to have died from an abortion. When she was 14, this teenage girl found out she was adopted — something that shocked her but something that was less shocking than what she found out next. Read More

ACLU Sues Catholic Bishops Because Catholic Hospitals Don’t Do Abortions The “pro-choice” manta abortion activists have employed for decades is supposed to mean that people have a choice if they want to get an abortion or participate in one. But pro-choice is truthfully pro-abortion more often than the pro-abortion side cares to admit. itness a new lawsuit filed by the ACLU, which is upset that Catholic hospitals don’t do abortions. As the Washington Times reports: Read More

Family of 6-year-Old Girl With Cancer Loses Coverage After Obamacare The stories of families losing their health insurance now that Obamacare is in place are getting more and more heartbreaking. While liberals talk about taking care of children, what about this little girl, who suffers from cancer and, though no fault of their own, her parents are losing their insurance under Obamacare’s rules and regulations. Gee thanks Mr. President. Read More

Notre Dame Sues Obama: We Won’t Obey the HHS Mandate The University of Notre Dame is back in court taking on the Obama administration and its pro-abortion HHS mandate that forces religious companies, organizations, and schools to pay for birth control and abortion-causing drugs for their employees. Earlier this year, a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit Notre Dame filed against the HHS mandate. U.S. District Judge Robert L. Miller Jr. dismissed the suit, claiming that Notre Dame is sufficiently protected by a very narrowly-drawn religious exemption in the mandate — that pro-life legal groups say does not apply to every religious entity. Read More

Of 112 Obamacare Plans for Congress and Staff, 103 Fund Abortions With a December 9th deadline for Members of Congress and congressional staff to sign up for Obamacare health insurance, U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (NJ-04) released new evidence of President Obama violating pro-life laws and providing taxpayer funding for insurance plans that include abortion on demand. “In the run-up to passage of Obamacare, Americans were repeatedly told and reassured by President Obama himself, including in a speech to a joint session of Congress in October 2009, that ‘under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortion.’ Obama even issued the infamous Executive Order that claimed, ‘the Act maintains current Hyde Amendment restrictions governing abortion policy and extends those restrictions to newly created health insurance exchanges,’” said Smith. Read More

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