Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pro-Life News, Jan.21, 2014

Report: Abortions Drop 32 Percent From All-Time High as Roe Turns 41 Today, the National Right to Life Committee issued a new report, “The State of Abortion in America.”The best news from the report is that abortions have dropped 32 percent from their all-time high as Roe vs. Wade turns 41. The report summarizes key legislative developments at the state and federal levels, finds that the annual number of abortions continues to decline, and shows that a majority continue to oppose the vast majority of abortions allowed under the doctrine of Roe v. Wade. Read More

Andrew Cuomo Backtracks: It’s “Fine” to be Pro-Life in New York New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is backtracking after facing national criticism and calls to resign over his comments that pro-life people “have no place”in the state. Cuomo now says it’s “fine” if pro-life people live in New York and he blamed his insensitive comments on the New York City media Now his office is backtracking and insisting that the governor said “‘it is fine’ to be anti-gun control, and anti-choice – as he respects both positions.” Read More

Wendy Davis Slams Pro-Life Paraplegic Opponent: He’s “Never Walked In My Shoes” It’s just getting worse and worse for abortion activist Wendy Davis, who is falling on her own sword in the Texas gubernatorial race. First, Davis was caught by a Dallas newspaper lying about her story of being a single mom who overcame adversity. Then, she sought to blame her problems on pro-life candidate for governor Greg Abbott. Now, in attacking Abbot, she’s stuck her foot in her mouth saying he’s “never walked a mile in my shoes.” Read More

GOP Resolution Encourages Candidates Strike Back Against Phony “War on Women” Pro-abortion politics groups have gotten away with using a phony War on Women manta against pro-life candidates for too long. Responding to it in preparation for the 2014 election, the Republican party is on the verge of approving a resolution encouraging its candidates to be more vocal in opposing abortion and to strike back against inaccurate attacks declaring them as against women or women’s rights. CNN has more on this new resolution and the text of it. Read More

Group Gives Women Plants to Take Home After Their Abortions: “Bring One Life Home” Sometimes words reveal more than they are meant to. When I read the testimonials from the charitable organization Plants for Patients (P4P) I sense a ghostly sadness. P4P hands out plants to abortion patients, succulents because they are “incredibly adaptable” and “come in a vast array of colors and shapes” like the women who experience abortion. The succulent plants are growing in tiny hand-made planters made specially by a ceramic artist. The organization is neither pro-life nor pro-choice, but pro-compassion, offering gifts to women after abortion to show “love and empathy” not “shame and hate.” Read More

Bobby Jindal to Pro-Life New Yorkers Andrew Cuomo Kicked Out: Come to Louisiana Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is throwing out the welcome mat for pro-life New Yorkers upset by comments Governro Andrew Cuomo made saying they’re “not welcome” there. In a post on his Facebook page today, Jindal put out a warm welcome for displaced New York pro-lifers to come down south to his neck of the woods. The post links to an article about the dustup. Read More

Late-Term Abortion Clinic in Ohio Shut Down After Breaking State Law The state health department has shut down a late-term abortion clinic in Ohio that failed to follow state health and safety laws related to protecting women’s health. The Ohio Department of Health affirmed its order to shut down abortion practitioner Martin Haskell’s Sharonville clinic, the Lebanon Road Surgery Center, for failure to meet Ohio medical standards. Haskell’s clinic operated without a transfer agreement with any area hospital and was unable to identify any doctors within the region that wanted assist his abortion business. Read More

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