Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Air Force Threatens To Punish Cadets For Bible Verses

Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD, Praying In Jesus Name: Air Force Academy government lawyers continue to threaten cadets with punishment for posting Bible verses on their personal white-boards, according to a Christian attorney who spoke to the lawyers and several cadets.

I just conducted a TV interview with Christian attorney Michael Berry (watch here) with, who flew to Colorado Springs to defend the cadets' religious freedom and First Amendment rights.

Sadly, Air Force lawyers told him cadets who quote the Bible might somehow violate the ambiguous Air Force Instruction 1-1, despite the fact overarching Department of Defense regulations (and federal law) specifically protect freedom of religious expression for all members of the military. (Thanks to YOUR faxes to Congress last year, we helped change the law to require freedom.)

DoD Instruction 1300.17 now says "The Military Departments will accommodate individual expressions of sincerely held beliefs (conscience, moral principles, or religious beliefs) of Service members in accordance with the policies and procedures in this instruction."

But Air Force lawyers interpret this to only protect how cadets dress, not how they speak, worship, or publish.

Let's keep up the telephone pressure on 3-star General Michelle Johnson, the Academy Superintendent.

Call 719-333-7731 and say these words:

"Jesus and the Bible are not illegal speech for cadets. Tell Superintendant Johnson to stop cowering to Mikey Weinstein."

"Revolt" at Air Force Academy: Cadets Publish Bible Verses

The anti-Jesus complainer Mikey Weinstein "says that there’s a 'revolt' underway at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs," as hundreds of cadets are now posting scripture verses on their white-boards, after one cadet was censored and threatened.

The Blaze reports "Cadets angry over the Air Force Academy’s removal of the verse have since begun posting scripture from the Bible and the Koran on their whiteboards in solidarity," in full and open rebellion to Mikey Weinstein, the anti-Christian president of the Militant Religion Foes Foundation.

"The Air Force Academy has a revolt on their hands. What are they going to do?" Weinstein told TheBlaze Wednesday...

Weinstein said those who put Bible verses on their doors deserve "non-judicial punishment at the very least."

Mikey literally wants the military to punish Christians for exercising their First Amendment freedom of the press.

But when the devil tries to stamp out the name of Jesus, Jesus spreads like wildfire everywhere else among His people.

I am so proud of these cadets, who understand freedom of religious expression means members of the military are authorized by the First Amendment to write, speak, or express their religion freely, even if the Bible offends the easily-offended complainers.

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