Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Are State Abortion Laws In Line With Science?

By juxtaposing state abortion laws alongside fetal development milestones, we believe this graphic demonstrates that abortion — at any stage of development — is the willful taking of a precious human life.

Online for Life promotes life at every stage of development. We do this by reaching out to abortion-determined women and men through online and offline marketing methods, and then guiding them to life-affirming pregnancy centers where they can receive the truth about their pregnancy, life in the womb, and the dangers of abortion. Online for Life also builds awareness about the sacredness of life, as we strive to lead a movement that will one day end abortion in America.

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Ron Bartels said...

The worst part about abortion law is that the baby is executed for a crime it did not commit, without an attorney ad litem and without due process and trial by jury.