Monday, September 29, 2014

Pro-Life News, Sept. 28, 2014

Abortion Activist Defends Infanticide: “Medical Necessity” May Require Killing Baby After Birth When pro-life advocates take the pro-life message to college and university campuses, they never know what kind of response they’ll get. They see it all — counter protests, people changing their minds on abortion, and even violence. Read More at

Forced Abortions are Happening in America on Victims of Sex Trafficking Forced abortion is most commonly associated with China and its One Child Policy. Story after story reports the tragic circumstances of women who are pulled out of their houses, forced into a clinic or hospital, and forcibly aborted – even if they are full term. Read More at

Jessa Duggar Criticized for Linking the Holocaust With Abortion The word “holocaust” is defined as the destruction or slaughter of people on a mass scale. Some pro-life people think its fair to say that the killing of over 57 million people through abortion fits the definition. Read More at

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Gerald Donahue said...

Then stop asking for tax dollars to pay for it!