Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Report: Voters Can Protect Life at the Polls

CitizenLink Team: If Roe v. Wade were overturned today, Tennessee would still have legal abortion.

The Family Action Council of Tennessee, one of CitizenLink’s 38 associated family policy councils, is working to pass Amendment 1. It would fix a 2000 ruling by the state supreme court that gives abortion even greater protection in the state.

“The effect of the court’s decision was to remove our voice as citizens,” said David Fowler, president of the Family Action Council of Tennessee. “The Tennessee supreme court said, ‘We’re going to take one side and make it a constitutional right and the rest of you can just go home.’”

Several pro-life laws were overturned in the wake of the ruling, including a partial-birth abortion ban.

“That’s why we need Amendment 1,” Fowler said, “to restore our voice and be able to decide what we think is best for women and children in Tennessee.”

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