Saturday, October 4, 2014

DAY 11: Because Of You Guys Out Here" - 40 Days for Life

by Shawn Carney, 40 Days for Life: "Does this really make a difference?"

That's the question many 40 Days for Life participants have asked at some point, including me. Being out on the sidewalk praying can sometimes make us feel powerless in the face of abortion and the apparent apathy of so many.

When we feel small in the midst of our culture, that is precisely when God begins to work. We need to feel small. When we feel small, we are humbled ... and realize we need Him. Then we start praying.

Don't feel bad about feeling small. God can do a lot with small — including being a big sign that inspires a mom to choose life.

Here are two examples.

Tampa, Florida
Vigil participants prayed as they watched a couple leave the abortion center and get into their car. The car had been parked for several hours, so the volunteers feared the worst. She was inside long enough to have an abortion. They started to gather information about post-abortion healing resources.

But when the couple pulled alongside them, the prayer volunteers got some unexpected good news.

The young woman said she had been in there so long because she was torn over the idea of abortion … and finally decided she just couldn’t go through with it.

She wanted to know if there was anyplace she could go for help, because she had no insurance. The vigil participants quickly offered to assist.

“Her heart must have known that not only were there people praying for her and her baby but they were also willing to help them,” said one of the volunteers. “I asked her what made her change her mind.” She said she had already been struggling, but it was “because of you guys out here” that she walked out the abortion center door.

“Glory to God for all of those generous hearts that listened to His call and were out there to be His hands and feet,” said the excited volunteer. “Let’s all keep her in our prayers.”

Fresno, California
“We had a woman drive out of Planned Parenthood and let us know she was keeping her baby!” said Marcos in Fresno. “And then we learned of a second baby that was saved. We had over 130 people join us on the sidewalk throughout the week. Our prayers are being answered!

He said other blessings have come through conversations with people on the sidewalk.

“I talked to young man who said he was hurting from his girlfriend choosing to have an abortion and not letting him know she was doing it until it had already happened,” Marcos said. “I gave him some words of encouragement.” He also offered information about Rachel's Vineyard, an organization that offers retreats for healing after abortion.

“We are here not just for those entering, but also for those already hurting from past abortions,” Marcos said. “God has already done great things here in Fresno … and He will continue to do so.”

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