Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 21: A Few Good Men - 40 Days for Life

by Shawn Carney, 40 Days for Life: Men can and do make a difference — just ask former abortion workers. In particular, they’ve noticed that no-shows and cancellations go way up when a it’s a man in a Roman collar who’s joined the vigil. The staff knows right away it’s going to be a bad day for business.

We are thankful for all the priests and ministers who have helped make more “bad days” possible!

Many members of the clergy have led by example by praying at 40 Days for Life vigil sites these past three weeks. It takes courage ... so thank them when you see them. It’s our prayer that they will be joined by many more during the second half of the campaign.

Falls Church, Virginia
“It’s been great on the front lines,” said Ruby, the 40 Days for Life coordinator in Falls Church, “seeing new and familiar faces, young and old, mothers and fathers and their children. Even saw a young priest from St. Leo’s.”

Ruby also sent along a photo of signs that were posted in the abortion center’s window on the first day of the campaign.

The signs were from Faith Aloud – a pro-abortion group that is behind “40 Days of Prayer to Keep Abortion Safe and Legal.” They even proclaim that abortion can be a “good moral decision.” One young mom who just saw her ultrasound knows that simply isn’t true.

“Thanks to your prayers,” said Ruby, “a precious little one has been saved.” She talked to one of the counselors at the mobile ultrasound unit, who had just shown a young woman the image of her child. The mother decided not to have an abortion.

“This is usually the case when a mother sees the living image on the screen,” Ruby said. “It is no longer a clump of tissue, a product of conception or a pregnancy to be terminated … but a whole, distinct, human being deserving life.”

The young mom is single, scared and has financial challenges, but now knows that abortion is not the answer. She’s getting the help she needs – including assistance to find a job.

Spring Valley, New York
Spring Valley is in the middle of its 14th 40 Days for Life campaign. Eileen sent along a story that shows how the vigil affects not only the people we are praying for … but also the people doing the praying.

“Just wanted to tell you how moved I was today, while standing in the rain praying,” said one volunteer. “A beautiful man came up to me and gave me a container of hot coffee. I thanked him and said, ‘God bless you.’ He left and I was moved to tears. Then a van went by filled with young children and they all waved and smiled at me including the driver! I was so blessed.”

“We know the power of love transforms lives and that each life we touch is a sacred gift from God,” Eileen said. “All nationalities and all people have come together with one singular purpose: the protection of the precious gift in the womb that our God has created.”

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