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DAY 26: Thankful 38 Years Later - 40 Days for Life

by Shawn Carney, 40 Days for Life: 40 Days for Life is based in the grass roots ... where abortions actually take place. Our headquarters team takes great joy in meeting and praying with as many campaign volunteers as possible because the end of abortion starts at the local level.

Steve Karlen, our North American outreach director, has already visited at least 20 vigil locations this fall ... with many more stops scheduled before November 2.

Every visit reveals the power of prayer and what is at stake in every abortion. As Steve reports from a recent trip, when a mom chooses life for her baby, that baby grows up to be very thankful ... even 38 years later.

Overland Park, Kansas
Wendy, the local leader in Overland Park, shared a story about how 40 Days for Life connects with people and builds community

A man walked up to Mike, one of the volunteers, to thank him for being there. The man said that 38 years ago, his mother and grandmother had scheduled an abortion – an abortion that would have taken place if it had not been for the people on the sidewalk that day.

The man was especially thankful for that … because he was the baby that was saved!

On another occasion, a woman approached the volunteers to tell a different sort of story. Ten years ago, she had a baby who died shortly after birth. She told the vigil participants that in her case, abortion would have been “easier” on her and the baby.

“This young mother had four small children with her, but was still very obviously in pain from the experience ten years ago,” Wendy said. “The counselors on the sidewalk listened with empathy and tried to tell her that she made the right decision. She left without changing her mind, but she nonetheless saw a witness of God’s love.”

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
It’s campaign number eight in Sioux Falls … a location that’s notable because this vigil takes place in front of the last remaining abortion facility in South Dakota.

Cathy, the campaign leader in Sioux Falls, shared the good news that a baby was saved from abortion through the prayers of the volunteers.

She was also excited that 27 members of a youth group, along with their leaders, came from the communities of Flandreau and Elkton to pray at the vigil. That’s roughly an hour away from Sioux Falls.

The momentum is really building here,” Cathy said, “and I can’t wait to share our next victory with you.”

Fayetteville, Arkansas
When I arrived at the vigil in Fayetteville, there were a bunch of people out praying. A director from a local pregnancy center came out for my visit, which provided an opportunity for Julia, the local 40 Days for Life campaign leader, to network with the center.

I’ve known Julia since I met her in Florida back in 2010. I’ve had great respect for her as she’s never been afraid to roll up her sleeves and do whatever necessary to help the pre-born and their mothers.

She’s got a tremendous heart for the mission and has helped saved babies in New York City and Eastern Pennsylvania … and has now settled in Northwest Arkansas where she’s brought her life-saving gifts to Fayetteville.

Thanks again to Steve Karlen for today’s update!

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