Thursday, October 2, 2014

“We Woke Up”

Pro-Life Club at University of Idaho – Moscow, ID: The University of Idaho Students For Life club has worked incredibly hard this semester to spread the culture of life on their campus through chalking, helping pro-life clubs start at nearby campuses, holding weekly meetings, and most importantly, they’ve committed to living out their club’s mission.

Their Students for Life Northwest Regional Coordinator, Lisa Atkins, who the group has hosted for apologetics training said, “It has been phenomenal to work with this group to see them rise up to the challenge on their campus this semester. Where Planned Parenthood has ‘Buy One Get One Emergency Contraceptives’ coupons in campus-wide coupon books, these students have showed even more determination to further create a culture of life on their campus. They have remained positive in strategizing what they can do to educate their campus and provide resources, and their club has flourished because of it. They know that they cannot do everything, but they have not refused to do the things they can do.” University of ID - GROUP

Here is their story, as told by the club members themselves:

“Earlier this year, our club was asleep. Our club had a President, Nina, but there were no other active members. In February, as a new recruit, I stepped up and asked Nina I could join the club as secretary. “Sure!” she said. I asked when the next meeting was and she said, “Um, we don’t have one.” That was unexpected, but of course the next step was to schedule a meeting. We set up a time and a place, and then sent out a bunch of invites to people we knew personally. When the meeting time came, the attendance totaled two: Nina and myself.

This was discouraging, but we didn’t let it stop us. We regrouped to strategize our next step and recruited another member, Margot. As encouraging it was to see us gain one more essential team member, we knew we couldn’t do this alone. We contacted Rebekah Chiew, the Northwest Regional Coordinator of SFLA at the time, and she was awesome! She was happy to help and offered us advice that we will never forget, “Don’t worry about membership too much. Choose three activities that you are going to do this semester and then people will join when they see things happening.” So we chose three activities: attend the Northwest Regional Leadership Summit in Seattle, pray outside a Planned Parenthood facility, and host a diaper drive.

And we made it happen!

One of the great things about these activities was that they were all flexible: if more people joined us to attend the leadership summit, that would’ve been great, but, we were also fine with going alone. We also knew that more people could join us to pray in front of Planned Parenthood, or raise funds for the diaper drive. Yet again, these were all activities that we were confident the three of us could pull off without a lot of membership. No matter what happened, we decided to make something happen. We knew that we could make a difference because three members was more than two, and two was more than one. Our passion to change the culture on our campus was not hindered by the number of dedicated members in our club; we stuck to our plan whether more people joined us or not, and I know we made a difference.

We did everything we said we would do. And because we committed, more people joined us when they saw things happening and when we actually put ourselves out there on campus. When the leadership Summit happened in April, six of us ended up driving six hours to Seattle. After that, it took two vans to get all of our members to pray outside of the Planned Parenthood which was two hours away. And because we committed as leaders to stick to our mission, and we stuck it out to do our diaper drive and we raised $649!!!!

Ending last semester with that much energy gave us even more of a push to start this semester out strong. Lisa Atkins, our new Regional Coordinator, briefed us on how to recruit before we participated in our club fair and we left that evening with over five pages of people who signed up! Five whole pages! We were astounded.

After following up with all of our new recruits, we still knew that the best tactic for continual growth was to put ourselves out there on campus again. So we have. We chalked twice this semester already. The first time it sparked a 100 square foot chalking conversation on life issues and was the topic of conversation between classes for the entire campus. The second time we chalked, three people stopped to thank us and one joined our club.

But we won’t stop there. We are all busy students, but we’ve committed to our mission and made it a priority this semester to continue our trips to pray outside Planned Parenthood. We will be hosting the Planned Parenthood Project and we are going to bring in Josh Brahm to teach us how to dialogue.

It’s so wonderful to watch this club grow and grow! We are the Students for Life at the University of Idaho! We are the Pro-Life Generation!” – Peter Schmidt, Margot Loza, and Nina Evans, University of Idaho Students For Life

Congratulations to The University of Idaho Students for Life for being true defenders of life and Students for Life of America’s College Group of the Month for September!

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