Sunday, February 15, 2015

How do you handle pro-abortion 'trolls'?

American Life League: Do you get frustrated when your online pro-life posts get annoying comments by abortion supporters? Don’t let it bother you. It happens to all of us. So how do you handle it without losing your cool?

A troll’s motive is to incite an emotional reaction in others engaged in a civilized conversation. They’re not interested in debate. They just want to stir up trouble. Here are a few tactics to help you better respond to an attack by people who just want to get you riled up.

#1: IGNORE The easiest thing you can do to a troll is to block him completely, though the person being blocked gains the satisfaction of knowing you couldn’t handle his comment. If a troll’s comments are so off-the-wall that they in no way contribute to the conversation, it’s often best to just ignore him and move on.

#2: STIFLE WITH SCIENCE Pro-abortion trolls think science is on their side when, in reality, it isn’t. Ask them for supporting data. Trolls like dropping links to stories that pass for research—the most renowned having at some point been discredited by other researchers who happen to be pro-life. Not only should you keep a list of links to studies that support the pro-life position, but also keep a list of links to stories that contradict pro-abortion talking points.

#3: USE HUMOR A light-hearted response to a troll typically diffuses a volatile conversation—provided the response is bona fide funny. Humor has to be used in context of the claim put forward and never against the troll himself. As often as the troll will drop ad hominem attacks, you lose credibility when making fun of the troll rather than his argument. And sarcasm never works.

Hopefully these tips will help you handle a common problem for pro-life advocates. The main thing to remember is that trolls are people, too. Don’t let their immaturity get a reaction out of you.

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