Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Obama Slams Christians: Those Taking Their Faith Most Seriously Often Most Suspicious of Others

On September 14th, President Barack Obama interviewed Pulitzer Prize-winning author Marilynne Robinson in Iowa. During the interview, Obama asked her about her Christian faith and indicated that he believes those who take their faith seriously are the most suspicious of others. Read More

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Rick Johnson said...

Just reading the headline, yes, that's true.

Look at Westboro Baptist Church, they try to be as Christian as possible. The more orthodox one is, the more disdain and distrust they have for others.

I think it comes from strict adherence, they feel they AND OTHERS should be forced to follow their religious laws and therefore, other groups would probably try to do the same to them.

Now to read the article.

Eldred Jenkins said...

Any Christian who considers this slamming must have never heard of ISIS and what they do to Christians.

Marie Ann Ferencz said...

yeah RIGHT

Joyce Volant said...

And the more deeply muslims practice their "faith," the more violent they get. FACT.

Christian Harris said...

This man doesn't have a relationship with Christ. All he knows is religion and worshiping a false god named Allah.