Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Atheists want Bibles Removed or "Skull and Crossbones" Labels

by Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt: Reminding us of Scrooge this Christmas holiday, Atheist complainers are threatening

"The radical anti-Christian Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has launched a crusade to ban the Bible in hotel rooms," reports ACLJ.

"It all began when FFRF founder and co-presidents stayed in a university owned hotel room at Northern Illinois University (NIU). They were shocked to find a copy of the Bible – placed by the Gideons – in their hotel room. Calling the Holy Scriptures 'obnoxious,' FFRF sent NIU a demand letter claiming the presence of the Bible was 'inappropriate and unconstitutional.'

Apparently they don't understand freedom of the press.

"Even more absurdly, NIU quickly caved, removing all Bibles from their hotel rooms. FFRF has reportedly convinced the University of Wisconsin and the University of Iowa to do the same.

"Now FFRF is moving beyond public university hotel rooms and demanding that all hotels remove the Bible from bedside tables.

"In fact, FFRF is comparing the Bible to the health and safety dangers of smoking.

"FFRF actually says that the Bible 'may endanger your health and life' and is encouraging the placement of a scull and crossbones warning label on the Bible."

When public universities cave in to empty threats, it's not because they believe the atheists would win in court. It's because the universities are themselves run by atheists who hate the Bible and the Constitution.

Atheist complainers have failed in their lawsuit to remove a Christian Veterans Cross.

"A federal district court rejected the demands of an angry atheist group to tear down a World War I memorial cross," reports ACLJ.

"The United States District Court for the District of Maryland ruled in favor of the American Legion’s Blandensburg Cross World War I Veterans Memorial honoring the 49 brave residents of Prince George County, Maryland who fought and died in World War I. The cross was erected in 1925, but was attacked by the American Humanist Association in a federal lawsuit in 2014."

"This is another huge win for the U.S. Constitution and our national heritage against angry atheists’ dubious constitutional claims.

"The American Humanist Association may appeal this decision to the Fourth Circuit. If they do, we will be there to file an amicus brief defending the Constitution and war memorials commemorating the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform."

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Patti Reed said...

Atheist offend me. I think they should have to wear devil tattoos on their faces. All being an ass aside I will pray for them.