Tuesday, February 16, 2016

DAY 7: Patriotism, Abortion and You

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life: Abortion destroys the fabric of society — the family.

Over time, those wounds impact entire nations. So your country needs you! That is one of many topics we discuss in this new episode of 40 Days for Life podcast.

Often we are motivated to respond to the crisis of abortion out of love of God and love of neighbor. But we also respond out of love of country.

When participating in 40 Days for Life, some people ask “Is this legal?” or “Will I get arrested?” This week’s 40 Days for Life podcast takes a look at your legal rights when you take part in a peaceful prayer vigil.

My guest is seasoned attorney Matt Britton. Matt has an expansive legal career including four terms as an elected prosecutor, county attorney, and VP and counsel to publicly-traded global tech companies.

Matt has written and spoken countless times on a wide range of legal and pro-life issues in locations across the United States as well as in England, Japan, Mexico, Korea, Singapore, China and locations across the European Union. Matt also serves as 40 Days for Life’s general counsel and chairman of the board. He is married to Libby Britton and they have eight beautiful children.

Learn how you can use your rights to save lives … and why your willingness to do so is so crucial — now more than ever.

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