Wednesday, February 17, 2016

DAY 8: Planned Parenthood Out … Pro-life Center In

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life: 40 Days for Life’s headquarters is in the place where the first-ever campaign took place – the former Planned Parenthood abortion center in Bryan, Texas.

We also share the facility with Hope Pregnancy Center. This shows what God can do at the local level ...

... and He continues to do it!

This time it’s in Creston, Iowa ... where the LC Clinic now operates in a former Planned Parenthood facility which once offered the controversial “webcam” abortions – and yes, it’s also a place where faithful Christians prayed outside during a 40 Days for Life campaign!

“This was all on the tail end of a 40 Days for Life campaign where a local pastor remembered joking with friends about the possibility of converting the Planned Parenthood building into a pro-life outpost,” wrote reporter Jay Hobbs in Pregnancy Help News.

It was after that campaign that Planned Parenthood shut down; they failed to attract enough customers to remain in business.

“We had no intentions of ever moving into that Planned Parenthood building,” said the pregnancy center’s Ruth Fennessey. “Obviously, it’s 100 percent God. There is no human way possible that this could ever have worked out.”

This is what can happen when people pray! Will your town be next?

Augusta, Maine
Does standing in the bitter cold and praying in front of the abortion facility really matter? 
The question can cross your mind, said one of the volunteers in Augusta. “Does anyone look at those signs stuck in snow banks? Does anybody care? Does anybody notice? The answer is a resounding yes!
This was a day when this business does nothing but abortions – there’s no other reason for a client to show up.
It was against this backdrop that three people stood in the cold, shivered and prayed. As they did, they saw a small car approach the building and slow down. A man and woman were inside ... and the volunteers knew why they were arriving. “My heart sank,” one of them said.
But as they watched, the man who was driving turned the steering wheel. In time, they continued past the building and out to the main road.
For whatever reason, there would be no abortion that day. One of the women praying almost jumped for joy. “We stood in amazement at this outpouring of God’s grace,” a volunteer said. “Please say a prayer for the couple that they will love and cherish this baby in her womb. Keep fighting the good fight.”
Sacramento, California
Sacramento leaders say this 40 Days for Life campaign thus far has been “a beautiful mingling of new faces and returning faces, all filled with enthusiasm for saving lives. The sidewalk is a site of hope because of these wonderful people.”
The team is encouraged by seeing more young people getting involved. “I can't tell you how refreshing those young faces are … the glory of God shines on into the future!”
Sacramento volunteers were also thankful for a parish priest who had brought a group from his church, which is in a city that is some distance away from the vigil site. Their dedication was certainly noticed! 

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