Friday, March 4, 2016

DAY 24: Persistence Pays Off - 40 Days for Life 2016

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life: Just yesterday, we focused on two 40 Days for Life vigil locations where abortion facilities have closed their doors and gone out of business – in Jacksonville, North Carolina and Augusta, Georgia.

In other cities, we have seen 40 Days for Life campaigns where the abortion staff packed everything up and moved to a new location.

Without fail … the peaceful prayer vigil followed them to the new spot.

That type of persistence has paid off ... as seen in this exciting development in Georgia.

Marietta, Georgia
From Marietta comes the very encouraging news that the abortion center where the 40 Days for Life vigil takes place has stopped doing abortions … and announced closure plans.
The daily prayers in front of this facility are being answered!
This abortion center was in another location previously. It closed there … then reopened in a different site. And faithful volunteers brought their prayer vigil to this new location.
Colleen, the 40 Days for Life coordinator, said the ending of abortions is a tribute “to all the hard work that pro-life folks have done … arriving daily at 5 am and not relenting.”
According to media reports, the owners never disclosed that the new location would be used for abortions. There were also accusations that they performed medical procedures they were not licensed to do.
Until very recently, the center had done between 6 and 10 abortions on a typical day – but not anymore.
“We are celebrating that no babies are dying there now!” Colleen said.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The sidewalk in front of an abortion center always sees a jumble of emotions … and that’s evident in a pair of stories from Pittsburgh.
Vigil participants couldn’t help but notice the young man who stood in a doorway near the abortion center … in tears.
He was trying to remain composed and be strong … but it was just too difficult. He said his girlfriend was planning to abort his child, and he couldn’t stop her.
“He was tormented with guilt,” said one of the volunteers, “thinking it was his fault because he recently lost his job. They have no food and will not be able to pay their bills.”
The prayer team tried to console him and offered to take him to an agency that could help him find work. One person even promised to assist with groceries and babysitting.
Volunteers asked him to keep in touch, but they haven’t heard back. They’re asking for continued prayer for this young man and his girlfriend.
This somber scene later brightened considerably when a couple left Planned Parenthood to show volunteers an ultrasound image.
The young woman seemed a bit surprised when the technician asked if she wanted to see the screen … but understood when she saw the picture.
It was twins! 

Seeing that ultrasound image was all it took – they changed their minds about abortion!

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Bud Francis said...

Maybe someone can help me with this. I was discussing when life begins with my neighbor. We both agree it begins at conception but he says women who keep having miscarriages should be just as guilty as women who have abortions. He also says that someone who drinks during pregnancy should also be guilty. Since I don't know what the law says about there things I didn't know what to say back to him. The bit about a woman purposely drinking to kill her unborn child is obviously sin. Anyone got anything for me on this?