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DAY 26: A Certificate For Abortion - 40 DAYS FOR LIFE - 2016

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life: Just last year, the first 40 Days for Life vigil came to Colombia ...

... and now that South American nation has 12 campaigns!

We’re hoping and praying for more exciting growth in other countries, too!

A first-time campaign is now taking place in Munich, for instance ... where women must receive a certificate to get an abortion.

Germany is one of three countries we’ll look at today ... where pro-life efforts are expanding through peaceful prayer.

Munich, Germany

Robert Colquhoun, our international campaign director, just took part in the midpoint rally for this 40 Days for Life campaign.
“I was really impressed with the campaign that they have there,” he said. “Boris, the local leader, has filled his vigil well.”
The vigil is outside a referral office where women are issued certificates.
“Women must get a certificate in order to have an abortion,” he said, “and I believe counseling centres must provide this certificate. It makes pro-life counseling very difficult.”
Nonetheless, it seems the referral office would prefer not to have a 40 Days for Life prayer vigil outside.
“They had placed up paper in the window to block out the view of the vigil,” Robert observed, “and had also written ‘a woman’s right to choose’ in the first floor windows.”
Bogota, Colombia
“Sometimes, the most striking stories come to us when we least expect it,” said one of the team members in Bogota. “At 5:45 am, our volunteers were met with the opportunity to save a baby’s life.”
A couple had gotten up early, thinking the abortion center was open 24 hours a day. "They didn’t know that the only ones here 24 hours a day would be us – 40 Days for Life!” explained Claudia, one of the prayer leaders.
It wasn’t an easy job. The father asked for help, but the mother said she had no choice – they are both unemployed. She has five other children, all of whom live in homes or in the care of a government program.
However, volunteers promised to do everything possible to give her comprehensive help, not only to save the life of her child, but also to provide her with the opportunity to remake her life with dignity.
Later that day, she visited a doctor who said the baby was perfect. “To see on the ultrasound the fully formed little body of her son at almost 16 weeks, she began to feel hopeful,” the volunteer said. The father also learned about a new job opportunity, and the pastor of a nearby church also offered to help.
In a few hours they went from living in a hopeless situation … to looking into the future with hope and gratitude.
Iztapalapa, Mexico
Participation has been steady at this 40 Days for Life vigil in the Mexico City area – even when heavy rains led to the construction of an impromptu plastic prayer tent.
Lupita, the local coordinator, said the volunteers consider it their job to bring the message of life to those who are unaware of the abortion facility where they’re praying.
They hope their prayers and witness will lead mothers to choose life for their babies.
It can be very emotional. They’ve seen boyfriends trying to convince young women to have abortions. One girl was crying outside as she passed the vigil … and continued into the abortion center. No one saw her again, so they’re not sure what decision she finally made.
Still, they keep praying – rain or shine.

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We need the artificial womb (tested on animals so far) to save babies that are miscarried before 5 months - it can save babies and mothers while giving women a better choice besides abortion - if her life is endangered or the pregnancy was due to rape or incest.