Monday, July 11, 2016

Action Needed Now!

by Brian Burch:  Remember the attacks from the ACLU on Catholic hospitals? Remember that they’re trying to force doctors and nurses at Catholic hospitals to perform abortions!?

Well, Speaker Paul Ryan has responded by calling for a vote this Wednesday on the Conscience Protection Act.

This critical legislation directly responds to that discrimination threat. The law would ensure that no hospital, Catholic or otherwise, would be forced to perform abortions. 

Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121
Tell your Representative: Vote Yes on S. 304

Medicare and Medicaid patients would be completely shut out of Catholic medical care. But that’s really just the beginning.

With the loss of millions of patients, just about every Catholic hospital would have to shut down. It would be the end of Catholic health care in America.

Generations of Catholics have devoted their lives to building Catholic hospitals in the United States. We urgently need to protect this legacy. Take a minute and pick up your phone now.

Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121
Tell your Representative: Vote Yes on S. 304

Understanding everything that’s at stake, Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore and USCCB President Cardinal Dolan pleaded with Congress to pass this legislation immediately:

"While existing federal laws already protect conscientious objection to abortion in theory, this protection has not proved effective in practice. Since then, three new developments make the need for immediate action to pass the Conscience Protection Act even more urgent,” said Cardinal Dolan and Archbishop Lori.

Those three developments:
  • The Obama administration ruled against two Catholic universities on June 21, requiring them to submit to a state demand to cover elective abortions in their insurance plans -- despite objections by the schools on religious liberty grounds. The Obama administration said that the Weldon amendment signed into law in 2004 applied only to insurers and physicians -- not to insurance companies. Rep. Chris Smith, R-NJ, called this an “outrageous misinterpretation.”
  • New York’s Department of Financial Services in May ordered healthcare entities to provide abortion coverage in their health care plans including faith-based nonprofits, churches, and Christian businesses. No exemptions at all were provided.
  • A Washington state judge ruled in June that any hospital that provides maternity care must also provide abortion services on site.
Make no mistake: the attacks on religious liberty are escalating every week. We need all Catholics to step up to the plate and fight for their cherished first Freedom of Religious Liberty.

If you have never called your Representative before, make this your first call.

Call the Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. Give them your zip code and they’ll patch you through to your Representative’s office.

Nothing gets the attention of Congress like their phones ringing off the hook.

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