Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Father Frank Pavone: We Will Eventually See Victory Over the Evil of Abortion

The Rev. Frank Pavone’s commitment to defending all life is evident in the gentle yet ardent manner in which he speaks. Through his work as national director of Priests for Life and his many other roles, his tireless efforts to protect all life continue to inspire pro-lifers across the world. . . .

LifeNews: As someone who has had an influential role in the movement for quite a while, what do you think is the future for the pro-life movement?

Pavone: Victory is the future. As we said in the civil rights movement, no lie can live forever. The truth about abortion is coming out. Even if we sat back and did nothing, the truth would eventually come out. We have to do something, because we have to speed up that process and assure that there are as few victims as possible. We definitely will see victory over this evil. America has always resolved questions of the exclusion of groups of people from the law, in favor of inclusion. We excluded blacks and slaves, eventually included them. We excluded women from many basic rights in society, we eventually included them. It’s always a story of more and more inclusion, so that will apply to the unborn as well. As far as the future of the movement, it will be one victory after another until we see the full protection of the unborn. . . . Read More

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