Monday, July 11, 2016

GOP Platform Chair Mary Fallin: Republican Party Platform Will Remain Pro-Life

Republican Party leaders are meeting today to adopt the party’s national platform and the co-chairman of the platform committee predicts the panel will adopt a platform that is pro-life on abortion. . . . pro-life Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin says the current pro-life language will likely remain in place. . . .

Family Research Council Action President Tony Perkins made the following comments saying pro-life GOP delegates will defend the pro-life platform:

“As in every other election cycle, the platform is an anchor that helps tether candidates to the core conservative principles that have long been at the heart of the GOP.

“The current RNC leadership continues to do a great job of ensuring the core values of life and family are protected. However, conservatives are prepared to defend the party’s guiding principles against liberal interest groups that have called for a weakening of the platform.”

Meanwhile, the proposed Democratic Party platform this year is more extreme than it has ever been, calling for a repeal of the Hyde Amendment and full-fledged taxpayer funding of abortion. The Democratic Party platform already supports legalized abortion on demand for any reason up until birth. . . . Read More

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