Thursday, July 7, 2016

His Mother Refused to Abort Him; Now This Priest Helps Her Meet Pope Francis

Sarah Figueiredo was pregnant with her last child when doctors advised she abort her unborn baby. Early in the pregnancy, Sarah was prescribed the thalidomide sleeping pill to help with morning sickness, a pill that was discovered to cause severe birth defects in unborn babies.

The children of mothers who took thalidomide often had phocomelia, a condition that consists of shorted or absent limbs, Catholic News Agency reported. Doctors suggested Sarah have an abortion, but Sarah and her husband, both Catholic, instead chose life for their baby.

Their son Anthony was born with a crippled arm, but that did not stop him from succeeding in life. Their son was ordained in 1994 and is now a spiritual director to seminarians at Pontifical North American College in Rome, CNA reports. . . .

One day while strolling in the Vatican Gardens, Msgr. Anthony received a phone call from Pope Francis. The pope told Anthony that he wanted to meet his mother Sarah, who was coming to Rome for the Jubilee of Priests. Pope Francis invited Msgr. Anthony and his mother to come to his home after a Mass, the report states.

On June 3, Pope Francis met with Sarah and her son at the Vatican’s St. Martha Guesthouse. Msgr. Anthony described the meeting: “It was very, very beautiful. He was just like an ordinary parish priest the way he made my mother welcome.” . . . Read More

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