Friday, July 8, 2016

Irish Parliament Defeats Bill to Legalize Abortions on Disabled Babies

Mick Wallace’s abortion bill has been defeated in the Dáil. Welcoming the rejection of the bill, Life Institute spokeswoman, Niamh Uí Bhriain, said that the bill attempted to deny the humanity of unborn babies with disabilities and was a cruel and cynical exercise to push a much wider abortion agenda.

“Wallace’s abortion bill actually served to clarify several issues,” she said .

“Firstly, it is now clear from the statements of experts such as the Chief Medical Officer that the terms ‘incompatible with life’ and ‘fatal, foetal abnormality’ are not medical terms and should not be used in drafting legislation or considering changes to the abortion law.

“Secondly, it is significant that the Attorney General found it was unconstitutional to deny the protection afforded to a baby under the 8th amendment simply because that baby has a severe disability.

“Thirdly, it is increasingly evident that abortion campaigners have no compunction in attacking the right to life of babies with disabilities – and it is also increasingly evident from canvassing the public that awareness of this agenda is becoming more well known, and that more and more people are becoming uncomfortable with this push to attack the most vulnerable babies of all.”

Mattie Mc Grath TD said that “We all need to recognise that there is no monopoly on compassion when it comes to this issue. We all want the best medical and clinical outcomes for mothers and children.”

. . . . [P]arents welcomed the confirmation by the Chief Medical Officer that no condition could lead to a child being described as ‘incompatible with life’ because no doctor could say with certainty how long a child could live beyond birth, however severe the disability.

“The spin and the misinformation in this debate is horrible and it’s hurting parents,” she said. “These are our children, they were alive and kicking when we got the diagnosis, and whether they lived for days, weeks or years, their lived mattered because every child matters.” . . . Read More

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