Friday, July 1, 2016

Judge Blocks Pro-Life Florida Law Defunding Planned Parenthood After It Sold Baby Parts

A federal judge blocked a Florida law from taking effect on Friday that would have blocked Planned Parenthood from receiving taxpayer dollars and required more accountability from abortion facilities.

The ruling came as little surprise after U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle came down hard against the state law during a hearing earlier this week and reportedly “grilled” state attorneys who were defending the law in a “heated exchange.”

The Florida law, which defunds Planned Parenthood and requires more rigorous state inspections of abortion clinics, was scheduled to go into effect Friday; but Hinkle blocked it in a ruling on Thursday, according to the Associated Press.

“The Supreme Court has repeatedly said that a government cannot prohibit indirectly — by withholding otherwise-available public funds — conduct that the government could not constitutionally prohibit directly,” Hinkle wrote in his decision.

He continued that the law is “based not on any objection to how the funds are being spent … but solely because the recipients of the funds choose to provide abortions separate and apart from any public funding.”

According to reports, Hinkle did allow one provision in the law to take effect: a section that redefines the dates of gestation and pregnancy trimesters. Planned Parenthood, which is challenging the entire law in a lawsuit, claimed that the measure was just another attempt to limit abortions, but Hinkle disagreed. . . . Read More

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Jeanie Maria said...

A judge has no right to make judgments on his feelings. Our country is so screwed up. Vote TRUMP.