Thursday, July 21, 2016

Looking at the Principles of Christ: You Have to Conclude Abortion “is Evil”

Dr. Ben Carson has a reputation for making strong, candid statements about some of the most controversial issues in the nation. This week, he angered abortion activists when he called abortion “evil” and linked pro-abortion candidate Hillary Clinton to Satan.

Carson, a former Republican presidential contender, is back in the spotlight this week after his speech at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday drew heavy criticism from the liberal news media.

On Wednesday, he responded to the criticism on CNN’s New Day by speaking up for the rights of unborn babies, among other issues.

“When you look at the principles that are espoused by Christ, by Christianity, then look at what is espoused by evil, and then you look at things like killing babies … I think there’s pretty good consistency there,” Carson said. . . . Read More

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Stephanie Sophia Aaron said...

Yup, he sure does.