Sunday, July 10, 2016

State Investigation of Planned Parenthood in Missouri Uncovers Alarming Practices

by Lisa Bourne: A yearlong investigation of Planned Parenthood by the State of Missouri yielded as many warning signs as it did answers about the abortion behemoth’s Missouri operations, prompting lawmakers to repeatedly charge the nation’s largest abortion provider with being callous toward women and conclude the U.S. Supreme Court got it wrong in last week’s Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt decision overturning Texas abortion regulations.

“The court’s opinion and our investigation came to two completely different conclusions,” state Sen. Kurt Schaefer said. “Our review shows that the callous treatment by the abortion industry of women requires state legislatures to offer more safeguards, not fewer.”

While no overt evidence of illegal fetal tissue sales was found, shady record-keeping, apparent intent to conceal facts, illegal use of chemicals during abortions, and Planned Parenthood encouraging women not to call 911 when they suffer botched abortions were discovered by the Senate Interim Sanctity of Life Committee.

The committee was formed in the wake of the Center for Medical Progress (CPM) videos surfacing last year showing Planned Parenthood trafficking in fetal remains from children aborted at its facilities.

Schaefer, the committee chair, said at a Tuesday press conference on the investigation results that the abortion giant’s practices “bordered on outright medical malpractice” . . .

The Senate Interim Sanctity of Life Committee’s investigation results did not settle the question of whether Planned Parenthood has been selling human body parts, the group’s Legislative Liaison Susan Klein said, but it did confirm the St. Louis abortion facility’s numerous infractions in handling fetal remains and failure to report properly.

“Women are at risk when they enter that facility,” she told LifeSiteNews.

“We want to ensure that baby body parts are not being sold by Planned Parenthood. And we don’t know that for sure. There is a need for further legislation.” . . . [Read More@ Life Site News]

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