Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Wendy Davis Slams Pro-Life Legislators . . .

. . . “These Bastards That are in Office Need to be Voted Out”

Former Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis used some strong language in a new interview to condemn pro-life legislators who are working to protect unborn babies and their moms from abortion.

Davis rose to the national spotlight in 2013 when she filibustered a Texas pro-life law that banned late-term abortions and required abortion facilities to meet basic health and safety standards; the law passed and saved thousands of lives. Later, it became clear that abortion activists had hyped up Davis’s popularity when she failed miserably in her attempt to run for Texas governor.

Today, Davis works as an abortion activist. Pro-abortion media outlets have been highlighting Davis again recently after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down part of the Texas law in June that she filibustered in 2013.

“These bastards that are in office who are passing these [pro-life] laws deserve to be voted out,” Davis told Broadly in a new interview.

She told the news outlet that the upcoming election is extremely important because the next president likely will have a huge influence on the make-up of the U.S. Supreme Court. Davis said a lot is at stake, and Roe v. Wade could be overturned if the next president appoints pro-life judges. . . . Read More

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