Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Amazing Video of Baby in Amniotic Sac Questions Abortion, Shows Humanity of Unborn Babies

A video capturing a newborn baby’s unique birth is drawing millions of people’s attention online.

The baby was born on Saturday in Spain while it was still inside the amniotic sac, The Daily Mail reports. The chances of a baby being born in its amniotic sac are rare, about one in 80,000. The amniotic sac often ruptures before or during birth, as it did with the baby’s twin who was born a few minutes earlier. The report did not indicate the sex of the babies.

Someone captured the rare moment on video for the public. . . . Read & View More Recommend letting the video play through and they will show a second video of the baby after the open the Amniotic Sac!

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Elizabeth Imbasciati said...

God will make these murderers pay for their sins. Trust him.

Bill Smith said...

Hope you watched the video as the baby was released from the "sac". Wonderful. Hard to believe anyone could kill a child.