Friday, August 12, 2016

Archbishop Chaput: “Separation of Church And State Can Never Mean Christians Should be Silent”

. . . While Archbishop Chaput is writing specifically to Catholics, his admonition applies to members of all faiths. We have a dual duty to vote when we are convinced there is a grave evil, like abortion, that is injuring society: a duty as person of faith and a duty as a citizen in a democracy.

“Public witness on issues of public concern is natural for Catholics because we have a commitment to the common good and to the dignity of each human person. Those two pillars — the common good and the dignity of every human person — come right out of Scripture. They underpin all of Catholic social thought.

“That includes politics. Politics is where the competing moral visions of a society meet and struggle. And since a large majority of American citizens are religious believers, it makes sense for people and communities of faith to bring their faith into the public square.

“As a result, if we believe that a particular issue is gravely evil and damaging to society, then we have a duty, not just a religious duty but also a democratic duty, to hold accountable the candidates who want to allow that evil. Failing to do so is an abuse of responsibility on our part, because that’s where we exercise our power as citizens most directly — in the voting booth.”
Second, he writes:“The ‘separation of Church and state’ can never mean that religious believers should be silent about legislative issues, the appointment of judges or public policy.”Archbishop Chaput’s column can be enjoyed in its entirety here. . . . Read More

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Tina Hoffman said...

I dislike Chaput now. He has sided with the muslims.

Catholics & Protestants United Against Discrimination said...

Tina, Had not heard or seen this. Would you please share a link to an article or something about this?

Tina Hoffman said...

Sure. He makes no distinction between the muslim friend Merkel clone Hillary and Trump...saying God does not choose sides in politics...when really, the Democrat party already voted God out.