Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Donald Trump Tol Speak With Hundreds of Pastors On Overturning the Johnson Amendment

Donald Trump will be on the presidential campaign trail in Florida this week, speaking with hundreds of pastors in Florida about overturning the Johnson Amendment, which essentially prevents pastors from speaking on politics.

During his Republican nomination acceptance speech, Trump specifically reached out to evangelicals and pro-life voters with a message about religious liberty and allowing pastors and priests the opportunity to preach pro-life political values from the pulpit. . . .

Trump will be speaking to hundreds of pastors this Thursday in Orlando, Florida at an event sponsored by the American Renewal Project. As CBN News reports, Trump will speak to them about his push to repeal the Johnson Amendment, which it says has made it more difficult for pastors to speak out on political issues and candidates from the pulpit. . . . Read More

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