Monday, August 29, 2016

Leftist Billionaire George Soros Hired Leftist Groups to Silence the Church on Abortion and Marriage

by Austin Ruse, C-Fam: It has come to light that hard-left billionaire George Soros spent nearly a million dollars to silence Pope Francis on abortion and marriage during his trip to the United States last year.

Soros gave $650,000 to two community organizing groups who had inside access to the Vatican and to the major media and their goal was nothing short of ensuring Pope Francis did not mention abortion or man-woman marriage while he was in the United States.

These groups also take credit for getting Vatican spokesmen to deny that Kim Davis meet privately with the Pope while he was in Washington DC, something we know to be true.

We also know that Soros and his team are dedicated to undermining the teachings of the Church on human sexuality at the UN and around the world.

C-Fam has been tracking this kind of thing for twenty years. We have followed the efforts to undermine Church teaching and we know how this works.

Five years ago we started reporting on an even more nefarious plot, that is, the UN Global Tax for Abortion. Totally alone among pro-life groups at the UN, we have steadfastly reported on how UN radicals want to impose a global tax on all international financial transactions all of which will go to the UN. This would be a first in history, the UN would have a massive revenue stream totally untethered from governmental oversight.

This would be a Soros grant on steroids. UN radicals would be able to spend billions to undermined Church teaching on human sexuality. Unborn babies would be in their sights, so would the natural family.

We have been mocked for our reporting on this development. We have been scolded. But we will not stop.

The Soros grant and its stated purpose to undermine Church teaching tells us we are right to be concerned about the UN Global Tax that has been promoted at the highest reaches of the United Nations.

We ask you to stand with us against George Soros and against the UN Global Tax.

Soros is a billionaire. We are a tiny NGO that gets by on the most paltry of budgets. We rely on small donations from regular folks all over the world. We are not beholden to any rich person or any rich foundation. We are utterly independent and therefore free to pursue dangers others refuse even to acknowledge.
Austin Ruse is President, Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam). Stefano Gennarini, J.D., is Director of the Center for Legal Studies (C-Fam)

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